Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1606: Being a popular singer: Hello sir major! (Part 20)

The weak glow of the bonfire was so beautiful in the sky filled with snowflakes.

Shi Yi Bei turned to look at her with a gentle gaze as he revealed a faint smile, gently strumming his fingers across the strings

The soldiers all sang a military anthem in a loud voice while he hummed along and played his guitar.

She seemed to be able to hear a ‘heroic’ voice with a bit of ‘gentleness’ to it.

She felt that if this person wasn’t a soldier and was an entertainer instead, he would definitely be very popular and charm thousands of girls!

After the welcome party, they went back to their dorms.

Su Cheng Yin still glared at her, but she couldn’t say a thing.  Soldiers always had a special stubbornness and they had to do things righteously, not going against their consciences.

This was her oath as a soldier.

Although she was very unwilling to admit it, she had to admit that Luo Qing Chen’s shooting was different from normal people’s.

When she returned to her room and finished showering, she felt just how cold the White Cliff United Nations near the north pole was.

Even if the room was heated, it still made her shiver.

“Xiao Jiu, that…...how long are we staying here?”  She suddenly felt a bit of admiration for the people who could live in this cold.

“Three months!”  Xiao Jiu didn’t shiver like her, rather she was sitting in front of her laptop and seriously editing the video from this morning.

“......”  Luo Qing Chen gave a sigh of self pity, “Three months, this treasure will freeze into a corpse!”

“But it’s worth it!”  Xiao Jiu looked at the comments on Weibo and said with a smile, “Look at Weibo.”


It had to be said, she rarely touched her phone since she started training in this place.

Opening up Weibo, she found herself on the hot search.

#Strongest shooter Luo Qing Chen#

This wasn’t just first on the hot search, it didn’t become any less popular.

After opening it, there was a video of her ‘gun fight’ with Su Cheng Yin this afternoon which had all kinds of comments.

Fish and Bear Paw: Damn, damn, damn!  This is just too handsome!  9999 Likes.

Xiao Qing Qing: Ah, ah, ha!  She really is my goddess!  She sings so good, is focused on serving the public, and shoots so well.  8256 Likes.

Listen to the Sea Cry: God, a revolver and a M16, what do I do if I suddenly want to eat some instant noodles?  7778 Likes.

-Bells and You: I’m eating Laotan sauerkraut noodles.

-Madame Waving Fan: I’m eating braised beef noodles.

Small White Turtle: Braised +1.


Of course, although most of the comments were praising her, there were still people who were bored and had nothing to do.

Mastermind: What a joke?  This looks like it’s been filmed ahead of time, how could the M16 have such a long range?

Talentless: Are you joking?  Don’t you understand guys?  M16s and SCARs have the same distance?  Use Baidu if you don’t understand, don’t show off your IQ!

-Looking Back With a Smile: +1 to above!  Please don’t show your IQ, alright?


Seeing this, Luo Qing Chen didn’t keep scrolling and she searched for the ‘True Love Show’.

After all, it had just been released today, so there must be something.

As expected, if you searched for it, you would get all kinds of pictures of ‘dog food’.

The most interesting was Qiao Na and Jiang Si Zhe’s ‘coupling photo’.

White school uniform, a plaid brown jacket, and an exquisite bow.  The two were holding hands and making a heart gesture.

There was a caption in the lower right: I will walk with you through the years.

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