Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1557: Foolish ruler in the way: How many times do you want to be assassinated? (Part 41)

Luo Qing Chen was stunned.  Her bright eyes opened wide as she looked at him in disbelief.

Without knowing why, there was a phrase that suddenly appeared in her mind, “As the sun comes up, chaos comes to sight…...”

“It’s night right now, there’s no one around.”  Lin Nan Yi revealed a faint smile as he looked at her, “This one feels that it’s very suitable.”

Perhaps she had really breathed in too much smoke, when Lin Nan Yi came close, she could feel her heart beating fast.

Her throat was dry, her breathing was fast, and her heart was burning…...

Seeing that face coming closer and closer, there was only one action done on reflex.

It was to…..close her eyes.

The long lashes fell over her white cheeks and she slightly pursed her lips.

Lin Nan Yi looked at her with those deep eyes for a long time.

He had never been this close to her before and each time they did come close, he would be injured.

By blades, swords, or poison…...

This time, she was within his reach and the fast breathing filled his ears, making his heart throb.

But…...now was not the time.

“Dong.”  He raised his hand to tap on her forehead, “What you’re thinking about is all coming out.”


Luo Qing Chen listened to this very seriously, with its soft laughter and gentle tone.

But there was a feeling…..of being embarrassed.

Three seconds later, she touched her ear out of habit and pretended to give a yawn.  Her eyes flickered as she said, “So tired!  I was about to fall asleep just now.”

Lin Nan Yi sitting beside her saw her acting this cute and his brows couldn’t help relaxing as he revealed a smile.

She didn’t forget to lean on a bookshelf as she said this, “Good night, good night!”

“Come here.”  He softly pulled at her hand.

The other side was already in a ‘deep sleep’.

There was a kind of sleep that one never woke up from, it was called…..pretending to sleep.

Lin Nan Yi held his wound and changed his position, pulling her so that she fell onto his shoulder that wasn’t wounded.

She ‘seriously’ closed her eyes, revealed a smile, and silently enjoyed this.

The first person who should find her and Lin Nan Yi first was Wen De, but they never thought that after an hour, the person who opened the doors to the Hidden Book Pavilion would be Lin Dong Xue.

“Kacha.”  The sound of the wooden doors being opened woke Luo Qing Chen and Lin Nan Yi at the same time.

The bright moonlight came through with a few snowflakes in the air.

When Lin Dong Xue saw the two of them, his nervous expression filled with shock.

The shock came from Lin Nan Yi who was unexpectedly in the Hidden Book Pavilion…...

“Greetings to royal brother.”  Lin Dong Xue cupped his hands with a complex feeling that was hard to hide in his eyes.

Lin Dong Xue narrowed his eyes as she looked at him, looking at his right hand that helped Luo Qing Chen up.

When he wanted to speak, Luo Qing Chen spoke first.

“It really is surprising that the Pacifying West King appeared at this time.”  There wasn’t any emotion on her face that was as white as snow as she coldly said, “Could it be that your conscience was disturbed or your plans had changed?”

What she hated most in her life was being lied to, not to mention being lied to by a trusted friend.

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