Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1492: Cold voice actor: The old enemy is the top queen (Part 50)

“Then you only have one way!”


“Ask for help!”  Luo Qing Chen said, “The best way is to have someone with acting skills.  I heard that your voice acting club isn’t just voice acting, there’s also stage acting for ancient and modern era scripts.”

After all, things like voices were limited.  In this large scale school celebration, it was impossible for the stage to be empty and have people just listen to voices.

This wasn’t suitable.

“Wa, I thought of someone suitable.”  After a while, Mo Ran’s face was like the clear skies after the rain.

Luo Qing Chen felt an uneasy feeling come over her.

She said without any hesitation, “The person that you think is suited doesn’t have time!”

“Why?”  Mo Ran took her left hand and said, “Aiyo, Xiao Qing, I only have you!  You have to give me some time!”

“Because I’m also performing!”

“Ah?  You’re also performing, but there’s no new members that are performing!”

“Ke, ke.”  She cleared her throat and said with a faint smile, “The fan of the school hunk, it’s because I have school hunk Wen.”

“Ah, ah, ah.”  Mo Ran said with a lonely look, “Too much, showing off your love!”

Did she have it?  She still wasn’t the school hunk’s girlfriend yet!

That school hunk, was he not planning on confessing to her?

“I’ll think about this since if I decide to perform on stage, it will definitely be a ‘face slapping’ performance.”  Luo Qing Chen looked at her phone, “It’s getting late, I have to go practice my performance.”

“Humph, goodbye!”

When she came back to the piano room, Wen Yan Chen was already practicing with Su Zhi.

Luo Qing Chen listened to it and felt it sounded quite good.

After the song, Su Zhi put down the violin in her hand and excitedly ran over, “Ha, ha!  I suddenly feel so excited!”

“You should have been on stage many times, what are you excited about?!”

Luo Qing Chen was a bit confused, since someone from a family with musical background like Su Zhi should have been on stage many times.

“But this is my first time playing the violin on stage!”

This stunned Wen Yan Chen who was sitting in front of the piano.

He didn’t hold back, Su Zhi’s violin skills were quite outstanding.  It could be said that no one in the club could match her.

She was this good at the violin, it was impossible that she never performed on stage.

“You all look so surprised!”  She scratched her head and said with a laugh, “It’s because my parents love folk music, so they think that I’m admiring foreigners by playing the violin.”

“So you don’t like folk music?”

“No, no, no, I like folk music.”  She said with a laugh, “I know many folk music instruments, the pipa, the guzheng, the erhu, and the yangqin, I know them all.  I also like playing the violin because I like playing it.”

Su Zhi mentioned many different folk music instruments, she couldn’t help feeling that this girl really was talented in music!

“It’s not wrong to like it, as long as you’re good enough, you can get their approval.”  Wen Yan Chen’s cold voice slowly rang out, giving his affirmation to Su Zhi’s dream.

“Hee, hee!  Thank you senior.”  Su Zhi happily said, “I don’t want them to praise me, but I don’t want to always sneak around to practice violin.  It’s so tiring hiding the music scores!”

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