Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1617: Being a popular singer: Hello sir major! (Part 31)

Standing amidst the corpses, Shi Yi Bei felt his back turn stiff and the walkie talkie in his hand almost fell into the snow.

At this moment, it felt like his heart was beating fast and his ears were buzzing.

This feeling was one that he had never felt since he had been born.

[Ding, affection has increased by ten.  Mission completion rate is now 50%.]

He wasn’t too clear on why he didn’t dare believe.

“Captain, we have found the shelter and can break in at any time.”  The squadron leader Lu Bo beside him said this to him.

Shi Yi Bei’s deep eyes had a dim glow and only after a while did he come back to his senses, “What did you just say?”

Lu Bo revealed a look of disbelief as he said, “Captain, are you alright?  Are you injured?”

In Lu Bo’s eyes, he had never seen Shi Yi Bei be distracted during combat before.

This was his first time seeing this since entering the Silver Soul Troop.

“Lu Bo, you lead the breakthrough team.  I…..I’ll go to the clock tower.”  Shi Yi Bei raised his Tac-50 and said into the walkie talkie, “I’m coming over now, no one make a rash move.”

When these words came out of Yu Xing Fan’s walkie talkie in the clock tower, the eyes of Su Cheng Yin on the ground suddenly dimmed.

What orders, what breakthrough…...She suddenly feels so sad thinking about it.

Facts proved that if Luo Qing Chen was here, even if it was a storm of bullets or a field of mines, Shi Yi Bei would come.

“Peng, peng.”  There were another two shots as the bullets hit the concrete wall she was leaning against, with a strong killing intent filling the air.

Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes to look at Tian Xin behind her, “Just stand there and don’t come out.”

“Ah?”  Tian Xin was surprised as her voice trembled slightly, “What about you……”

Actually, since coming out of the White Cliff base, she felt a strange sense of security following Luo Qing Chen here.

Whether it was driving the jeep at first or the movie scenes that appeared after coming here, she had been in a state of disbelief the entire time.

There was a dazzling glow over her that deeply attracted people’s eyes to her.

It was very strange and very beautiful…..

Therefore, the first thing she thought about at this moment was her safety.

“Me?”  Luo Qing Chen gave a shrug when she heard this and she adjusted the Kar 98K in her hands as she said with a faint smile, “Go to the frontline and snipe the strongest enemy!”

“What?”  Tian Xin was scared by this.  Could it be that she planned…..on going out?

“Luo Qing Chen, don’t come over!”  Yu Xing Fan gritted his teeth as his face was as pale as paper without a trace of blood.  His cold sweat dripped down bead by bead.

Although Su Cheng Yin beside her was very prejudiced against Luo Qing Chen, in this situation of life and death, she still said what she should say as a soldier.

Even though there was a faint trace of taunting in her voice.

“Don’t come over here, he isn’t an enemy that you can compare to with your skills.”  Su Cheng Yin slightly knitted her brows and said with pursed lips, “Just wait for the major to come and leave this place.”

Even if Luo QIng Chen wasn’t pleasing to the eyes, this wasn’t a place that a normal citizen like her should come to.

“Ke, ke.”  Luo Qing Chen gave a faint smile, “It’s a pity that the more I shouldn’t be here, the more I want to come.  What should I do?”

“Stop playing around.”  Shi Yi Bei’s anxious voice came from the walkie talkie after a bit of status, as well as the sounds of gunfire filling the air.

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