Pampering My Husband Every Day

Chapter 15.3 - Honeymoon at Starry Island (3)

The sun beat down on Wu Tong as she stood there. After standing for almost 20 minutes, she was starting to get a headache. She looked around before spotting an outdoor cafe close by. She held onto Qin Ge’s shirt and headed to the cafe.

The outdoor cafe was bustling with customers. There was a foreign beauty in a bikini with blonde hair and blue eyes sitting at the table next to Wu Tong who was currently sketching. Out of curiosity, Wu Tong leaned over to take a closer look. On the white piece of paper was a sketch of a man with an excellent physique who was walking toward the ocean while carrying a surfboard. The foreign beauty was incredibly good at drawing and the sketch radiated a great intensity and unruliness.

The foreign beauty noticed that someone was admiring her sketch, so she turned and asked in English, “Do you like this sketch?”

“Yes, I like it,” Wu Tong responded back in English.

“But I like the guy in the sketch even more.” The beauty pointed at the man in her sketch. “I plan on seducing him once he comes back ashore.”

“You plan on seducing him?” Wu Tong was stunned for a moment.

“Of course! If I'm successful, tonight will definitely be a beautiful one filled with passion.” The beauty had an undisguised coquettish look on her face.

Wu Tong couldn’t help blurting, “But he’s married.”

“How do you know?” the beauty asked, unconvinced.

“Because I’m his wife,” Wu Tong responded.

The foreign beauty blinked in surprise. She assumed that Wu Tong was also interested in Qin Ge, so she was deep in thought for a moment before saying, “If you want, we can have a fair competition for his love.”

Wu Tong angrily sat back in her chair. A half-hour passed. Wu Tong suddenly heard a loud gasp and turned her head to see Qin Ge carrying a surfboard as he walked out of the ocean. His bronze skin was covered with water droplets that glistened in the sunlight.

He looked like a walking generator.

Wu Tong heard the foreign beauty sighing in admiration as she said, “I can just smell his testosterone in the air.”

You must have the nose of a dog if you can smell his testosterone from over 50 meters away! Wu Tong turned and ran in Qin Ge’s direction. Under the surprised gaze of the beauty, she gave back Qin Ge’s shirt and asked him to put it back on.

Qin Ge was a little confused but still did as he was told. Wu Tong deliberately glanced back at the foreign beauty and saw her wave back in disappointment, which pleased Wu Tong.

There was naturally no “beautiful night filled with passion” for the foreign beauty but for Wu Tong and Qin Ge, the night had only just begun.


After taking a shower, Wu Tong clutched the bathroom doorknob. Her hand was trembling, which showed just how anxious she was.

Since you’ve already made your decision, then you shouldn’t back out now. Wu Tong took a deep breath and turned the doorknob.

Upon hearing this, Qin Ge turned his head in her direction. He was somewhat surprised as he said, “I thought you were going to dawdle in the bathroom for at least an hour.”

Wu Tong felt like her heart was going to jump out of her throat. She saw Qin Ge sitting at the bar counter drinking and quickly shuffled over. She snatched the glass in Qin Ge’s hand and gulped it down all at once.

“What? Are you trying to knock yourself out?” Qin Ge laughed. “Do you want another drink?”

Wu Tong didn’t want to be toyed around like a mouse any longer.

Wu Tong slowly looked up and took a step in Qin Ge’s direction before kissing him on the lips. The scent of alcohol was mixed into their kiss, which was sexually arousing.

Qin Ge drew back and looked Wu Tong in the eye. He saw nervousness in her alluring eyes but no sign of reluctance.

Seeing Qin Ge stare at her for a long time without moving, the courage she had mustered began to slowly wane. Right as she was about to retreat, Qin Ge suddenly grabbed onto the collar of Wu Tong’s bathrobe and pulled.

Frightened by this sudden movement, Wu Tong reflexively covered her chest. Seeing this, Qin Ge chuckled aloud and teased, “What are you hiding for? It’s all mine anyway.”

“T-turn off the lights first,” Wu Tong said, embarrassed. How could this guy just take off my clothes while standing up?

Qin Ge smiled and lifted Wu Tong into his arms, carrying her as she cried out in surprise. While holding her, he turned off the lights using a remote control and strode toward the spacious bed.

There were brightly colored rose petals on the large bed that formed a heart shape. When Wu Tong plopped down, some of the petals fluttered off the bed.

The pale blue moonlight filtered into the bedroom and spilled onto the large white bed covered with scattered rose petals. Upon seeing his wife’s jade white body, Qin Ge tore off his bathrobe and threw it onto the ground. He eagerly threw himself onto her.

“The window curtains… the window curtains…” The large floor-to-ceiling windows somehow made Wu Tong feel a sense of embarrassment because it felt like someone was peeping.

“We’re in the penthouse, no one can see us.” Qin Ge traced every part of Wu Tong’s body from her beautiful collarbones down to her breasts with his lips. He also made sure to nibble and lick as he went.

Wu Tong felt both anxious and on edge. She tensed up and didn’t dare to make a single move. All she could do was lay there with her eyes shut. As Qin Ge fondled Wu Tong’s body, the rough calluses on his hands felt like sandpaper scratching Wu Tong’s skin. Her skin reddened wherever he touched and felt painful.

His hands traced Wu Tong’s curves and stopped on her thighs where he abruptly pulled apart her legs.

Wu Tong tightly grasped the bed sheets with a firm grip.

“Look at me,” Qin Ge said in a hoarse voice.

Wu Tong squeezed her eyes shut, refusing to open them.

“Look at me.” Qin Ge voice deepened and his tone made it clear he wasn’t taking no for an answer.

Wu Tong slowly opened her eyes and met Qin Ge’s bloodshot eyes. Wu Tong suddenly recalled what Doctor Li had once told her. “Qin Ge has aftereffects from his PTSD, so he has a strong desire for control. This strong desire for control is mainly manifested through sexual desires so sometimes it may be hard for him to control himself.”

“Take a good look at how I’ll… do you.”

As Wu Tong looked at him, Qin Ge thrusted into her. Sensing pain, Wu Tong immediately let out a moan as tingles shot through her body.

“Honey, I love your voice.”

It seemed like the first penetration had released the chains keeping the wild beast at bay. Qin Ge ceaselessly thrusted into her. Wu Tong firmly bit her lips, determined not to let out another sound. However, every time she did this, Qin Ge would thrust a little harder, forcing her to let out another moan before easing up a little.

Wu Tong quickly lost her strength and felt somewhat lightheaded. The last thing she saw was Qin Ge’s bloodshot eyes and his strong, muscular arms.

I don't know how to feel about this seggs scene because like there was consent but Wu Tong was also really scared. Hopefully, their relationship gets closer later on :(

Imma be real honest. I intend to chill during my summer and will be studying abroad for an entire year end of August, so I might end up dropping this novel or putting it on a one year+ hiatus. But I'm already in the middle of translating the next chapter so that should drop end of this month.

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