Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1548: Foolish ruler in the way: How many times do you want to be assassinated? (Part 32)

Why was it the Supreme Harmony Hall and not the Cold West Hall?

When Luo Qing Chen was hurt that day, he brought her to the Cold West Hall without another word.

But now it was the Yue Cai Zhi that he never forgot, he brought her to the Supreme Harmony Hall.


Could it be…...

He slightly knitted his brows and a terrible emotion filled his heart.  It made people feel that the woman that wasn’t worth loving had attracted….someone else.

“Un.”  He softly replied without looking away from her.

The silence in the air was terrifying and it seemed a bit awkward.

Wen De swallowed his saliva, “The imperial doctor has already removed the poison from miss Yue, so there is no danger to her life.”

“Un.”  He continued in a voice without any ripples.

Without knowing why, Luo Qing Chen had an urge to laugh.  It was probably because Lin Nan Yi was so indifferent to Yue Cai Zhi, making her feel that at least…..he never loved her.

“That…..”  Wen De felt like he would suffer if he continued, but he still said it in the end.

“The Pacifying West King wanted this old servant to ask the emperor to come back to the Supreme Harmony Hall…..”

“Un humph?”  He narrowed his cold eyes and instantly gave off a chill around him.

It wasn’t just a single ‘un’, there was also a prideful ‘humph’.

Wen De immediately fell to the ground, “This old servant deserves death…...This old servant deserves death……”

Lin Nan Yi said, “Gather all the first grade guards to be on guard in turns, surround the Supreme Harmony Hall.”

“Yes…..”  Wen De cupped his hands as his voice trembled a bit.

Lin Nan Yi said nothing else about how the guards should protect him as the emperor or protect Luo Qing Chen in the cold palace.

Sure enough, once could offend anyone in the palace except for this former princess.

He looked at her with a bit of unwillingness and coldness in his eyes.

There were no warm words, no explanations, just calmly looking at her with an indescribable emotion.

It seemed like those calculated assassinations had made this man cold and emotionless.

No longer…..loving.

“As for your poor work this time, you’ll be fined half a year’s salary.  Do you have any objections?”


“Yes……”  He answered in a sad voice while not forgetting to say in his heart: Whenever it involves this former princess, even if the emperor is loved by the citizens, he still becomes one thing!

Foolish ruler!


When he returned to the Supreme Harmony Hall, Yue Cai Zhi was on a sofa with a pale look on her face.  Lin Dong Xue had his hands crossed in front of a window while feeling anxious.

He wanted to go to a place, very, very much.

“The emperor has arrived.”  Wen De said in a loud voice.

Lin Dong Xue quickly cupped his greetings, “Greetings royal brother.”

“No need for this.”  He looked into the eyes of his little brother and suddenly felt a bit displeased.

As long as he looked at him, he would remember the scene of him talking to Luo Qing Chen in the Cold West Hall.

It really just…..lingered in his mind.

“Since royal brother is back, your little brother will leave now.”  He slightly knitted his brows.  Although his expression was very calm, there was a bit of anxiety in his voice.

Lin Nan Yi could hear it.

“What has little royal brother this anxious?”  Lin Nan Yi narrowed his cold eyes and even his voice became a bit cold.

Lin Dong Xue cupped his hands, “Your little brother has a friend who is in a bit of trouble…..”

“She’s fine.”  Lin Nan Yi said.

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