Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1560: Foolish ruler in the way: How many times do you want to be assassinated? (Part 44)

Mirror Moon Hall.

Yue Cai Zhi didn’t know how she came back, she just knew that when Lin Dong Xue told her that Lin Nan Yi was the one in the Hidden Book Pavilion…..

She felt like her world was about to collapse…...

These days, she always thought that she had already replaced Luo Qing Chen as the one in Lin Nan Yi’s heart.

But reality had slapped her in the face.  Lin Nan Yi didn’t forget her?

He even…..still loved her.

“Ah!”  With a scream, there were the sounds of porcelain smashing on the ground.

She gritted her teeth and her eyes were bloodshot with a venomous look as she angrily muttered, “Luo Qing Chen, I can’t kill you, but that doesn’t mean I can’t kill the people by your side!”


The next morning, there was a clear sky after the snow.

Although it was still cold, with the warm sun shining down, one could feel a bit warm.

Xiao Tian was tending to the garden as usual.

“Kacha.”  The door suddenly opened.

The one who came in was no one else, it was the Pacifying West King Lin Dong Xue.

He brought a piece of calligraphy and an anxious look as he walked towards her.

“Greetings, your highness.”

“Un.”  He waved his hand, “You can leave first.”



Luo Qing Chen and Xiao Tian spoke at the same time.  She looked at Lin Dong Xue and said, “If the Pacifying West King has something to say, you can say it in front of my maid.  After all, if I see your highness alone, I will be a bit afraid.”

Lin Dong Xue could naturally hear the ridicule in her words and he said with a sigh, “I'm here to apologize.  Really…..I’m very sorry.”

“Is it because you don’t understand what I said last night or is there a problem with the understanding ability of the Pacifying West King?”  Luo Qing Chen gave a cold snort.  She took out the Moon Glass Fan from her sleeve and tapped it on her palm a few times as she said, “If they succeeded last night, don’t you think that your apology is meaningless?”

It wasn’t that Luo Qing Chen wasn’t willing to forgive Lin Dong Xue, rather it would be very easy to forgive if this matter didn’t succeed.

Because if she was fine, she might actually forgive him.

But what if something happened to her?

If it wasn’t Luo Qing Chen last night and she was just the previous host, she would have died a long time ago!

Lin Dong Xue trembled.  Hearing her powerful words, he didn’t know what to say.

Because…...there was nothing to say.

“I know that there is no meaning in apologizing.”  He looked up slightly with a bit of pleading in his voice as he looked at her and said, “But I swear that in the future…...I will definitely protect you.”

“Thank you!”  Luo Qing Chen gave a shrug, “But…..I no longer trust you.”

The friendship between people was fragile, he could ignore her life just for the one that he loved.

It was too hard to forgive him just because he wanted to be forgiven…...

“I know.”  He nodded with a bit of disappointment.  His black eyes didn’t dare look at her and in his low voice, he said some moving words.

“I know that you won’t believe me…..But if I know that she wants to do something bad to you, I will not put you in danger and will come find you.”

Luo Qing Chen closed her eyes.  Hearing these sincere words, she couldn’t help being a bit moved.

Lin Dong Xue was probably a good person, but the one he loved really wasn’t that good…..

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