Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

Chapter 157: Extra 4 ♬

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Chapter 157: Extra 4; On the Morning A Hundred Years Later


Translator: Mimi

Chu Ci maintained the habit of eating three meals and Fu Li also ate three meals that were completely unnecessary in order to accompany him. Moreover, every time they went to a world, he would invite a chef to their home in that world.

“Oh, it’s breakfast!”

Chu Ci was just about to move his chopsticks, when Teng Rong who he had not seen for a long time, suddenly appeared from the space crack as before.

Teng Rong was also a gluttonous person. Seeing two of them wereeating, he immediately pulled a stool and sat down to eat.

Chu Ci asked curiously, “Why did you come to disturb our two-person world early in the morning?”

Teng Rong looked at him provocatively, “I’m still planning to stay.”Then he turned to look at Fu Li and warned, “I get you down from the Heavenly Palaceand can be considered as yourmatchmaker with Chu Ci. It’s fine you don’t accompany me, if you still want to drive me away, I don’t know what I will do.”

Fu Li was not afraid of his threat, he put down the bowl and chopsticks and said, “It’s been a hundred years, you can undo the seal for him.”

Teng Rong was immediately frightened by Fu Li’s words, he patted his chest and said, “I just restore it and you want me to consume my cultivation to undo the seal?”

Fu Li was completely unmoved, “It’s what you did, you have to bear the consequences.”

Teng Rong thought that he had only run out of Li’s sight after restoring his cultivation. If he undo the seal, itwould consume the equivalent cultivation, so it would be easy for that man to find him. He could only point to Chu Ci and struggled, “Isn’t he doing well now? It doesn’t matter if he recover it or not.”

Chu Ci obviously knew that the two of them were talking about him and sneered, “What are you hiding from me? What’s wrong with my memory?”

Fu Li looked at him and his voice instantly became gentle, “Don’t worry, you’ll know right away.”

Teng Rong said with a bitter face, “You can’t forget your little brother like this!”

Fu Li calmly said, “Undo it, I guarantee that you won’t be found by Li for the next hundred years.”

“It’s a deal!” Teng Rong who had a bitter face just now, immediately agreed with a smile on his face.

There was no problem with this exchange, Fu Li’s cultivation was higher than him and the things he guaranteed were definitely assurance, he wasmuch more at ease than himself was hiding.

With the steamed bun in his mouth, Teng Rong got up and walked to the front of Chu Ci and said, “I really don’t understand you, I wish I could seal my memory, but you want to undo it.”Then he began to cast the spell.

Chu Ci closed his eyes and felt familiar but unrecognized faces flashed before his eyes.

Slowly, these fragments became more and moremany, pouring into his brain like a flood from the dam, and those scattered fragments began to quickly combine into the clear image.

Only then did Chu Ci know that he hadn’t succeeded in passing the tribulation. In order to survive, he went to one world after another, and married nine times with different bodies of the same soul.

Finally, all the memory fragments were integrated.

Chu Ci slowly opened his eyes, and the moment he saw Fu Li, his tears suddenly fell.

“I almost really forgot about you.”

Fu Li bent the corner of his mouth and said, “It’s okay, I still remember.”

After Chu Ci wiped away his tears, he glared at Teng Rong and said, “You liar, forget about seal my memory without my consent, you don’t evengive me the money! I don’t care, you have to give me the limitless money.”

Teng Rong sneered, he stretched out a finger and pointed at Fu Li, “Isn’t he precisely use the limitless money, so I give it to you a hundred years ago.”


Another hundred years later.

Teng Rong became a free prince in the human world.

In order to prevent him from being found by Li, Fu Li helped him to seal his inner core, and then his soul entered the belly of a pregnant woman and was born as a human.

This wasalready Teng Rong’s second life.

Walking on the bustling street with a fan in his hand, he caught a glimpse of girlsstanding at the entrance of Flower House.

His body was already eighteen years old, it wastime to start eating meat.

· *‘Flower House -- the brothel in ancient times.
· *‘Start eating meat’ – start to do adult things.

When he was about to go in, the girl who welcomed him suddenly paused.

Teng Rong looked around suspiciously and found that the time was paused, and only he could move.

Then, a beam of light flew towards him from the sky.

Just as he was about to dodge, it hit his forehead first.

The moment Teng Rong came into contact with the beam of light, he immediately understood what this thing was.

He carefully thought, it should have been a hundred years, his primordial spirit inner core seal was undone and naturally came to him.

As soon as Teng Rong merged with his inner core, the surrounding scenery returned to normal.

He looked at the girl who was waving at him and went in excitedly.

Teng Rong entered the entrance and shouted, “I want to chat with the first beauty about life!”

“Okay, Miss Qinghe happens to be empty today.”

Teng Rong was quickly led to the wing by the well-trained servant.

“Young Master, please wait a moment, Miss Qinghe will be here soon.”

“I’m waiting, let the girl dress up better.”

Although this body looked ordinary, the appearance of his original body made him naturally have a lot higher requirements for other people.


After a cup of wine’s time, the door was pushed open.

Teng Rong immediately looked over with a smile that he thought was outstanding, but his smile quickly solidified.

He directly threw his wine glass and scolded, “When are you a girl! If you are a girl, I will marry you immediately!”

Li easily took the wine glass that Teng Rong threw at him, he put it into the side of his mouth and licked it, “You asked me to marry you.”

As soon as Teng Rong heard him mention the past, he immediately said, “I’ll say it again, it’s just a fragment of my soul that I put into the human world, his words can’t represent me.”

Li smiled and said, “But I take it seriously.”

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