Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 16 Lao Ye Temple Waters (NPC)

Grouping list:
Group 1: Lou Fan & Lin Man Man(newcomer)
Group 2: Qin Tan, Chen Shuyang & Gong Yi(newcomer)
Group 3: Wen Lang, Zhang Xue & Xiao Yu(newcomer)

Qin Tan’s group of 3 did not go far and they returned to the square. There are many people in the square so Qin Tan thinks it might have a better chance for them to find out some clues. The three of them haven’t even started to do anything when an old man who looked kind and carried an air of dignity came over.

"You are here to travel? I'm the village chief of this small fishing village." Although the old man’s face looked kind, his smile felt weird. It’s like a plastic fake smile, which makes people feel creepy.

"In the past few years, many young people like you have visited our small fishing village. We welcome you very much."

"I’m not sure how many of you are here?" the village chief asked earnestly.

A shiver ran through Chen Shuyang’s body and he took 2 steps back, hiding behind Qin Tan. Gong Yi has been standing behind, looking like he had a toothache, feeling uncomfortable all over his body.

Qin Tan: "Not sure when the ritual activities in the village will start? It looks really grand."

The village chief stroked his beard, "It is grand, naturally. Every year we prepare for the sacrifice with a very pious heart, lest we are not thoughtful, and anger General Ju Yuan and..."

The chief stopped talking. His eyes swept across the three of them as if he is trying to pick something off of them.

Chen Shuyang hehe-ed a few times and plucked up the courage to ask, "Village chief, I am learning to make boats. Not sure if you know Shenzhou. I read the record that it has passed through this area before."

"It's a solid and beautiful boat." Chen Shuyang looked fascinated, but it is all nonsense he randomly come up with.

An emotion flashed through the village chief’s eyes and he waved his hand, "I have never heard of this. You can participate in our sacrificial activities, and you won't be disappointed."

The village chief keeps avoiding the main point when he speaks. After saying so much, there is not a single sentence of useful information. Seeing that they can’t get any clues, Gong Yi said, "The village chief, we will stay in your village to participate in the sacrifice event. Is there a hotel in the village?"

"There is no hotel." The village chief laughed. "Just tell me when you are ready and I will take your group to find a house." After saying that, he smiled with his hands behind his back and walked away. The hehe sound from his mouth made the goosebumps on Chen Shuyang’s arms stand up and he rubbed his arms hard.

Gong Yi said to Qin Tan, "Brother Qin, we newcomers will stay in the village when the time comes. According to your words, I have thought about it. The three of us had better not leave the small fishing village. If the mission timer cuts off, we might not be able to return."

The watch on their wrists started the countdown at the place where they camped last night. According to his inference, the farthest they could go should not exceed the distance of yesterday. For safety, it is best not to leave the village to avoid unforeseen circumstances.

When the 3 teams met, it is already half afternoon. They found a bit secluded area to sit down and rest. The group of 8 people all felt a little tired, and one after another took out their own food to replenish their energy. Qin Tan sat beside Lou Fan and took out a canned fruit from his bag. Lou Fan smiled and passed a food with meat to him.

"Brother Lou and Brother Qin have a very good relationship." Lin Man Man smiled. Then she leaned into Xiao Yu's ear and whispered, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, they are so compatible, I'm going to scream."

Xiao Yu's eyes flashed, a trace of disgust flashed in her eyes. Lowering her head, she stopped looking. Xiao Yu tore the pieces of bread vigorously in her hands and stuffed them into her mouth like chewing wax. Shameless, he must have seduced Qin Tan and asked Qin Tan to protect him! What he has is just a face, why can't it be me? Xiao Yu thought viciously: If Lou Fan died, wouldn’t she be able to approach Qin Tan? Then she could live. Xiao Yu fiercely took a bite of the bread - she must.

Lin Man Man sensitively felt that something is wrong with her good friend. She tugged at Xiao Yu's clothes and asked in a low voice, "Xiao Yu, what’s wrong? Let me tell you, Brother Lou told me a lot of experience. I'll tell you later."

Xiao Yu raised her eyes to look at Lin Man Man, her eyes looking cold. Lin Man Man retracted her hand, unable to say a word for a while.

Did something happen?

Wen Lang took a bite of his own compressed biscuits, then looked at other people's cans, "Ah, the evil capitalist class." ‘One shouldn’t simply compare with other people’, even Chen Shuyang's food is much better than him.

"Let's go fishing for a few fish tomorrow. I felt like ‘birds are going to come out of my mouth’ soon." Wen Lang hasn't eaten meat for a long time.

This proposal is highly approved by everyone.

After eating, the teams began to share the information they got. Sacrifice activities, Lao Ye Temple, sacrificial boat, and the panicked mother and daughter. With these information, it is not difficult to make up a story, but their focus is not on the story. They need to find Shenzhou, and at the moment, there is no news of it at all.

Gong Yi suddenly said, "That village chief had a strange look in his eyes when asked about Shenzhou."

This is an important piece of information, and Chen Shuyang hastened to jot it down in a small notebook. The clues are combined and circulated for everyone. Qin Tan pondered for a moment and said, "Tomorrow the five of us will go to Lao Ye Temple. The three of you will continue to inquire in the village. Be careful."

