After Rebirth, the Scum All Cry for Forgiveness

Chapter 15 - PK of the male lead and the fiance

After last night’s experiences, Zhong Youyou had kept her face calm at the enthusiasm of the Zhong family, but there was only ridicule in her heart. Why wasn’t this love and care there when the original owner still existed? Not everything can be forgiven and let go after making mistakes.

But she was still hungry and the food on the table looked very sumptuous, so without saying anything, she just walked over to a chair by the table and sat down.

…...As she passed by Mother Zhong, there was an ice-cold expression on her face.

Mother Zhong’s beaming smile dimmed. Even though she was mentally prepared, her heart still felt the pain from being severely stabbed. She missed the Zhong Youyou that had first entered the house long ago, the Zhong Youyou who would raise her small face and look at them, with longing and innocent hope in her eyes——

It was clear that she herself personally turned her away with a cold attitude, turning her into the current thorny, sharp and cold girl!

Father Zhong sighed slightly and then patted Mother Zhong on the shoulder: "Are you alright?"

Mother Zhong took a deep breath, finally managed to adjust her feelings after a while, and then walked over and sat down.

Zhong Xiyou confirmed last night that his parents were reborn just like himself. This was great, the family was reunited again. He quickly drew back the chair for Zhong Youyou with a smile: "Sister, how did you sleep last night?"

"So-so." Zhong Youyou was very perfunctory.

God knows that Zhong Xiyou's personality was introverted and reserved. He rarely spoke at home and appeared to be full of himself most of the time. He had never been this warm and gentle with Meng Shixuan before. The servants standing by the sidelines witnessing this scene were shocked. It seems that this family is really going to change…...

The two servants who served the food looked at Meng Shixuan who was sitting in the corner. The Eldest Young Miss who usually quietly laughed, now had her head lowered, her face was pale and she looked left out.

She didn't eat and the Sir, Madam and Little Young Master seemed like they didn't even notice her faint presence. They didn't care if she ate or not.

The servants didn't understand what had happened, they just discussed in private why the Sir and Madam would suddenly do something like this. Could it be that they discovered that Meng Shixuan's blood relationship with them was wrong! Otherwise, how could all of the care and love given to the Eldest Young Miss be transferred onto the Second Young Miss in one day...…

No matter the cause, the servants were always quick to adapt to the change. When a servant came over, he deliberately put the steaming hot soup in front of Zhong Youyou and smiled eagerly: "Second Young Miss was injured a few days ago. This is to replenish the blood and it was specially cooked for the Second Young Miss."

Sure enough, the servant got Madam Zhong’s approval: "Not bad."

This servant looked pleased with himself. It seems that he did not curry favor in the wrong direction, and secretly decided in his heart that he should be more ingratiating with the Second Young Miss in the future.

At this time, Father Zhong and Mother Zhong stared at Zhong Youyou. It was because of what happened before their rebirth that they were finally enlightened and have become determined to treat their biological daughter well.

Now, they discovered that after Zhong Youyou's heavy make-up was removed, her facial features were exquisite, very similar to that of a young Mother Zhong. She ate breakfast quietly and her temperament did not lose to Meng Shixuan, who they had carefully cultivated..…

The way she handled the knife and fork in her hands was not wrong in any way, it seems that she has tried hard to learn after being excluded from this family…...

She did not chew loudly when eating, unlike the wild girl that she was when she first entered the house…..

Right now, she was the picture of quiet elegance and beauty, but this image was even more distressing to the rest of the Zhong family. What sort of despair and hardship has she experienced in these past three years to become like this?

Thinking of this, Mother Zhong started to feel as if she was unable to breathe and her heart hurt.

"Youyou, eat more." She desperately added more food onto Zhong Youyou’s plate, as if every addition could make up for some of her mistakes.

Zhong Youyou frowned.

If she remembered correctly, the taro balls, red heart glutinous rice balls, and abalone chicken wings that Mother Zhong gave her, were all things that the original owner didn’t like to eat.

