Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1551: Foolish ruler in the way: How many times do you want to be assassinated? (Part 35)

“It’s the emperor’s birthday the day after tomorrow, I accidentally heard Wen De mention it.  He might go and see her……”  Yue Cai Zhi’s eyes trembled a bit, “Help me trap her, I already chose the place…...It’s the Hidden Book Pavilion!  Whether it’s the cold palace or the Supreme Harmony Hall, it is far away…..”

“Hidden Book Pavilion?”  Lin Dong Xue knitted his brows and looked at her with a bit of doubt as he asked, “You don’t want to kill her?”

She suddenly began crying like a child as she said, “Didn’t you say that I can’t kill her?  Can’t I trap her with you for a day?  Would you feel hurt?  Wu, wu, wu……”

“Don’t cry……”  Seeing her cry like this, Lin Dong Xue felt a feeling that he couldn’t describe.

This feeling was different from before…..It was more like…...taking responsibility.

“I just want to spend a birthday that belongs to me and the emperor alone, is that wrong?”  Yue Cai Zhi bit her lip and gently pulled at his sleeve, “Xiao Ying is already dead…...is this too much?”

“I know……”  Lin Dong Xue gave a deep sigh, “I promise you that I definitely won’t let her appear tomorrow.”

Seeing her cry like that, his heart couldn’t take it in the end.

But when he thought of the girl in the red robe being surrounded in snow and killing with her sword, if she took a step back, not only would she die, the people behind her would die as well.

The blood stained her white face, but not a single tear came out of those clear eyes.

Yue Cai Zhi’s crying made him feel pity.

And Luo Qing Chen was too strong…...

It made him feel strangely distressed.

He suddenly felt that he was despicable, but he agreed to Yue Cai Zhi in the end.  It wasn’t just because of his own selfishness, it was also…..

Because he didn’t want her to spend Lin Nan Yi’s birthday with him.

Jealousy made people lose their minds and make the wrong decision.

The next evening, Xiao Yi took Lin Dong Xue’s token to find her.  The guards in front of the cold palace looked at each other, but the most important thing was that they didn’t stop her, but one of the guards did secretly go to the Supreme Harmony Hall to report.

It just so happened that Lin Nan Yi wasn’t in the Supreme Harmony Hall, rather he was at the military camp.

The court was divided in three, one was his power, one third was imperial tutor Yue’s power, and the other half was great general Meng Hun’s power.

Great general Meng Hun was like a god in the army.  He focused on his duty and never interfered in the court.

Even if imperial tutor Yue tried to pull him over several times, it never succeeded.

This time, it was Lin Nan Yi’s turn.

“Why is the emperor at the military camp?”

Lin Nan Yi gave a soft laugh, “General Meng cares about the people of the world and fights wars all over, so you must be coming up with new tactics every day and night.”

“Emperor, you’re thinking too much.”  Meng Hun’s expression was a bit strange, but he still kneeled down and cupped his hands, “This minister can’t be calm if there isn’t a war each month.”

“Meng Hun, ah, Meng Hun.”  Lin Nan Yi gently brought him up and said, “Your wife and child were caught by him, right!”


“Give them what they want, first we make sure that the general’s wife and child are safe.”  Lin Nan Yi patted his shoulder, “My court cares for the citizens, one or two cities is nothing for me.”?

“But emperor.”  Meng Hun suddenly knelt down, “How could this general……”

“Everyone says that the country comes first and family second, but this one doesn’t think so……”  There was a soft voice that rang in his mind as his lips curled, “If you can’t even protect your family, how can you protect a country?”

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