My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 150: The Forsaken Flower pt. 2

In a ruined temple, Jing Yue wiped Yi Wang's face with a handkerchief that was soaked with water. Yi Wang's complexion was very pale, and there were some bruises at the corners of his mouth, probably from being beaten.

What made his heart ache was that Yi Wang was so thin that there was almost only a layer of skin hanging over his bones. It was exactly the same as what he had seen in his previous life. The only difference was that his face did not have those terrible scars this time.

At this time, Yi Wang's eyelashes fluttered, and he slowly opened his eyes.  He sat up suddenly and pushed Jing Yue away!

It wasn’t very forceful, but Jing Yue was caught off guard and was almost pushed to the ground. Seeing Yi Wang staring at him vigilantly and defensively, he felt amused. It seems that the other party was hungry and confused before he fainted, so he let him approach, making Jing Yue mistakenly think that Yi Wang in the illusion was close to him by nature.

In fact, Jing Yue's guess was not wrong. The little beggar just now was indeed so hungry that his body was weak. In addition, he was chased and beaten by other children, so his mental and physical load had reached the limit, leaving him in a daze. When he saw Jing Yue, the little beggar relaxed physically and mentally as if from an instinctive trust, which made him want to get closer and fall asleep.

Until now, he didn’t think that the good-looking Daoist in front of him would hurt him, but after returning to his senses, he habitually rejected every one. He didn't believe that anyone would treat him well without purpose. The person who was nice to him back then tried to train him as a s*x sl*ve in the end.

Thinking of this, Yi Wang clenched his fists.

“What is your name?”

The little beggar heard the other party ask him, but he didn't speak. Besides, he didn't have a name.

As long as he could remember, the hunter who picked him up called him a little monster. Later, he was sold. Someone gave him a name after that, but that name, together with everything there, made him extremely disgusted.

Seeing Yi Wang like this, Jing Yue didn’t take it to heart. In his previous life, Yi Wang completely regarded him as non-existent when he woke up and was so indifferent that he didn't seem like a child. Although he was silent now, he’d at least glare at him.

He remembered that Yi Wang was picked up by a hunter in a village in his previous life. The hunter didn't treat Yi Wang well, beat and scolded him frequently, and even let hunting dogs chase him, but at least he gave Yi Wang a bite to eat.

Later, the hunter died, and his younger brother seized his property and drove Yi Wang away. At that time, Yi Wang was only five years old, and he could only be a beggar to keep himself from starving to death.

In the illusion, Yi Wang's face was not destroyed, but he still became a beggar, so Jing Yue wondered what happened.

Jing Yue felt anguish, but he knew that Yi Wang wouldn't tell him anything at this moment, so he didn't ask, and just said, “If you don't speak, I'll take it that you don't have a name, so I'll give you one. Um, let's call you Yi Wang.”

Yi Wang didn't respond to this, not even changing his expression.

Jing Yue smiled slightly. He was able to change Yi Wang in his previous life, so he could do it now too.

He took out a pastry wrapped in oiled paper from his sleeve and handed it to Yi Wang. “You must be hungry. Eat something.”

As Yi Wang smelled the seductive aroma, his eyes showed rejection, but his stomach growled honestly.

Jing Yue looked at him with a smile. “Eat it. Are you afraid I'll poison you?”

Yi Wang glared daggers at Jing Yue. There was some hesitation on his face, but in the end, he snatched the pastry and gobbled it.

Halfway through eating, he suddenly felt a warm and gentle force in his body, which was slowly healing his injury and replenishing his life force.

Yi Wang paused and looked at the Daoist suspiciously. The other person was still smiling, warm and soft like that strange force.

Yi Wang quickly lowered his head, tightened his grip on the paper, and continued wolfing his food down.

Jing Yue secretly heaved a sigh of relief. He had sprinkled some medicine on the pastry. Although he temporarily lost his spiritual power, he could still refine some pills that did not require spiritual power.

As Yi Wang refused the pill Jing Yue had given him in his previous life and even wanted to bite him, he used a more tactful method this time, and the effect was quite good.