The original owner followed Meng Qian from place to place and hadn't eaten any good things when she was a child. The more expensive the food, the more unfamiliar they were to her. Unfamiliar things always have a preconceived hate associated with them, and over time, the original owner really grew to dislike eating them.

When Zhong Youyou smelled the sweet and greasy fragrance of the abalone chicken wings in front of her, for some reason, she also felt like vomiting.

She put down her chopsticks and was about to say that she didn’t like it, when a pair of chopsticks stretched out again and gave her a piece of lamb——

"Second Sister, yes, eat more things to enrich the blood."

Meng Shixuan's lips were still white, but she was gentle and soft, and looked at Zhong Youyou as if she wanted to get along well with her.


The fishy smell wafted over and Zhong Youyou's expression became icy. She was disgusted by that "Second Sister" title. She thought to herself that since she was moving out soon, there was no need to show Meng Shixuan face.

So immediately and mercilessly, the lamb that Meng Shixuan and the dishes that Mother Zhong had picked up for her, were all piled onto the garbage tray.

"Don't you know that I hate lamb?"

"..." Meng Shixuan's eyes immediately turned red and she subconsciously glanced at Mother Zhong.

In the past, Mother Zhong would have frowned and disliked Zhong Youyou for being too ignorant and too picky. At this time, the face of Mother Zhong was not very good, but when she opened her mouth to speak ——

"Shixuan, what are you doing? Before giving your sister food, do you not know what your sister likes or hates to eat?"

Meng Shixuan was stunned. Even if Father Zhong and Mother Zhong showed their love to Zhong Youyou last night and asked her to give up the room, she didn't believe that Mother Zhong would suddenly treat her like this. But now, Mother Zhong was completely partial towards Zhong Youyou.

Before she gave Zhong Youyou some, she clearly saw Zhong Youyou eating a piece of lamb!

How could Zhong Youyou hate lamb?

She felt so wronged that her tears almost flowed down from her trembling eyes, but Mother Zhong ignored it and quickly asked Zhong Youyou: "Youyou, what do you like to eat?"

Zhong Youyou saw Meng Shixuan's face pale, she sneered inwardly and the corners of her mouth happily perked up. Only you were allowed to scheme, but others were not allowed to frame you? But at the same time she didn't want to deal with Mother Zhong. Mother Zhong herself didn't know what her own daughter liked to eat, so what qualifications did she have to lecture Meng Shixuan?

This breakfast was really disgusting. She wiped her mouth and went upstairs: "I'm finished."

Seeing this, Mother Zhong felt a little anxious, but she was afraid of provoking Zhong Youyou's rebellious attitude, and so she suppressed the words on her tongue. She turned her head and couldn't help but glared at Meng Shixuan.

What the hell are you doing? I finally gave Youyou some food with great difficulty and Youyou’s mood was ruined by you before she even ate anything!

Father Zhong and Zhong Xiyou also had poor expressions on their faces. Seeing Meng Shixuan's wronged appearance, they were even more upset. After a few quick bites, they left the table separately.


After the breakfast table broke up, Father Zhong and Mother Zhong went to the company as usual. When they went out, they hoped that Zhong Youyou would come down to see them off, but Zhong Youyou’s door was tightly shut, as if she hadn't heard them leave.

Mother Zhong's heart felt pained again, but then she thought that when she came back in the evening, she would be able to surprise Youyou with letting her move into the best bedroom. She would be pleasantly surprised, and her emotions could finally ease a little.

Zhong Youyou was lying on her luggage reading a book waiting for the afternoon to come. Then suddenly she heard the sound of a car outside the window.

Qin Yao has probably arrived.

Zhong Youyou's eyes lit up, she jumped off the bed and quickly walked two steps with her bare feet before suddenly stopping. Wait, should I put on makeup? She quickly ran to the bathroom again, picked up bottles and cans and smeared some of their contents on her face.

Of course, she had the same terrible makeup skills as the original owner. After doing makeup for some time, she wasn’t able to do anything spectacular, so she gave up and smoothed out a few strands of curled hair with hair spray.

