Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1576: Foolish ruler in the way: How many times do you want to be assassinated? (Part 60)

He was surprised, but then his burning palms were taken by her hand.

She gently wrote a few words on his palm through the sleeve: Feet are frozen.

At that moment, the cold and aloof emperor suddenly revealed a smile.  He looked that good when he smiled, making people fall for him.

The ceremony was over.

He carefully picked her up and his heart was filled with excitement.

When the music played again, great general Meng Hun came in with a sealed letter in his hand.

Everyone was surprised as they revealed confused looks.

Only Lin Nan Yi on the high platform couldn’t help revealing a faint smile.

“This subordinate Meng Hun greets the emperor.”

“No need for courtesy.”  Lin Nan Yi raised a brow, “What does general Meng need?”

Imperial tutor Yue who was sitting closest to the platform had his expression change, as his wide smile from before became a bit stiff.

When he watched his daughter walking up the jade stairs step by step, there was a joy that filled his heart.

With his power in court, his daughter should be qualified to enjoy all this honour.  The love of the emperor and the crown of empress belonged to her.

Even if this power, most of it came from secret meetings with…..other countries.

“This subordinate has obtained some information.”  Meng Hun paused before he looked at imperial tutor Yue and said, “Information on a traitor.”

“Si!”  Everyone took a cold breath.

All kinds of whispers instantly rang out.

“Didn’t general Meng just conquer another country?”

“No, no, no, I heard that they weren’t conquered, but rather we gave them a city.”


“Someone in court kidnapped general Meng’s wife and son…..It seems like general Meng is looking at imperial tutor Yue?”

“It can’t be…...Today is imperial tutor Yue’s daughter’s wedding day……”


“Oh?  There’s such a big matter?”  Lin Nan Yi knitted his brows and acted nervous as he asked, “Who is it?  General Meng, just say it!”

“It’s the lord imperial tutor sitting in the high position.”  It was like Meng Hun had realized something and changed his tone, “It should be the lord royal father in law!”

“What are you saying?”  Imperial tutor Yue angrily said, “You…..You are slandering me!”

He did have some letters with the other country, but most of them were only minor benefits.  How could Meng Hun put this unreasonable charge on his head?

“Imperial tutor Yue, I have in my hands letters between you and the king of the other country.  Although they are all written in their language, based on the dates, you must have been in contact for a long time.”

“......”  Imperial tutor Yue gritted his teeth, “You insist on slandering people, this old minister has never seen those letters before!”

“Is that so?”  Meng Hun said with a cold laugh, “These letters came from the Yue Manor!”

“You…..You dare to search this old minister’s manor!”  Imperial tutor Yue immediately kneeled down and cupped his hands to Lin Nan Yi, “Emperor, you must make a decision for this old minister!”

“You kidnapped my wife and child first, so what if I search your manor!  If it wasn’t for the emperor’s grace, this one’s wife and child would have already been on the road to the Yellow Springs!”  Meng Hun said this while pulling out the sword at his waist to point at him, “Tell me, are you really as innocent and unrelated as you say you are?”

“Imperial tutor Yue……”  Lin Nan Yi looked at him with a thoughtful gaze, asking him in the tone of the ruler of a country, “Is what general Meng said true?”

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