Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

Chapter 155: Extra 2 ♬

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Chapter 155: Extra 2


Translator: Mimi

The next day, Chu Ci had just arrived at the office with Fu Li, and before he turned on the computer, Teng Rong came out of the space crack with yesterday’s full set of computer equipment.

He put down the computer and said arrogantly, “Chu Ci is loser, you play before me, I have already reached the full level, and you only have this much points.”

Chu Ci nonchalantly gave Fu Li an eye knife, and then provocatively said to Teng Rong, “A single dog won’t understand me.”

· ‘single dog’ -- person who is neither married nor in a relationship

Teng Rong was an old demon who had lived for a long time, he still understood the meaning of Chu Ci’s words. His original arrogance was directly extinguished by Chu Ci

He took a deep breath, and then he directly picked up his equipment and returned to the space crack that had not yet been closed.

Chu Ci looked at Fu Li innocently and said, “How many years has your brother been a bachelor? Such a big blow.”

“I don’t know.”

Chu Ci suddenly felt a little sympathetic to Teng Rong, this was a lack of love.

A week passed in the blink of an eye.

Chu Ci was prosperous in the game, no matter what he was a species higher than mortals. In a few days, his character had reached the top level in the game.

[Private chat] High Origin Beauty: Chu Ci, can you accompany me to battle an arena? I could almost exchange a weapon.

Chu Ci was comparing notes with people at the gate of the main city, and suddenly received a private chat.

Because he liked the arena battle, he often brought people from the guild to rank. He took along this High Origin Beauty and this person had practiced her skills well now. He still liked to cooperate with her to the arena battle.

[Private chat] Chu Ci: Yes.

Chu Ci was now a god-like existence, and with a sharp teammate, the two of them could battle the arena with ease.

It just took three strikes and was directly done.

Chu Ci liked to run after finishing things, and after leaving the arena, he directly ran outside to compare notes.

[Team] High Origin Beauty: Chu Ci, do you want to accompany me to do the daily life?

[Team] Chu Ci: Not going.

It could be said that Chu Ci had no interest in the boring tasks of daily life. After finishing speaking, he consciously left the team.

He had just accepted a challenge from someone when a desk suddenly fell down beside his computer desk.

Teng Rong who disappeared for a week, appeared. He silently plugged in the electric power source and turned on the computer, and then started talking to the computer.

Chu Ci restrained himself from watching in order to compare notes. After he concentrated to finish a battle, he looked at Teng Rong curiously, and found that he was not talking to himself or to Fu Li, but to the microphone to talk to the people in the computer.

He leaned over to see and found that Teng Rong opened a web page video, and the people in the video was the one Teng Rong was speaking with.

Chu Ci came in contact with this for the first time and asked curiously, “What is this?”

Teng Rong seemed to be waiting for him to ask this question. He instantly changed his calmness and showed off, “This is a livestream.” Then he closed the video and said, “I have hundreds of thousands of fans now, they will give me gifts and those things can be exchanged for money. Moreover, there are more and more women who want to be my wife in the game, there is no such thing as a single dog!” Teng Rong pointed to the screen and said, “Look, there is another woman who seduces me.”

Chu Ci leaned over to take a look, and found a female character name standing beside Teng Rong’s character name, chatting privately with him and asking him to accompany her to do the daily life.

He immediately said with a disdain look, “What kind of seduction is it to do the daily life.”

Teng Rong glanced at him, the expression on his face seemed to say ‘I forgive you’. He finally pulled back a round and said, “You’re just a more than a thousand years old radish, of course you don’t understand this.” After typing a few words in the game, he followed that woman to do the daily life task.

Chu Ci was not interested in the daily life, instead he opened the website where Teng Rong’s livestream videos recorded down.

The next day, Teng Rong came again.

As soon as he landed, he found that Chu Ci also opened a livestream on the livestream website.

“You actually learned from me secretly!”

