Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1511: Cold voice actor: The old enemy is the top queen (Part 69)

Half Warm Cup: Wife!  They’re all making fun of me!  (つдつ)

In order to show his pain and grievance, he even added an emote.

Luo Qing Chen felt like she had to comfort school hunk Wen’s ‘seemingly young’ heart.

Thinking of Clear Dust: Then you can just fight back, come to me if you lose!  [Domineering]

Wen Yan Chen saw her response and he couldn’t stop his lips from curling into a warm smile.

He looked over at the calendar beside him and his eyes lit up before he typed on the keyboard.

Half Warm Cup: Wife, can I ask you for something?  (*^-^*)

Thinking of Clear Dust: …...

She felt like there was a trap in that cute emote at the end.

Her intuition had usually been correct.

Thinking of Clear Dust: What is it?

Half Warm Cup: First promise me!  Look at how they are making fun of me!  My wife is god Clear Dust!  (^U^)ノ


This…...Wasn’t this the emote that Flourishing Song sent?

Luo Qing Chen felt that if she didn’t agree, Half Warm Cup’s personality might split!

Thinking of Clear Dust: Agree, agree!  So just what is it!

Half Warm Cup: Check Weibo.

As expected, once she agreed, he immediately went back to the cold Half Warm Cup.

She doubtfully opened Weibo since if there was a request, how strange it was to post it on Weibo!

But when she saw what he had posted, she was stunned.

Half Warm Cup V: The proposal was a success.  @Thinking of Clear Dust.


The request actually turned out to be…...

A proposal!!!


Why did she feel that this boy who looked like a cold youth had black bellied blood that flowed through him!

He can even think of these kinds of traps.

Thinking of Clear Dust: You, you, you…...

Half Warm Cup: You should keep your promises, you can’t go back on them now.

“Di, di, di.”  The Drunken Bliss QQ group sounded again.

[VA]Cloud Falling Clear Sky: @Half Warm Cup, god Warm Cup is amazing!

[President]Falling White Robe: How is this just amazing, it’s a slap to our faces!

[Vice president]Flourishing Song: Damn!  When did you propose and how could my god Clear Dust agree!  (╥╯^╰╥)

[VA]Half Warm Cup: Want to know?

[Vice president]Flourishing Song: Yes, yes!

[VA]Half Warm Cup: Attached screenshot.jpg.

Half Warm Cup had sent the conversation between him and Luo Qing Chen without hiding a thing, showing off his black bellied and honest character at the same time.

[Vice president]Flourishing Song: Damn!  Warm Cup, you’re not embarrassed?

[VA]Cloud Falling Clear Sky: Ah, ah, ah!  God Warm Cup tricked god Clear Dust!

[VA]Splendid: A big hole, so black bellied!

[President]Falling White Robe: Big brother, you could clearly not send this screenshot, why are you this honest!  I really can’t say anything for you!

Everyone began to ‘attack’ Half Warm Cup, not knowing that he didn’t care at all, while still spreading dog food.

[VA]Half Warm Cup: Because I want everyone to know that this girl easily tricked is my wife, so I’ll protect her in the future.

[Vice president]Flourishing Song: I feel like I’ve suddenly eaten a lot of dog food.

[VA]Cloud Falling Clear Sky: Me too…...

[President]Falling White Robe: +1 to above.

[VA]Splendid: +10086 to above.

Seeing the words from Wen Yan Chen on her screen, her lips couldn’t help curling.

Although she seemed like she had been tricked, it felt really good being protected by someone at the same time.

Before logging off, she didn’t forget to send a message in the group!

[VA]Thinking of Clear Dust: Happy!  (*^-^*)@Half Warm Cup.

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