Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1559: Foolish ruler in the way: How many times do you want to be assassinated? (Part 43)

She didn’t plan on letting Luo Qing Chen off that easily.  Since she no longer had anyone who could help her kill her, she would ruin her innocence.

The first candidate she had was Lin Dong Xue.

She had her confidant use a large amount of smoke, to fuel the fire.  When she and Lin Dong Xue lost their reasoning, they would do a certain thing.

But she never thought that Lin Dong Xue wouldn’t go.

If there was only Luo Qing Chen in the Hidden Book Pavilion, her plan wouldn’t succeed.

Therefore, she ordered her servants in secret to find some men.

As long as Luo Qing Chen was defiled, her plan wouldn’t be considered a complete failure.

But Lin Dong Xue was the most suitable choice.  After all, he had been childhood friends with her for all those years, she knew that he was a man who took responsibility.

If he had a relationship with a girl, he would definitely take responsibility for her.

“Of course I know.”  He gave a cold laugh.  He narrowed his eyes and said in an ice cold voice, “Because I just came back from there.”

The words were like drops of ice without any warmth.

“You went?”  Yue Cai Zhi was surprised.  Her cheeks that had been frozen red turned pale and she looked at him as she asked in a stuttering voice, “You…..Did you see anything?”

“What do you think I should have seen?”  Lin Dong Xue’s eyes were red as he looked at Yue Cai Zhi and said word for word, “Do you want to hear about what I really saw?”

When Yue Cai Zhi heard this, there was a trace of happiness in her heart and she couldn’t help smiling.

This meant that Luo Qing Chen was already…...

“This is my first time thinking that your smile……”  Lin Dong Xue took a step back as he looked at her, “Was so ugly.”

“That was what she deserved!”  She gritted her teeth and said, “Dong Xue, don’t you forget!  She killed my little brother.  What kind of relationships do we have, what kind of relationship do you have with her?  How can you blame me for her?”

Yue Cai Zhi pursed her lips in an aggrieved manner as tears came out.

Shouldn’t Lin Dong Xue be standing by her side at this time?  No matter who she chose, shouldn’t Lin Dong Xue’s love belong to her alone forever?

Why?  Why was it that in just a few days, he had changed?   He had become unfamiliar, so unpredictable.

“You and I…...no longer have a relationship.”  After a while, he looked at her with incomparably deep eyes in a daze, without a single sparkle in them.


“As for me and her……”  He paused as his eyes filled with a bit of pain and he muttered, “She is my friend, I won’t do anything to hurt her in the future.”

Doing this despicable thing was something that he could never forget, if there was a second time, there was no meaning in existing in this world.

He wasn’t willing to become that kind of person, he wasn’t willing to go against his own heart, and he wasn’t willing…..to hurt such a strong person.

“Lin Dong Xue!”  Yue Cai Zhi looked at him in surprise and knitted her brows, “You…...What did you say?”

She never would have believed that someone who would go through flames for her, someone who used their own life for her would say something like this.

“I think that I was clear enough……”  Lin Dong Xue crossed his arms and he didn’t forget to add something when he turned to leave, “Also, do you want to know who I saw when I left the Hidden Book Pavilion?”

He paused before walking forward while saying, “I saw the emperor.”

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