Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

Chapter 156: Extra 3 ♬

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Chapter 156: Extra 3


Translator: Mimi

Teng Rong arrogantly ridiculed Chu Ci’s actions, but Chu Ci was indifferent to his words and put his mind on Fu Li. He took ‘Fu Li’ as his apprentice and pulled him to his side, and then rode a horse together to rush to the Matchmaker with ‘Fu Li’, at the same time, he bought the wedding clothes in the shopping center.

It was rare for Chu Ci to not retort, but it made Teng Rong feel uncomfortable. He glanced at Chu Ci’s computer screen strangely and found that he ran away without saying a word. And if he was not mistaken, Chu Ci was holding a female game character.

As an experienced person, he knew what was going on in his heart. He immediately pretended to continue playing the game. In fact, he secretly observed Chu Ci’s movements and was always ready to make reports.

The opportunity to break up these two had come!

Chu Ci took the game character ‘Fu Li’ in front of the Matchmaker and handed over two sets of wedding clothes, and soon, a red announcement appeared in the World.

[System] Congratulations to the knight Chu Ci and the knight ‘Fu Li’ couples, I wish the two of you stay together and harmonious forever.

As soon as the announcement came out, the guild and the friend bar exploded, and Chu Ci’s private chat became red, he could only explain a little in the friend bar and the guild.

[Friend] Chu Ci: This is my wife. Seeing too many girls who like me, he feel jealous ^_^.

[Guild] Chu Ci: Don’t panic, this is my wife~.

As soon as the announcement came out, even if Teng Rong didn’t look at Chu Ci, he clearly understood the process between Chu Ci and this mistress girl, and the moment he saw the announcement, he immediately said loudly, “Fu Li! Your wife get married with a woman in the game!”

Chu Ci looked at Teng Rong helplessly, wondering what was going on in his mind, as he found out at a glance that it was Fu Li’s game character, but he as the younger brother unexpectedly didn’t discover it.

At this time, Fu Li calmly said, “That’s me.”

The proud smile on Teng Rong’s face just now was directly shattered by Fu Li’s words. He moved close to the front of Chu Ci to see the name, and after reading it silently, he said with disdain, “I’m happy in vain. Since you want to show off so much, I decided! I’m also going to find a wife!”

However, he still refused to admit defeat and sneered, “Chu Ci, you are also a deity, so you just married with a newbie character? Isn’t it a bit in vain as the deity?”

Chu Ci happily hugged the game character ‘Fu Li’ and played kisses, without turning his head, he said, “Only useless people want to find a partner in the game.” Then he proudly said, “Even if my wife is a newbie character, he used to be the heavenly lord, and he is so good-looking, even if the women in the whole game add up, they are not as good as him.”

As soon as Chu Ci finished speaking, Fu Li beckoned to him in a good mood and said, “Come here.”

Chu Ci knew what Fu Li was going to do, he immediately stood up and walked towards Fu Li excitedly. He quite liked doing things that stimulated Teng Rong.

Fu Li reminded with a rare kindness, “I advise you to go back.”

Teng Rong thought that they wanted to do that kind of thing, he folded his hands and said, “If you have the ability to do it in front of me, I don’t mind watching a live erotic scene.”

Chu Ci walked to the front of Fu Li, completely ignoring that someone was watching, and took the initiative to kiss the other party.

It was the first time Teng Rong saw the two of them doing intimate things with his own eyes. He felt that he eyes had been blinded.

He didn’t expect them to be the same shameless.

Teng Rong was unwilling to concede, “Isn’t it just has a partner? What’s so amazing, showing every day. Don’t think I can’t find one, just wait, I’ll find one in the game and in reality.”

“What do you think of me?” Suddenly, an unfamiliar voice sounded from behind Teng Rong.

Teng Rong was stunned when he heard the voice, he immediately turned his head to see the source of the voice. He was stunned, “It’s you?” Teng Rong seemed to remember something and looked in the direction of Fu Li and Chu Ci and said angrily, “You betrayed me?”

Fu Li calmly said, “He found it himself. I have just suggested that you go back quickly, but you refuse to do so yourself.”

Li smiled and walked to Teng Rong’s side, “I’m here to fulfill my promise.”

Teng Rong immediately frowned and said, “Who wants you to honor it, I won’t be with a man!” After speaking, a space crack appeared next to him and he quickly hid in it.

Li looked at Fu Li and said with a smile, “Please allow me to deal with his affairs first.” Then he instantly disappeared, the same as he had just appeared.

Chu Ci looked at Fu Li blankly and said, “Who is this?”

Fu Li pulled Chu Ci into his arms and said, “At the moment, you can only pay attention to me.”

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