Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1518: Foolish ruler in the way: How many times do you want to be assassinated? (Part 2)

Lin Nan Yi was only sixteen when he arrived in the Glazed Glass Country.  Because his face was like a masterpiece carved from jade and he had a pair of rare blue eyes which had a golden glow, even by standing there, he looked majestic.

She hated this kind of majesty.

A hostage that was sent to the Glazed Glass Country from the Central Plains, instead of having of this majesty, he should submit to her.

When she met the youth at first, one was aloof and one was ice cold.

She used every method she could to bully him to make him submit.

In that dim shed, he was covered in wounds, but his long lashes hung over his cold as snow face.

She pushed over the door and asked, “Why won’t you submit?”

He didn’t reply, just opening his beautiful eyes to look at her.

After a while, he said, “You wouldn’t understand.”

Finally the previous host left a bottle of medicine and left the shed.

After living like this for three years, he was finally called back and left the Glazed Glass Country.

That year, there was a big snow storm that covered the shining palaces of the Glazed Glass Country.  The snow was very deep, covering everything in white.

When the previous host learned that he would leave, it was like she had realized that out of all the men who liked her in the Glazed Glass Country, there was no one who took another look at her like Lin Nan Yi.

The Central Plain’s emperor’s personal servant Wen De came to pick him up and he changed into a golden robe with a cold expression.

The queen had attached great importance to this matter and personally sent him off.

The previous host had been standing there for a long time and when Lin Nan Yi disappeared, he never looked back at her.

She knew that he must hate her.

As the tides turned, Lin Yan Yi became the next emperor after returning.

Because of the wealth of the previous host’s Glazed Glass Country, the surrounding countries banded together to attack them.

When the Glazed Glass Country was about to fall, Lin Nan Yi led his army of a hundred thousand to deal with the small countries in the Northern Wilderness.

He finally destroyed the Glazed Glass Country with his own army.

The previous host became the princess of a destroyed country and was brought back to Long Peace with him.

That year, it had been five years since Lin Nan Yi left the Glazed Glass Country.

The previous host didn’t change her personality after entering the palace, she was still overbearing as ever.

No one in the palace dared to offend her because they knew that no matter what she did, the emperor never punished her.

That was until the supporting male lead Yan Yu Meng came to find the previous host.

Yan Yu Meng was the crown prince of the True Fragrant Country near the Glazed Glass Country.

The two countries were close and the previous host and the supporting male lead had an engagement before.

But when Glazed Glass Country was surrounded, the True Fragrant Country had surrounded the Glazed Glass Country with the rest.

Of course, all the countries were destroyed by Lin Nan Yi in the end.

Yan Yu Meng came looking for the previous host because she was close to him and he wanted to kill him.

Since both their countries had been destroyed by Lin Nan Yi.

But Yan Yu Meng didn’t know that the previous host wanting to kill Lin Nan Yi wasn’t a matter of just a few days.

She had always wanted to do this since the first day she arrived, she wanted nothing else.

Lin Nan Yi had put her mother and little brother under ‘house arrest’, saying that he gave them the best food and clothes, never hurting them.

But even so, the previous host hated Lin Nan Yi.

Because she was a proud person, a person with absolute power.

But now she had become a prisoner.

She couldn’t accept it, she thought that she loved power more than anything.

Actually, she was wrong.

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