This fiddling around took more than ten minutes and then she slowly went downstairs. For any ordinary person, they would have become impatient from waiting, but Qin Yao was still patiently waiting in front of the car.

Zhong Youyou went down wearing slippers and finally saw Qin Yao.

The figure standing in front of the car was tall, with an outstanding build and temperament, but, in this hot weather, he wore an exquisite white shirt. He turned his face towards her and his brows were surprisingly handsome.

Zhong Youyou was stunned for a while. This kind of face is too lethal!

She paused for a bit before she went over. Didn’t she say that the original owner was stupid? Regardless of his character or life experience, Qin Yao already surpassed Shi Zhitang a hundred times!

However, it was also possible that she has a unique pseudo-motherly perspective of Qin Yao—— after all, she is a woman who cried bitterly after seeing Qin Yao's ending.

Anyway, Zhong Youyou walked over cheerfully.


Qin Yao felt a little nervous as he watched her walk towards him. He likes Zhong Youyou intensely. He would have hastily come by earlier if it weren’t for him being afraid of her feeling annoyed or dissatisfied…...

She has always rejected him, been cold to him, ignored him, and did not even answer the phone when he calls. How and why would she suddenly be willing to ask him for help?

Whatever it is, the phone call last night still made him feel like he suddenly saw a shining glimmer of possibility after walking in the dark for too long.

He tried his best to breathe smoothly in front of her.

He suddenly saw the slippers on her feet. It seemed that she was too hasty when she was getting down. The sand got into the slippers and rubbed the fair and tender toes red.

Qin Yao frowned.

Just as Zhong Youyou was about to speak, Qin Yao opened the door, took out a package from the passenger seat, and handed it to her: "Put it on."

Zhong Youyou opened it and saw that they were pretty sneakers with thick soles. She was a little surprised: "You bought them on purpose? One does have to wear thicker ones if you want to walk, otherwise the soles of your feet will easily blister."

Qin Yao's ears turned slightly red, but he didn’t look away.

He put his hand in his pocket, and said with as much cool composure as he could muster: "My mother bought it, but she left it in the car and forgot to take it away. Unexpectedly, your feet are the same size as my mother’s."


Zhong Youyou glared at him. Would he die if he didn’t say these kinds of things?

She squatted down and put on the shoes, feeling a little depressed.

Qin Yao finally relaxed and involuntarily stared at the top of her head. It was round with a short haircut, so cute.

Of course the shoes were bought for her, his mother’s feet were much smaller than hers.

There seem to be obvious traces of liquid foundation on her cheeks…...

Qin Yao’s heart palpitated, he suddenly felt rather elated.

Maybe she put on makeup to see him. Although the makeup work was a bit bad, Qin Yao still couldn't restrain his joy.


Zhong Youyou put on her shoes and bounced on the spot. It felt very well-fitted. Even if Qin Yao didn’t mention anything, she would still think that he bought it specially for her.

She raised her head: "By the way, want some fruit? I just washed it."

No one is at home at this time, except for her. Everyone else is out.

She just washed some fruit from the refrigerator. She didn't know what Qin Yao liked to eat as the original text did not describe it, so she just washed some cherries.

Qin Yao's eyes shone with a slight smile: "Okay."

Just when the two of them were about to enter the villa, they suddenly heard the sound of a car coming. The car was a bit familiar and stopped at the door of the villa. Then, Shi Zhitang alighted from the car. He saw Zhong Youyou and Qin Yao standing together and strode over.

Qin Yao glanced at Shi Zhitang and then at Zhong Youyou.

He suddenly realized something. She was always cold to him. Why would she suddenly contact him, put on makeup and wash fruits, if it wasn't for Shi Zhitang coming and her wanting Shi Zhitang to be jealous...…

It felt as if he was splashed with a basin of cold water.

Qin Yao's joy from earlier suddenly cooled down.

His smile faded a little: "I'll go in, you guys talk."

Zhong Youyou:???

Why did the handsome guy suddenly look sad?

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