Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1502: Cold voice actor: The old enemy is the top queen (Part 60)

Actually she was a bit nervous.  As the original voice actor of “Reincarnation Endowment”, she should know what to do.

But when Wen Yan Chen said that they would stop if the crowd made any noise.

This made her feel that they weren’t just recording, but rather this was a competition.

“Ai, why can you…...have this much time?”

This was a school celebration, it should be strict.

“Our family is the sponsor for the school’s newest batch of labs and equipment.”  Wen Yan Chen didn’t hide it, he revealed everything.

“But what if the audience is very silent?”

“Since they enjoyed “Reincarnation Endowment”, falling deep into the script, why would we bother them?”  He saw that she was a bit nervous, so he patted her head, “Relax, you are god Clear Dust from Drunken Bliss!”

“......”  Luo Qing Chen’s lips twitched in response, “Thank you, god Warm Cup!”

The school celebration started at eight.

After the ‘collective ensemble’ of the vocal music club, it was time for Su Zhi’s violin solo.

But when the host said the two words ‘Su Zhi’, the crowd already became restless.

Because they thought that the performance this year would be Wen Yan Chen’s solo piano act.

The school hunk had become a strange person and all kinds of thoughts came out.

“Why, I don’t like the violin at all!”

“You said it was the school hunk, why is it someone else!”

“I won’t listen, I won’t listen, I’m going back to the dorm to sleep!”


Luo Qing Chen standing backstage couldn’t help knitting her brows.  She had thought that this might happen, but she never thought that everyone would be this intense.

She didn’t know if the impulsive Su Zhi would be able to stay calm.

Chen Na standing not far away curled her lips as she said, “Really embarrassing, this is clearly harming the reputation of our vocal music club!”

“Saying the grapes are sour without being able to eat them.”  Luo Qing Chen immediately said back with a bad tone!

They shouldn’t provoke her when she was anxious, she had even more ways to confuse people.

As expected, Chen Na who could only sing harmony in the performance had an ugly look on her face.  When she wanted to reply, she never thought that Wen Yan Chen would speak up faster than her.

“Relax, musicians aren’t bothered by the outside world.”  Wen Yan Chen narrowed his eyes to look at her, “She is different from us voice actors.”

As expected, when the long arc of the violin rang out, the crowd under the stage gradually turned silent.

Su Zhi repertoire was a combination of ancient and modern music, combining folk and western music.

She knew what it meant if she did this, she wanted to prove herself to her parents.

She really…..had thought this through.

After a minute, there were only small whispers from the crowd as most of them had become immersed in the sound of her violin.

The melody came forward like waves.

After the song finished, applause erupted from the crowd.

Su Zhi on stage put down her violin and slowly opened her eyes.  She blinked once before tears came out.

She pursed her lips a bit, trying her best to control her emotions.

“Truly an exciting violin solo, even I, as the host, want to go to her concert.”  The host came forward and gently gave her a tissue before saying, “Let’s talk about how you feel first!”

Su Zhi took the tissue and wiped her tears before taking a deep breath, “I want to thank my parents for training me in many folk music instruments.  It isn’t that I’m infatuated with foreigners, but I just want to learn the violin because I like it.”

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