When Yi Wang finished the pastry, he felt refreshed. Those old wounds no longer hurt, and he was confused. Suddenly, there was a soft touch on the corner of his lips.

Yi Wang stared blankly at the Daoist wiping him gently with a handkerchief. When he reacted, he wanted to push the Daoist away, but his hands seemed unwilling to listen, and he never moved.

That night, Yi Wang slept in the ruined temple with the Daoist.

Yi Wang thought he would not be able to fall asleep, and originally planned to escape at night, but it was as if he had been hypnotized. He had an unprecedented good night’s sleep and slept until dawn.

When he woke up, he felt the fine sunlight caressing his face. Yi Wang was startled, and subconsciously looked for the Daoist, but he was the only one left in the temple.

He felt a momentary wave of panic, but it quickly turned into resentment. As expected, he had been left behind again.

Suddenly, someone's voice sounded, “Are you awake? Then follow me.”

Yi Wang looked up and saw the Daoist standing outside the temple gate. Due to the backlight, the outline of the Daoist seemed painted with a layer of gold, just like a saint.

But Yi Wang didn't respond. He was angry at his panic and weakness just now, and thought angrily, ‘Who are you? Why should I go with you?’

The next moment, he saw the Daoist turn around and left without waiting for him at all. It was as if his command for Yi Wang to follow him was just empty talk.

Yi Wang scowled and he was a little bit at a loss when the Daoist turned around and beckoned to him. “Let’s go. Do you expect me to carry you?”

Yi Wang struggled for a while before he finally stood up reluctantly and followed.

In his previous life, in order to broaden Yi Wang's mind, Jing Yue didn't take him back to Frostcloud Sect immediately but accompanied him for ten years in the mortal world. Of the three disciples, he spent the most effort on Yi Wang.

This time, of course, he used the same method. He wanted Yi Wang to know that this world not only contained darkness and pain. He wanted Yi Wang to get out of the prison that trapped him. Otherwise, how could he cultivate? He might even turn into a demon at that rate.

Jing Yue didn't know when he’d leave the illusion, but at least when he was here, he’d do his best to help Yi Wang.

They walked for ten days in a row, from one city to another. During this time, Jing Yue would occasionally do good deeds, and wait for the results with Yi Wang. His kind deeds sometimes received sincere gratitude from the other party, but sometimes only superficial compliments and disdain behind them.

Jing Yue never said anything about this. He wanted Yi Wang to experience it for himself.

However, in the past ten days, Yi Wang didn't say a word to him, just like a mute.

They arrived at a city this day and were walking side by side on the street when they suddenly heard noises from ahead.

Jing Yue walked over with Yi Wang and saw a richly dressed young man instructing his subordinates to grab a girl of 14 or 15 years old.

The girl was quite beautiful, but she was crying bitterly at this moment. The girl's father knelt on the ground and kowtowed repeatedly, but the young man said coldly, “Although your daughter will be a concubine if she returns to the Chen family with me, she can enjoy a good life in the future, better than suffering with you.”

He waved his hand. “Take her away.”

Several men stopped the old man who wanted to chase after them, and the other two grabbed the girl's arms and dragged her away.

The girl's cries became farther and farther away. Seeing the young man walking away, some people who had been hiding boldly commented, “Old Man Wang's daughter is so pitiful. That Young Master Chen already has seven concubines. I heard that he’s always replacing old with new. The official wife of the Chen family has a bad temper, but she couldn’t control Young Master Chen, so she’d vent her anger on the concubines who have fallen out of favor, and has already killed several of them.”

“What’s there to pity? If she stayed at home obediently as she should, how would the Chen family notice her? Who told her to show her face in public? Maybe she did it on purpose, and is now putting on a chaste act!”

“How could you say that? The daughter of the Wang family has always been filial. Her mother is gone, and her father is very sick. If she doesn’t go out to work, how will her family live?”

“Hmph, that Old Man Wang is simply useless.”

