Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1603: Being a popular singer: Hello sir major! (Part 17)

After she finished off the clip, she didn’t forget to see her score in the 8x scope.  After confirming it was thirty points, she slowly put down the M16.

Actually, she was a bit nervous just now.

The main reason was because she knew that the male lead was nearby.  When the 8x scope had gone past a certain place, she had seen him.

Why was Shi Yi Bei…...always following her…..

Of course, other than this, she had another doubt.

Why didn’t she get a single clap after her full score, rather there was a terrifying silence.

If it wasn’t because she knew that there weren’t powers in this world, she would have thought that time and space had been frozen for these people.


“Pa, pa, pa, pa.”  There was a dazzling youth who was clapping as he walked towards her not far away.

His beautiful eyes had a look of admiration and he had the same hard to describe smile on his lips.

“Salute!”  When everyone saw Shi Yi Bei, they all stood at attention and called out this word in a loud voice.

“It seems like my record has been repeated by an outsider.”  Shi Yi Bei stood in front of her and gently shook the binoculars in his hand as he said, “It was so amazing that I didn’t even dare blink.”

As soon as his voice fell, there was a deafening applause that sounded like thunder.

Although Su Cheng Yin had an unwilling look, she had to admit that she had lost and she had lost completely.

M16 rifle, thirty shots, all hits.

Since she joined the army, there was only a single person who had accomplished this.

Luo Qing Chen was right, that person was Shi Yi Bei.

Could it be…..that she was the person destined to be major Shi’s lover that the fortune teller mentioned?

Thinking of this, she became even more unwilling.

She had to think of a way to chase her out.  There were many variables in three months, not to mention…..that she already felt that Shi Yi Bei was already treating Luo Qing Chen in a strange special way.

“Does major Shi overpraise people normally?”  She pursed her lips into a faint smile as she honestly looked at him.

She didn’t know if the military uniform was too charming or if the sparkle in his eyes were too warm.

She suddenly felt that this major Shi looked very good.

“Qing Chen.”  Tian Xin had run back from the target and looked at her with a wide exited smile, “Handsome, handsome, handsome!”

“Why did you come back alone?”

“Corporal Yu went to run his laps!”  Tian Xin gave a shrug, “He said that soldiers wouldn’t go against their conscience.  He definitely wouldn’t do something like cheating.”

“Un.”  Luo Qing Chen fell into thought for a bit before saying with a smile, “It seems like in the eyes of soldiers, principles are more important than love.”

Everyone was stunned when Luo Qing Chen said this.

That included Su Cheng Yin, Shi Yi Bei, and even…..Tian Xin.


The A grade training was spent on the shooting range that afternoon.

Of course, other than Luo Qing Chen, the other stars were no different than the new recruit.

Tian Xin was a bit better than Shirley and Xiao Xiao, but Luo Qing Chen felt…..that she didn’t have any talent.

Since she had defeated the Su Cheng Yin, none of the soldiers went looking for her.

Adding in the fact that Yu Xing Fan wasn’t there, it was quite a pleasant afternoon.

Of course, there was still a small episode.

For example, Shi Yi Bei came to talk to her.

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