Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1515: Side story: With one’s other half in hand, never suffering in life (Part 2)

I never thought that her ‘fame’ in Drunken Bliss would be greater than I imagined.

Not only did the makeup artist want her signature, there was even our vice president who worshipped her!

But when she joined Drunken Bliss and became the female lead of “Reincarnation Endowment, I never thought that I would meet her in reality.

Until I heard a familiar voice at a certain breakfast shop.

That was my first time seeing her.  That pure white face and those eyes that shone like stars in the night.  I couldn’t help taking a few more looks when I saw her.

Before meeting her, I had never felt like this before.

I panicked a bit, feeling a bit of disbelief.

But I couldn’t contact her at that time.  When I was lying in bed that night, I almost felt like…..my spring was here!

That feeling continued when I saw her stream.

Actually, it was an accident.  If I didn’t see Splendid say in the group that she was streaming, I felt like I would have missed it.

With natural perfect pitch, I could tell that she was the girl I had met at the breakfast shop that day.

Hearing her voice really gave me a strange feeling.  It was clear and cold, with each word being pronounced.

It had to be said that No Words had really helped me.

Because he gave Cute Little Fairy ten thousand, I had a chance to show off to her!

Actually, my first reaction was to buy a thousand pumpkin carriages, but after thinking about it, she would be angry if I did that, so I changed it to a hundred thousand instead!

In the end, it was very satisfying and I seemed to have caught her attention!

She sang a song and I went to check the meaning of her lyrics.

There was one line that said: There are trees in the mountains, branches among the trees, this was something that everyone knew.  But I like you, why don’t you know this?

I felt a bit nervous when I thought about this, shouldn’t I be the one who’s saying this to her?

The next time we met was at the vocal music club.  I couldn’t help thinking that I must have the male lead aura that god gave me.

Because when I appeared, I had appeared at the right time.

Actually, it wasn’t an accident.

Everyone in the blub knew that it was impossible for me to go to this welcome party.  It was because I accidentally saw her picture on the sign up sheet for the club by her name.

I took the picture away and put it in my wallet.  She didn’t know about this for a long time until she learned about when she was going through my old clothes to sell.

I vaguely remembered that she was very angry and moved at that time.

But there was no other way, she was already Mrs Wen at that time.

Of course, when we met at the vocal music club, she wasn’t!  So I did everything I could to attract her attention at that time.

I coaxed her to let everyone know in Drunken Bliss that we were in the same school and the same club to protect me.

I liked the feeling of being envied.  Those words of envy really made me feel happy.

Because I was the only person who knew her in reality!

When we talked later, I found that she really was suited for Nian Yi.

It seemed that as long as she spoke, I would be pulled in.  At Romanti Hotel, I felt it was the same.

When she called me dear, I immediately called her wife.

Moreover, I felt so happy in my heart because I had completely defeated No Words.

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