Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1586: Side story: Unstable land, only you having a full board means losing (3)

It was a good thing that sleeping gods would wake up and they could still hear my prayers.

Before the conferring ceremony, I received some good news.

Great general Meng Hun had finally gotten the letters.  I knew that no matter what the contents were in those letters, imperial tutor Yue’s family couldn’t wash it clean.

Everything had gone smoothly, so I had Wen De take her from the prison.

I did one thing without her consent, which was to take her as my wife and take her as the empress.

Actually, I was more worried than any other time during that.

But I always thought that as the people said: When uncooked rice became cooked rice, everything was easier to handle.

Following this belief, I wanted her to stand openly by my side, I wanted her to become the empress that everyone respected.

Although I didn’t know if she was willing or not.

What I thought about the most was if she wasn’t willing, would she divorce me.

So in order to not become the first emperor to be divorced by his empress, I thought of a final retreat.

If I had nothing, she wouldn’t bear to leave me.

But at the ceremony, I knew that she wouldn’t leave me.

Because when I took off her bindings, she didn’t give me a hug, but she tightly held my hand.

This was the most calm I had been while playing this game of chess.

I took off her veil and watched as she brightly stood by my side.  I watched all the ministers looking shocked and all the bad people not daring to do a thing.

Actually, I saw her red eyes that were filled with complicated emotions.

I know that there were many things that touched her and the biggest was Xiao Tian’s death.

This was something that neither her or I could do anything about…..

In my eyes, she had never been weak.  I didn’t know why had such powerful martial arts, but failing to let her personally kill Yue Cai Zhi was what she must have hated the most.

As for me, I didn’t want her to kill people.

Retribution in this world has cause and effect.  Good people went to heaven and bad people went to hell.

Then if she killed someone, she would go to hell!

I wasn’t willing to let her go, so I’ll be the bad person.

When everything settled, we sailed to the Glazed Glass Country.  I said many things to her, it was the day I spoke the most in my life.

She said that she came to this world on someone else’s behalf.

She asked if I liked her in the Glazed Glass Country or the her from afterwards.

I said that what I had now was called love and the one I had now was her.

That night, when the sky was covered in clouds with thunder booming.  The giant waves hit our ship and we fell into the bottomless sea.

She was very sad when she hugged me and when disaster struck, I found that I couldn’t do a thing.

At that moment, the Glazed Glass Country was out of reach while also being in hand.

It was like a mirage at the end of the sea.  I wanted to reach out, but I could never grab it.

At that moment, when I tightly held her in my embrace, I thought of that day at the Mirror Moon Hall when she stood in front of me with her sword.

That scene had appeared frequently in my dreams…...

At the end of my life, I was suddenly feeling regret.  I regretted that I couldn’t hold her and die with her.

If I knew that there would be this day, if I knew that I couldn’t be with her.

I should have…..given up the game, taken her hand, and eloped without ever turning back.

[Ding, congratulations on bringing a soul fragment into the Lead God Space. 27/100]

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