Chu Ci didn’t feel guilty about being caught. He looked at him from the corner of his eyes and said unconcernedly, “Aren’t you also learn from me to play this game?”

Teng Rong couldn’t refute, he could only secretly see the number of Chu Ci’s fans while turning on the computer, and Chu Ci’s fans was actually quickly approaching his!

So he immediately started the livestream after he turned on the computer,.

No matter what, he couldn’t lose to this radish.

Chu Ci enjoyed the feeling of being given gifts, which showed that he was making money, but the drawbacks brought by livestreams were gradually revealed.

There were always people who approached him inexplicably, made he even often missed his friend’s reply. He pulled the chat bar and finally found his friend among a group of people.

[Private chat] High Origin Beauty: What are you doing?

[Private chat] Chu Ci: Livestream.

[Private chat] High Origin Beauty: With so many fans, there should be a lot of girls who like you in the game, right?

[Private chat] Chu Ci: It seems so.

[Private chat] High Origin Beauty: Did you find someone you like? During the Valentine’s day, you can do the marriage task.

[Private chat] Chu Ci: No, I won’t do that task.

Chu Ci was chatting with someone when Teng Rong suddenly patted his shoulder and said, “Stop chatting with women, I’ll take you to eat something good, will you go?”

Chu Ci looked up and found that Teng Rong’s space crack had opened. Teng Rong seemed to suddenly think of him and would ask this, made he wondered, “What’s your conspiracy?”

Teng Rong saw that his good intentions had been trampled on and said angrily, “Delicious food, you’re going or not going!"

After thinking about it, Chu Ci got up and stepped into the space crack with him.

The two of them had just left when Fu Li who had been busy, suddenly stopped the work he was doing.

He had always been able to divide his attention, so he heard Teng Rong’s words clearly.

Fu Li got up and walked to Chu Ci’s computer that didn’t log out from the game.

He saw that someone was indeed chatting with Chu Ci in the chat bar of the game, and they chatted a lot.

Fu Li read all the previous conversations and thought about how to reply.

Suddenly, there was a new message came out.

[Private chat] High Origin Beauty: If you don’t have one, can you become a couple with me? I also didn’t have one.

Fu Li frowned, he directly sat down at Chu Ci’s seat and quickly tapped on the keyboard.

[Private chat] Chu Ci: I already have a wife and I love him very much.

After sending this sentence, Fu Li didn’t care whether the other party would reply or not, and walked back to his seat contentedly. At the same time, he opened the website of Martial Arts World Heroes and clicked a download.

Not long after, Chu Ci and Teng Rong came back from the space crack with a small food box, they seemed to be a lot more harmonious.

“Have you eaten this?”

“I’ve eaten it. When I ate it in the previous world, it was called stinky tofu. It tasted similar to this world, it’s delicious.”

Chu Ci sat back in his chair while chatting with Teng Rong. At this time, the chat channel was swiped by someone he didn’t know. When he was about to look back, Teng Rong’s character name suddenly appeared beside him and clicked to compare notes.

He directly put the chat bar aside.

Chu Ci and Teng Rong’s operations were about the same, and there was no winner after ten minutes.

Suddenly, the invitation to team up appeared in the middle of Chu Ci’s screen. The name of the inviter made him stunned. Even if the other party was a first level, he chose to agree.

With such a distraction, Teng Rong won.

Chu Ci paid no attention to this and silently glanced at the name in the team: ‘Fu Li’

‘Fu Li’ and Fu Li had the same pronunciation.

‘Fu Li’ : Fu (符) of the mark and Li (离) of the away, Fu Li : Fu (扶) of the help and Li (黎) of the many.

He glanced at Fu Li and found that he was looking at the screen concentratedly.

[Private chat] ‘Fu Li’: Marry me.

Chu Ci was stunned and looked at Fu Li again. At this time, Fu Li also looked up at him.

He immediately understood and typed a sentence in the chat bar and clicked send.

[Private chat] Chu Ci: Okay, wife~

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