Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1627: Being a popular singer: Hello sir major! (Part 41)

An hour later, Yu Xing Fan led the troops to Wu Mountain.  When he saw Lu Bo, he almost cried out in shock.

There were countless small wounds all over him and his pulse was very weak, but it wasn’t life threatening.

“Sword wounds?”  Yu Xing Fan looked at his wounds before turning to Luo Qing Chen, “You…...Where did you get a sword……”

Luo Qing Chen standing on the side had her hands in her pockets as she gave a shrug, “I’m not telling you.”

On the way back, she sat in the passenger seat in Yu Xing Fan’s car.

The two questions he asked the most were——

“How did you get there so quickly?”

“Are you not a sword god?”

Luo Qing Chen helplessly shook her head, “Aren’t soldiers supposed to believe in science?”

“I believed in science very much before, but now…...I don’t believe it too much……”


When they came back to the hospital, the entire Silver Soul Squad was lined up and standing at attention facing her.

Yu Xing Fan pushed Lu Bo out the back and said to all the soldiers, “Everyone listen to this order, stand at attention.  All soldiers in the Silver Soul Squad will now salute comrade Luo Qing Chen.”

“Salute!”  There was a powerful voice that came in unison and Luo Qing Chen could see their determined look.

Even if some people were injured, they never moved.  In their eyes, she had become a saviour.

Capturing Lu Bo and saving Shi Yi Bei.

“Everyone listen to my orders, you can disband and rest in the tents.”  There was another familiar voice that had an absolute commanding tone that came from behind her.


Once all the soldiers left, she saw Shi Yi Bei.

His face was still a bit pale and his wounds were covered in thick bandages, one could even see the bright red blood that came out.

But those deep and dark eyes were clear as water as he looked at her.

In just a few days, they had experienced more than normal people would experience in their entire lives.

Every minute, they were fighting against death.

“You really are the captain of the Silver Soul Squad, the major Shi that everyone respects.  You're this heavily wounded and you can recover this…..”

Before her voice fell, the other side suddenly came forward and took her in his embrace with his right hand.

[Ding, affection has increased by ten.  Mission completion rate is now 70%.]

This warm hug and the affection increase came as expected.

There wasn’t anyone around, everyone had knowingly left them in space that belonged to them alone.

Luo Qing Chen pursed her lips, “Go up first, you still need to rest.”

Such heavy injuries, it was unknown how he woke up so quickly.  She felt like it shouldn’t be time for the anesthesia to wear off yet.

But he was by her side, like he didn’t care about anything.

“Do you still remember that I have something to tell you?”  He still held her tightly without seeming like he would let go at all.

It felt like that for a soldier like him, he would never meet true love.

As a soldier that protected the peace of the country, there was no retreat on this path.

Protecting the country and the people was his only belief.

But this belief had changed in just a few short days.

“I know!  Before I heard it, you were covered in blood already…..”  Luo Qing Chen gave a soft snort, “I said to call me if you were in danger, but you…..”

“I like you.”  Shi Yi Bei cut her off and said with a gentle smile, “It seems very abrupt, but don’t hate me.”

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