Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1520: Foolish ruler in the way: How many times do you want to be assassinated? (Part 4)

She didn’t know if the sand and wind of the Northern Wilderness were too much for her eyes or if the pain of the story made her eyes turn red.

[Host, you don’t have much time.]

The system’s notification made a chill run down her back.  This time she had returned to the Northern Wilderness with Yan Yu Meng after Lin Nan Yi was attacked at the banquet.

A month later, Lin Nan Yi would die from his poison.

System, what is the affection and the hatred?

If Lin Nan Yi didn’t hate the previous host, she really wouldn’t believe it.

[Affection is 10% and hatred is 90%.]

Damn!  Are you teasing me?

[The male lead has a black bellied and paranoid personality.  In his world, what he can’t get can’t be considered love.  In order to get it, he would do everything he could, but he still lost in the end.]

No, no, no, my meaning is isn’t the hatred too much?

[After entering the palace, the previous host tried assassinating him ninety times and succeeded in the end.  If the male lead hates her, that is reasonable.]

What do I do then?

[This is the host’s world, how can you ask the system?]


Luo Qing Chen knitted her brows as she looked around, this was a simple tent.

There was sand that blew through the tent which made people feel suffocated.

[But the system wants to remind the host that since you are in this world, the original direction of the story has changed.]

Un, I got it.

Coming out of the tent, there was Yan Yu Meng and the other princes from the countries around the Glazed Glass Country.

In order to protect their bloodline, their parents had done everything they could to save them.

“Our great hero is awake!”  Yan Yu Meng saw her come out and said with a smile, “You really are cruel, using poison and a numbing agent at once, otherwise we might not have been able to kill that emperor.”

Luo Qing Chen heard this and a sparkle appeared in her eyes as she said with a faint smile, “Of course.  Thanks for your help this time, I never succeeded when I tried to assassinate him before, but now I’ve finally repaid the debt of destroying my country.”

The Northern Wilderness was a bit far from Long Peace, so if she wanted to go back, she couldn’t let them feel suspicious.

“Back in the Glazed Glass Country, I thought that Qing’er wouldn’t be able to forget about this emperor, but now it seems like you love your country and your power more.”  Yan Yu Meng’s eyes were a bit cold, he did understand the previous host’s personality.

“Of course, if the Glazed Glass Country was still here, I would be on the throne, suffering through everything.  Isn’t this…..”  She paused before narrowing her eyes, “Thanks to you.”

Actually she wanted to say ‘thanks to you all’!

After all, if Lin Nan Yi didn’t lead that army of a hundred thousand, their small countries would have surrounded the Glazed Glass Country.

She felt that there was something wrong with the previous host, at least Lin Nan Yi didn’t let this princess fall into the hands of the small countries.

At least when the Glazed Glass Country fell, he had found many to be buried with it.

Moreover, he had taken her back with him, taking care of all her needs.

But with the memory of the previous host, she knew that this was a person who cared about power more.

She liked being high above, so she was unwilling to accept that Lin Nan Yi didn’t submit to her in those three years.

“Right now the emperor is critically ill and the court will be very unsettled.  As long as we take this chance to send troops, we will be able to get back everything we lost!”

In the Northern Wilderness, only the Glazed Glass Country had fertile land.  The heavenly court was different, every part of that land was golden.

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