Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1522: Foolish ruler in the way: How many times do you want to be assassinated? (Part 6)

A certain person standing in the corner of the prison had their hand crossed as a faint sparkle appeared in their deep eyes.

Half an hour later, Wen De came to the prison.

“Your highness……”  He cupped his hands and said, “King Pacifying West invites you for a visit.”

Wen De had spoken to her with respect.  Even in the prison, there wasn’t a single trace of disrespect.

The reason was very simple.  When the previous host had been in the palace, there was nothing that she couldn’t get.

As long as she didn’t like someone, there was no life for them.

Wen De had suffered this loss for failing to deliver fresh grapes to this captive princess and had been locked up for three months.

There was one thought that he had: Foolish ruler, ah foolish ruler!

Of course, it wasn’t only Wen De who had this thought, there were many who had the same thought.

After suffering from this captive princess, everyone didn’t know what made the emperor this enamoured other than her nation collapsing beauty.

In the Cold West Hall, there was a faint fragrance in the air.

The one sitting above was a man in a blue robe.  He had very delicate features which made him look like an immortal.

“Just what do you want to do?”  He looked at her with a confused look in his dark eyes.

She had poisoned him, she was the one who killed his big brother.

But she also wrote the secret letter and blocked the escape path, so he couldn’t understand just what she wanted.

“I want to see your big brother.”  She pursed her lips, speaking in a cold tone.

Lin Dong Xue was surprised.  He had seen this girl many times and her pride was even greater than his.

It was as if this world would follow her.

But right now, there was a dark look that he couldn’t see through in her eyes.  Those narrowed eyes felt like it could see through everything in this world.

“He doesn’t want to see you.”  Lin Dong Xue narrowed his brows as his voice was filled with a cold tone.

When she heard this, she could feel her fingers tremble.

Lin Dong Xue had a strange hostility towards her, like he wanted to know something about her.

For example, her thoughts.

“He knows I’m here?”  She narrowed her eyes without a single ripple in her voice.

Perhaps Lin Nan Yi was only gradually fading under the poison, he wasn’t completely in a coma.

Then why would he send her to the prison after knowing she was back…..

It can’t be that he gave up on her, right!

“Yes.”  Lin Dong Xue narrowed his cold eyes, saying without a single bit of warmth in his eyes, “Do you think that he should see you.”

“Not should.”  She suddenly looked up and said, “It’s must see me.”


An hour later, she was wearing a light coloured phoenix dress and a purple flower pin was inserted in her long hair.

A pair of cloud embroidered shoes walked across the snow and with the cold wind, her face was a bit pale.

No one knew the ingredients of the antidote the system gave her, but there was only one.

But with her current status, no one would give her the chance and no one would think that she would have this antidote.

Lin Dong Xue knew that there was no cure for his big brother, he would definitely die in a month.

As his little brother, he knew what he wanted the most.  He was afraid of being alone in the underworld, so he wanted all the women in the harem to be buried with him.

But if the most suitable person appeared and wanted to die with him, wasn’t that for the best?

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