Gong Yi and Lin Man Man both nodded, but Xiao Yu remained silent.

Except for Lin Man Man, no one noticed the peculiar action of Xiao Yu. Lin Man Man looked at her friend worriedly and didn't know how to deal with her. She must be too nervous and scared.

There is too little information at hand, but there is enough time for them so the group decided not to take too much risk, and to proceed step by step. So, after everyone discussed, they went to the village chief to arrange a place to live, and then get a good rest. Compared to the first newcomer world, Lou Fan feels that the mission this time is already very good. One needs to know, his first world couldn’t get any clues at all for several days.

Qin Tan found the village chief who is still in the square. The village head is very enthusiastic and called a woman in her forties to take them to find a house. Along the way, they could see that they are walking towards the outside, and the woman remained silent.

Lou Fan had never been to the lakeside so he asked the woman, "Aunty, about the house we are going to stay in, will we disturb other people? It’s fine to just give us a quieter place."

The woman raised her eyes and glanced at them, her eyes remained unchanged, "It is intended for outsiders anyway. Clean it up by yourself and close the door at night."

It is enough to have shelter from the wind and rain so they do not ask for more. If it is not for the cold temperature by the lake, they can actually continue to stay in tents. Soon after walking to the edge of the village, seeing that they are going to reach the lake soon, the woman stopped. She pushed open the doors of the 3 wooden houses. The wooden house looked new as if it had just been built. The door creaked open, and a damp smell of rotting wood burst out. Everyone couldn't help covering their mouths and noses.

After the woman opened the door, she turned and left without looking at them at all.

"Frck, what kind of attitude is it? I want to report her!" Chen Shuyang yelled angrily.

The man in the flamboyant red hoodie(WL) made a face that deserve a beating and slanted his eyes before saying, "Be grateful that we have a room for you. Still asking for bicycles (what more do you want)?"

The people who were decorating the boat earlier have gone home. The lake is calm and there is no wind at the edge of the lake. The surroundings are deadly quiet. But everyone present felt an indescribable gloom coming from all directions. It seemed that in an instant, the sky darkened. These three houses are a bit incompatible with the village. They are not connected to the houses in the village but are arranged in separate rows with three connected as if deliberately dividing them out of the village.

"Man Man, is the timer still on your watch?" Lou Fan asked with a frown.

"Yeah." Lin Man Man glanced, "What's the matter, Brother Lou?"

Lou Fan waved his hand, "It's probably because I think too much. It's getting dark so let’s go into the house."

The house is not small and it is more than enough to accommodate 8 people. For the sake of safety, everyone unanimously decided not to separate. In case something happened, they won’t have enough time to notify. At this moment, a girl's detailness is shown. There are cleaning tools to use outside the house. The guys fetched water by the lake and used it to mop the floor and wipe the dust. Just within 20 minutes, the house became squeaky clean.

They still need people to watch the night, and the grouping is still based on the previous day. Although the sky has turned dark, it's still early. Everyone doesn't want to sleep, but they don't have the energy to chat so they just do their own things. Wen Lang did not give up on suggesting to play cards, but no one paid any attention to him.

Before 12.00 am, Lou Fan and Qin Tan replaced Chen Shuyang and Gong Yi. Lou Fan, who had slept for 3 hours, stretched his waist. Then he turned his head to look at the group of people sleeping all over the place on the ground and walked to the door.

"Where are you going?"

Lou Fan looked back at Qin Tan and pointed to the door. "It's a bit stuffy. I’m going out to get some air. It’s just outside the door."

There are no windows in this room, only a door as the opening. With 8 people crowded together, it is really stuffy.

Qin Tan put on his clothes and casually picked up his Tang sword, "I will go with you."

Lou Fan laughed, "I’m just going out for a breather, you are too cautious."

Although Lou Fan said it like that, he also picked up his bow and hung it on his body. Then, the two went out the door.

The moonlight is cold but sprinkled on the calm lake, it looked beautiful. Lou Fan is preparing to say something to Qin Tan. Suddenly, as if a fire is burning under the water, the calm lake surface began to bubble, looking like it is about to boil.

Something is coming out!

This is Lou Fan's first thought. Qin Tan pulled his arm, and the two of them took a few steps back.

"Be careful," Qin Tan said in a deep voice, staring at the lake.

Lou Fan didn't dare to be careless, grasping the bow tightly in his hand.

A water bubble popped in the moonlight. As if a switch is turned on, something in the lake jumped out. Then, countless heads emerged from the lake. The water on the edge of the lake revealed a fish head. When it came out of the water, Lou Fan could see what the monster looked like.

Fish head and human body. The fish head is huge, and its eyes bulged out. They turned around, a bit like the eyes of a lizard, while the human body is on all fours and moves quickly.

Qin Tan swiped his sword at it and said to Lou Fan, "Go and call them to get up!"

Needless to say, Lou Fan has already turned around and ran back, not forgetting to shoot a monster with an arrow first. Lou Fan kicked the door open and yelled, "Get up, there are monsters! Grab your weapon!"

Raw word count: 3000


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