“What can he do? The Chen family knows the nobles in the capital. A normal person like him can hardly go against a noble.”

On the sidelines, Jing Yue frowned slightly but didn’t move. He glanced at Old Man Wang, who was slumped on the ground, and was about to leave when he heard a hoarse voice, “Aren't you going to save them?”

That voice was very familiar to Jing Yue, obviously from Yi Wang.

“Huh? Are you finally willing to talk?” Jing Yue turned his head and saw the sarcasm in Yi Wang's eyes. He sighed inwardly and said with a smile, “I don't need to save them. That Young Master Chen can't take Miss Wang away at all, and the Wang family will be blessed after this incident.”

Yi Wang was taken aback before he wanted to mock Jing Yue for being afraid in the face of a strong adversary, rendering him unable to display his hypocritical kindness.

However, the Daoist patted him on the head. “Forget your harsh words and don’t ridicule me. You won't be happy either.”

Yi Wang felt embarrassed for being seen through, but he didn't say anything in the end.

“Let’s go and have a look.”

Jing Yue left first. Yi Wang stood there for a while and hurriedly followed.

The two of them didn't go far before they saw the young man Chen. At this time, a wild cat jumped out of nowhere and blocked the young man's path. The young man kicked it hard, and the wild cat rolled a few times and curled up in pain.

Yi Wang's jaw clenched. Suddenly, a flower pot was thrown from the street, smashing the young man right on his head. Blood gushed and he fell to the ground motionless.

The street became chaotic in an instant, and the subordinates of the Chen family rushed forward, not bothering about the girl they kidnapped.

Yi Wang asked in surprise, “Is he dead?”

Jing Yue, “No, but almost.”

Yi Wang, “C-Can you really predict the fate of others?”

Jing Yue, “No, at least, I can’t predict my own fate.”

He glanced sideways and leaned down to stare into Yi Wang's eyes. “But this person has committed a lot of evil, and the grievances are concentrated all over him, so there will be retribution.”

“You mean good begets good and evil begets evil?” Yi Wang smiled mockingly.

Jing Yue, “Not really. The Heavenly Dao has its balance, just like how the moon waxes and wanes, and how water will overflow when there’s too much. Everything has a balance. Once you cross the line, the Heavenly Dao will intervene.”

He looked at the chaos in front of him, and said, “Take the young man surnamed Chen as an example. He was born as a balanced individual, neither good nor evil, but he did too many evil things and gradually tipped this balance, so he got closer… let’s call it retribution, so he got closer to retribution.”

“If he didn’t snatch the daughter of the Wang family and kicked that wild cat, perhaps his evil wouldn’t tip the balance. Maybe he’d have to wait for the next time or after that to get unlucky. If he did good deeds during this time to make up the balance between good and evil, then retribution would come even later. If he turns over a new leaf and devotes himself to doing good deeds, the retribution may never come until he atones for it after his death.”

Yi Wang, “Based on what you said, will an absolutely good person have retribution too? Not being evil will also destroy the balance.”

Jing Yue, “As far as I know, purely good people will not end well, but such people are rare and few in between. Most people in this world are both good and evil. Good people occasionally do evil things and have evil thoughts, while evil people occasionally do good things and have kindness. There’s no absolute.”

Yi Wang, “Will you also do bad things and have evil thoughts?”

Jing Yue smiled. “Of course, I’m human too. I have love, desire, hatred, greed, anger, and ignorance. These are the roots of evil. But as long as we look at the complexity of human nature with peace of mind, we won’t be influenced by good and evil, and won’t get paranoid or lost.”

Yi Wang, “I don’t understand.”

Jing Yue, “You will understand.”

Because Yi Wang in his previous life comprehended the rudimentary form of the Daoyi Sword Technique, Qin Yanzhi completed it in this life.

Daoyi was born by the will of Heavenly Dao. If Yi Wang didn't know the balance of Heavenly Dao like the back of his hand, how would he possess such wisdom?

Moreover, Yi Wang was compassionate by nature.

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