Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1508: Cold voice actor: The old enemy is the top queen (Part 66)

But he didn’t know that as long as there was a Half Warm Cup in this world, no one else could be Thinking of Clear Dust’s official coupling.

After all, the cold school hunk had an unknown black bellied side in his heart!

The two looked at each other and He Yu Yan wanted to say something, but Wen Yan Chen didn’t give him a chance at all.

When he was about to speak, a certain god said to his girl, “Wife, let’s go!”

Luo QIng Chen who was putting away the equipment was surprised before immediately saying, “I want to eat dinner.”

“What do you want to eat?”

“Mala hot pot?  Barbecue?”

“I know a place where they are next door to each other.”


These words that were like words between lovers grated on He Yu Yan’s ears.

He felt very suffocated staying backstage for another minute.

But the two ‘showing affection’ didn’t seem to care about He Yu Yan at all, leaving after they tidied up everything.

Wen Yan Chen didn’t forget to take her by the waist when they left, carefully helping her off the stage.

On the way back, they didn’t eat any Mala hot pot since their phones already started vibrating when they left.

When she got out of the Lambo, Luo Qing Chen waved her hand, “Be careful on your way back.”

He revealed a faint smile as he said, “I finally…...know where you live.”

She was surprised.  When she wanted to say something, Wen Yan Chen narrowed his eyes as he said, “I’ll pick you up tomorrow.”

It was already eleven when she got home.  She logged into QQ and found that every group was at 99+.  The most discussed words in each of those groups were——

Thinking of Clear Dust and Half Warm Cup.

She first opened the Drunken Bliss group and the most eye catching messages were from Flourishing Song.

[Vice president]Flourishing Song: Can someone tell me?  Why aren’t those two online yet, did they secretly go and get a hotel room?!  ╰_╯

[VA]Cloud Falling Clear Sky: Ha, ha, doesn’t this confirm the authenticity of that video?

[Makeup]Choosing the Past: I feel that Photographer Xiao Zhou must have a green look on his face now.

[Vice president]Flourishing Song: Right, that Photographer Xiao Zhou!  I’ll go ping him!

[Vice president]Flourishing Song: Damn!  Someone was faster than me!

Luo Qing Chen opened Weibo and there was a message that tagged her.  She didn’t need to guess that it was Wen Yan Chen who tagged her.

Half Warm Cup V: @Photographer Xiao Zhou, you should have already received the lawyer’s letter for faking a video and harming the interests of others.  In the words of my wife @Thinking of Clear Dust: You would be drowned in a pig cage in the ancient world, I wonder what will happen to you in the modern world?

Miss Peach: God Warm Cup is so handsome!  A certain someone, does your face hurt?  @Cute Little Fairy.  2565 Likes.

A Pencil: So the two gods are together?  1025 Likes.

Not Caring About Wang Lun’s Love: Ah, ah, ah!  It must be the couple with the strongest influence and the best face!  933 Likes.

That Summer: Hearing god Warm Cup’s voice, I feel that he is very handsome!  I never thought that he would be that handsome, I want to call you school hunk Wen!  825 Likes.

Flourishing Song V: QAQ School hunk Wen, please forgive me for not knowing anything, I actually doubted your picture……

“Di, di, di.”  The group’s icon lit up again.

[VA]Cloud Falling Clear Sky: @Vice president, how could you be like this?  God Warm cup sent that picture and you said that it was from Baidu…...

[VA]Splendid: That’s right!

[President]Falling White Robe: Right, right, how can you be like this!

[Vice president]Flourishing Song: Damn!  It wasn’t just me that said this before, alright?  You…..You are all traitors for handsome guys!  (╥╯^╰╥)

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