My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 151: The Forsaken Flower pt. 3

Later, the young master of the Chen family really met with a great misfortune. He fell into a coma, and many doctors were helpless.

The person who threw the flowerpot didn't do it on purpose, and his background was stronger than that of the Chen family, so they couldn’t touch him. They wanted to vent their anger on Old Man Wang's family but found that Old Man Wang and his daughter had escaped without a trace.

Now that such a big incident had happened, they were not in the mood to hunt the father and daughter down, so they could only put this matter aside.

That night, Jing Yue and Yi Wang found another ruined temple. When they entered the temple, Jing Yue noticed that Yi Wang's footsteps paused.

He raised his eyebrows slightly, and saw a wild cat curled up under the big tree outside the temple. It looked like the one kicked by the young man surnamed Chen. Perhaps the wild cat was injured too badly, seeing someone approaching, it struggled to get up. But just as it propped itself up, it fell down again and remained motionless.

Jing Yue pretended not to notice and went into the temple.

In the middle of the night, a strong wind suddenly blew outside, and a bolt of lightning pierced the silent night.

Yi Wang sat up from the floor and looked at the Daoist who seemed soundly asleep in the dark. Seeing no response from the Daoist, he quietly went out of the temple.

The wild cat was no longer under the tree. Yi Wang searched around and finally found the wild cat in the bush.

The wild cat's breathing was weak and it might die soon, so fragile that Yi Wang thought of himself.

After the hunter died, he was sold to another family by the hunter's younger brother. The head of the family was very kind to him, but he was in fact hiding his dirty thoughts. Yi Wang pretended he didn’t notice and smashed the other party’s head with a stone slab when he was caught off guard. He also set fire to create chaos and escaped. At that time, people all over the city were after him. He was hungry, tired, cold, and scared, so he hid in a dry well outside the city in a panic.

He hoped for someone to rescue him, but no one did.

Later, he left that city in a daze, stepping on the edge of life and death. Suddenly one day, the Daoist appeared and rescued him.

Yi Wang took out some pastries from his pocket and fed the wild cat. The wild cat twitched its nose and slowly opened its eyes. The icy-blue eyes were as pure as a blue lake, letting people understand it at a glance, not as complicated as people's hearts.

Yi Wang felt relieved and brought the pastry closer.

The wild cat stuck out its tongue and licked it, slowly eating the pastry.

Yi Wang squatted aside and watched quietly. These pastries were given by the Daoist and should be able to heal the wounds of the wild cat.

Not far away, Jing Yue had gotten up at some point and looked at this scene with tenderness in his eyes.

Yi Wang was indeed born with compassion, but his childhood experience concealed his nature.

In his previous life, he didn't like Yi Wang at first. His first disciple Yi Nian was well-behaved and honest, but Yi Wang was gloomy and indifferent. If Jing Yue hadn't predicted that the other party had a teacher-apprentice relationship with him, Jing Yue wouldn’t put so much effort into Yi Wang at all. He even thought that if Yi Wang's heart couldn’t be changed, he would rather cut off this relationship than let the other party drag him down.

Thousands of years of experience as a rogue cultivator had shaped Jing Yue into an egoist so deeply ingrained that even he wasn’t aware of it. He wholeheartedly wanted to ascend the Dao and he’d mercilessly cut off anyone, anything, and any causal relationship that stood in his way.

But in the subsequent interactions, Jing Yue discovered another side of Yi Wang, knowing that under Yi Wang's indifference, there was a soft heart and great love.

In Yi Wang, he saw the potential of Dao and even joked that if Yi Wang never joined him but became a monk instead, he’d definitely accomplish a lot more. Indifference and compassion were the inherent contradictions in Buddhism.

Jing Yue knew that he couldn't do it, so he found another way and did as he pleased.

At the same time, he also saw himself through Yi Wang. He weeded out the hidden dangers lurking in his heart and even made a breakthrough in his cultivation.


Another flash of lightning struck, jolting Jing Yue out of his reminiscing. He said, “Yi Wang, come back here.”

The silhouette squatting on the ground froze suddenly, and replied sullenly after a while, “Oh.”

Come back? What a nice phrase, Yi Wang thought.

In the following days, Jing Yue continued wandering with Yi Wang, seeing the world's scenery.

Mortals were the weakest but also the most amazing. Their short lives could always ignite infinite sparks. Jing Yue hoped that Yi Wang could overcome worldly affairs, break free from the shackles, and successfully embark on the great path of Dao.

A few months passed in a blink of an eye, and on this day, they came to a small village called Snowdrop Village.

On the way, the two suddenly heard someone shouting for help.

Jing Yue turned his head and glanced at Yi Wang, who was expressionless and seemed indifferent.

He sighed inwardly and said, “Let's go and have a look.”

Now, Yi Wang could get along with Jing Yue normally. Although he didn't take the initiative, he wouldn’t reject Jing Yue’s words.

The two soon arrived at the source of the sound and saw a swarm of needle bees chasing a young man, their persistence as if the young man had destroyed their hive.

With a plop, the young man frantically jumped over the wall and into the cold lake with thin ice. The needle bees didn’t give up and swarmed over the water's surface, refusing to leave.

Given that the needle bee was a level 1 ferocious beast, it wasn’t difficult to deal with even though Jing Yue had no spiritual energy. He drove away the swarm of bees easily and fished out the unconscious young man from the water.

