Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1631: Being a popular singer: Hello sir major! (Part 45)

After showering once she came home, the first thing Luo Qing Chen did was tell everyone who cared about her that she was safe.

Luo Qing Chen V: Safely at home, thank you for everyone’s concerns.  After experiencing everything, I’ve learned that everything I have now is a blessing.

Spring Under the Apple Tree: Ah, ah, ah!  God Luo finally posted, so moved!  It’s good that you’re back safely!  [Prayer] [Prayer].  9999 Likes.

Little Fox: Those things that you don’t know, you have what you want!  5878 Likes.

Loving Qing For a Long Time: It’s good you’re back, we can do anything as long as you’re back!  (*^-^*) 6589 Likes.

Fleeting Past: Welcome home, god Luo!  You can’t do this kind of show in the future.  I know that it is for public service, but our hearts can’t take it!  (╥╯^╰╥)  2235 Likes.


Seeing the comments from the fans, Luo Qing Chen couldn’t help revealing a faint smile.

She suddenly felt that it was a very warm feeling being with them.

Sharing all joys and sorrows, being with her for a long time.

“Ding dong.”

There was a QQ message, but the previous host didn’t have that many friends who normally contacted her.

Who was the one who contacted her this time?

Opening QQ, she found Tian Xin’s icon popped out.  Her QQ name was very strange, it was called Candy in the Snow.

Luo Qing Chen looked at it twice before realizing it was Tian Xin.

Candy in the Snow: Come out, come out!  I have something to tell you!

The previous host’s username was quite normal, it was just two words: God Luo!

God Luo: ???

Candy in the Snow: Why are you so cold?

God Luo: Why are you so excited?

Candy in the Snow: Actually, I was helping you film the entire time in Rock City.

Tian Xin on the other side was wearing a green and white plush pyjama, looking like she was in quite a good mood.

She didn’t have many friends growing up and she didn’t have many people she could be close to.

She never thought that she would meet Luo Qing Chen in this military show.

From White Cliff Base to Rock City, she could remember everything.  As long as she thought of it, she would be excited.

Luo Qing Chen was her first friend, so she felt that she should do something for her.

Guo Luo: I know!  Didn’t you have your phone the entire time?  (⊙o⊙)

Luo Qing Chen: She could still film with her phone even when she was scared, she really has potential to become a reporter!

Candy in the Snow: Alright!  Are you going to watch the True Love Show?  Your ex boyfriend…..

God Luo: Ke, ke!

Candy in the Snow: Sorry!  That Jiang Si Zhe and Qiao Na really are too much in the show, but the effects don’t seem that good.

Luo Qing Chen typed something on her keyboard.

God Luo: Wait a bit, let me take a look.

She opened up the True Love Show Weibo page and the comments below were quite sharp.

Blue Mountain Coffee: I thought that although the True Love Show was fake, there would be a bit of truth still.  After seeing the Si Qiao couple, I’ve found that everything is the truth!  9999 Likes

Under the Cherry Blossoms: +1!  They hugged as soon as they came on, were they really not lovers before?

Aiya Hey: Feeling sorry for God Luo!  The paparazzi found out that she broke up with Jiang Si Zhe two weeks ago!

Heartless Falling Flowers: To be honest, it really is awkward!  It feels like they’re acting like this, just to make it more exciting!  8585 Likes.

I Only Like the Front Row: +1 to the above.  The other two pairs feel fake too, this show really is a failure!  Also God Luo didn’t participate, they’ll be losing fans!  2357 Likes.

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