Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1541: Foolish ruler in the way: How many times do you want to be assassinated? (Part 25)

In the windy night, Yue Cai Zhi stayed up in the Mirror Moon Hall for a long time.

It had been ten days since she cured the emperor’s poison.  Although Lin Nan Yi had let her stay in the palace, he had never taken her to bed.

After dinner each night, he had Wen De send her back and never had her stay.

Not to mention the title of empress, he didn’t even give her the title of concubine…..

Could it be that he still didn’t forget that witch who tried to poison him?

She thought that since Luo Qing Chen was locked in the cold palace, she was already forgotten.  Since she had saved the emperor’s life, she would become the one in his heart.

But she never thought that witch would rise up in the cold palace…...

Based on what?  Based on what?  Based on what?

Love made people brave, love made people compromise, love made people cruel.

No matter whether she could become the lord of the harem or not, the witch Luo Qing Chen had to be eliminated.

In seven days when the envoys of Tian Zhu came, the guards of the palace would be in the Supreme Harmony Hall to protect the emperor.

That cold palace…..definitely wouldn’t have anyone!

It was a good chance to make a move and she…..definitely wouldn’t miss it.


Seven days later, Golden Palace.

Luo Qing Chen felt that she made quite a good reputation since in just a few days, she had earned quite a bit of money and jewelry.

But she was a bit busy, so she suddenly felt that taking in Xiao Tian wasn’t the right decision!

Because with Xiao Tian, she couldn’t have Xiao Hei!

The time of the blooming was different, so she had Xiao Tian stay in the open ground while she went to the attic.

Every step in the attic was covered in crystal and every palace was decorated in glaze glass lanterns.

The first floor was filled with jewelry, bracelets, gold hairpins, ribbons, and other items.

The second floor was filled with brocaded robes, satin dresses, floral dresses…..

The colour of the cloth was arranged from light to dark, just looking at it felt very comfortable.

The third floor had some paintings and calligraphy, so it was rather empty.  She never knew what to put there.

She learned later that some things were destined…...

“Dong qiang dong qiang!”

As soon as she came down from the attic, she heard the sounds of drums and gongs.  She knitted her brows as she asked Xiao Tian beside him, “What is going on today?”

“I heard that the envoys were coming today, so the whole country is celebrating!”

“Un.”  She gave a slight nod, “There must be many good things to eat.”

She worried most about eating after coming to this cold palace.  The Golden Palace had everything except for delicacies.

There were some harem girls who he was rather close to that brought her some desserts to exchange for flower petals.

After all, beauties liked to bathe in flower petals, so they have a chance to catch a certain someone’s eyes with their fragrance.

At the same time, in the Mirror Moon Hall.

“Big sister, I will definitely complete this task beautifully!”  Yue Ying narrowed her eyes and said, “The people who bully big sister, I definitely won’t let them off.”

Yue Ying was her only little brother and imperial tutor Yue’s only son.

He only had a single son and daughter, it was a pity that his son wasn’t a good thing, acting unruly all day.

Yue Cai Zhi had called her little brother who wandered the Jianghu to help her out.

After all, these people were wanderers, they wouldn’t confess to a mastermind if they were caught.

“There’s four outstanding imperial guards there, you have to be careful.”  Yue Cai Zhi seriously told them before having them leave.

She went into her bedroom to carefully dress herself up.

Such a grand ceremony, finally…..finally she could stand firm by Lin Nan Yi’s side…...

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