Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1625: Being a popular singer: Hello sir major! (Part 39)

“She…...What is she doing?”

When Luo QIng Chen disappeared from the corridor, Yu Xing Fan finally came back from his daze to look at Su Cheng Yin beside him.

“I don’t know.”  Su Cheng Yin was rather calm, or rather it was because of all the impossible things happening in the same day.

No matter what happened next, she wouldn’t be surprised anymore.

Standing at the entrance to the hospital, she raised her hand and the Phoenix Dance Sword appeared.

“To deal with traitors to the country, it would be too kind to use guns.”  She narrowed her eyes and used her memories to locate the direction.

[Ding, 500 exchange points has been taken.  Successfully exchanged for teleportation.]

Standing at the sign to the west, she didn’t forget to talk to the system.

I’m already used to using this skill, when are you planning on making it permanent as well?

[System’s response: There is a chance to get a permanent skill with each ten worlds.]

He, he…..the thirtieth world.  Since I’ve come, then help me find the position of the traitor so I can go back sooner.

[At the peak of the mountain to the left.]

They’ve gone up the mountain?


It seems like they were trying to avoid the local soldiers…...

Luo Qing Chen walked up with the small path on the side.  Her footsteps were very silent and there was a terrifying silence around her.


“I even set the trap and you couldn’t kill him, are you not embarrassed to call yourself militants?”  There was a disgusting voice that spoke in non fluent English.

The other side responded in fluent English, “Failure is failure, it’s impossible to give you the money in advance.  There is a little money here…..”

“Pei, you want to send off father with just this, do you think I’m a beggar!  I was a squadron captain…..”

“Kacha.”  There was the sound of a pistol being loaded as the militant leader Mike put his pistol to Lu Bo’s head, “You should know that I can not give you a single cent.”

“You…..”  Lu Bo wanted to say something, but he was nervous since the gun was pointed at his head.

He took the ten thousand dollars from Mike’s hand before saying in Chinese, “It really is the bad luck of eight lifetimes……”

“You’ve already taken the money, so we’ll part ways here!”  Mike gave a cold snort and picked up the box filled with banknotes before planning to walk down the mountain.

In the middle of the road, there was a young girl who was wearing a green military outfit.

She had the Phoenix Dance Sword in her hand and against the moon, her eyes were incomparably cold.

“Who…..Who…..Stop acting all sneaky and come out for me or father will shoot.”  Mike was clearly a bit afraid since he had just blown up a city and killed many people not that long ago.

Now in this dark and isolated place, there was someone that appeared which would inevitably make him nervous.

“You want to run after killing all those people, did you ask the gods of this world?”  Luo Qing Chen looked up with a dark look like she was the rain that came after.  Her eyes were so cold that they could freeze everyone around her.

“You…..Stop acting all mysterious, father is this relaxed after betraying my country, how could I be afraid of you?”  Lu Bo who was finished counting the bills gave a cold smile and raised his pistol.  He pulled the trigger and shot eight times at Luo Qing Chen.

There was a “si” sound as the bullets stopped in front of her and turned to fly in Mike’s direction.

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