The young man's name was Yang Song, and he lived in Snowdrop Village. At this moment, he shivered and shrank in a corner of the wooden house. A fire was lit in the wooden house to dispel the rotten moisture but he refused to approach.

Jing Yue gave him a meaningful look and said, “Needle bees are usually docile and rarely attack humans. How did you provoke them?”

“I didn’t…” he was startled and fell silent. He clenched the potpourri sachet at his waist with one hand, and said after a long while, “It's my fault for being careless. I’ve never encountered any problems when I passed by their hives before, but I got into trouble somehow today. If you hadn’t saved me, I might have drowned.”

Jing Yue smiled. “Ferocious beasts can be found all over this deep mountain. What are you doing here alone?”

Yang Song, “I want to pick some medicine in the mountain to cure my wife's cough.”

Jing Yue, “Are you married?”

The young man was not very old, probably eighteen or nineteen years old.

Yang Song instantly brightened. “I just got married last month. My wife is very beautiful, the prettiest girl in Snowy Village. We’re childhood sweethearts and share the same affection.”

Jing Yue said with a faint smile. “That's really good.”

Yang Song asked, “Where are you going, Daoist Master?”

Jing Yue had no purpose. He and Yi Wang arrived at Snowdrop Village by chance, but he changed his mind at this time and said, “I want to go to the Goddess Peak on the snow mountain. If I'm lucky, I can even pick some ice lotus.”

Yang Song, “It was snowing a few days ago, and the mountain path will be difficult to access. If you don’t mind, why don't you stay in my house for a few days?”

This was exactly what Jing Yue was aiming for, so he readily agreed.

During the whole process, Yi Wang didn't say a word but just stared at Jing Yue with a strange look in his eyes.

After arriving at Yang Song's house, Jing Yue found out that the other party spoke the truth. His wife was beautiful, even among female cultivators.

A look of surprise flashed in Mrs. Yang's eyes as if she was surprised at the arrival of outsiders, but then she frowned slightly and asked Yang Song, “Why do you look so miserable?”

Yang Song didn’t go near the fire much. At this time, his clothes were still half wet, with a little mud on his head, and there were some dead branches and rotten leaves in his messy hair.

He smiled indifferently. “I accidentally tripped and fell on the way, but it’s a pity about the sachet you gave me this morning.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the corners of Mrs. Yang's eyes turned red, and a tear fell.

Yang Song panicked and hugged his wife, whispering words of comfort, uncaring of the presence of outsiders.

After a while, Mrs. Yang gradually calmed down. She seemed to remember that there were guests, and said with a blush, “These two are…”

Yang Song, “Oh, this Daoist wants to go to the Goddess Peak, but the mountain path isn’t very accessible these days, so I invited them to stay here temporarily.”

Mrs. Yang bowed slightly and invited Jing Yue and Yi Wang to enter.

When passing by the yard, Jing Yue saw many medicinal herbs planted in the yard, and a lot of herbs waiting to be dried. Next to a wooden stool was an inverted medicine jar, with some powder still on the mouth of the jar. It seemed that someone was pounding some medicine just now.

Jing Yue asked casually, “Mrs. Yang, are you learned in the art of medicine?”

Mrs. Yang said with a smile, “I picked up some skills after a long illness. I was caught in a fire when I was a child. Although I didn't die, I injured my lungs, and the root cause has never been cured.” She looked at Yang Song tenderly. “It’s all thanks to A-song who saved my life back then.”

Yang Song returned her smile, but Jing Yue couldn’t help feeling that it was forced.

Mrs. Yang quickly tidied up a room. When only Jing Yue and Yi Wang were left in the room, the latter said, “Why did you agree to stay?”

Jing Yue had a plan in mind, and it was inconvenient to tell Yi Wang at this time, so he smiled condescendingly and let Yi Wang wonder.

He has used this trick many times, which worked every time, but Yi Wang just gave him an indifferent look, making him seem a little awkward.

Jing Yue, “…”

How could he have forgotten that it was Yi Wang in front of him, not the foolish little Yanzhi.

Jing Yue suddenly had an idea. If Yi Wang had the same experience as Yanzhi, would he have the same personality?

But he quickly denied this conjecture. The person in front of him was Yi Wang, his second disciple.

In the evening, Yang Song came to call Jing Yue and Jing Yue, saying that Mrs. Yang specially prepared a good meal for them.

Since Jing Yue and Yi Wang were mortals at this time, they had to eat too.

Mrs. Yang's cooking skills were pretty good, but Yi Wang didn’t eat much, only tasting the dishes Jing Yue put on his plate.

Yang Song and his wife thought that the food wasn’t to Yi Wang’s liking, and looked apologetic about it, but Jing Yue knew that Yi Wang was simply being vigilant. Eating the food Jing Yue picked for him showed that Yi Wang had trust in him.

Jing Yue was secretly happy. He knew that Yi Wang hid the pastries he usually gave, so he didn't say much.

At this time, Yang Song said, “Since the Daoist is very capable, do you know any fengshui?”

As soon as he spoke, Mrs. Yang on the side clenched her chopsticks tightly. Jing Yue caught a glimpse out of the corner of his eye, but pretended not to notice, and said, “Why do you ask so?”

Yang Song said lightly, “Things are not going well in our family recently. I’d like to ask if there’s something wrong with the fengshui.”

Jing Yue, “I’m sorry, I only know some martial skills. I haven’t learned any official Dao skills.”

Yang Song was disappointed. “I was being too hasty.”

But Mrs. Yang next to him obviously relaxed.

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