Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1638: Being a popular singer: Hello sir major! (Part 52)

Once Qiao Na had this thought, she immediately changed from an aggressive manner to a righteous manner, looking like a white flower.

“So it’s young master Shi.”  Qiao Na pursed her lips into a faint smile, “Although it is as you said, Prosper is yours, we have been here for a long time and all have some feelings, so we want it to do well.  It’s not like a certain person who doesn’t care about the company for their own image.”

After she said this, Qiao Na looked at Luo Qing Chen with a proud look in her eyes.

As if she was saying: Your Luo Qing Chen’s man, I will steal them all!

Qiao Na spoke this politely to Shi Yi Bei because she knew what kind of women men loved.

She was bravely standing up for the benefits of the company, so she must be dazzling to Shi Yi Bei.

He would definitely look at her with admiration and she would have a chance to climb up this leg.

She acted like she didn’t see director Chen’s looks to tell her to stop.  She wanted to use this righteous act to conquer the man called Shi Yi Bei in front of her.

But she didn’t know——

“Hype?”  Shi Yi Bei narrowed his cold eyes as he looked at Qiao Na before turning to director Chen on the side, “Director Chen, help this artist book a flight to the White Cliff United Nations, the company will reimburse the cost.”

Director Chen was covered in a cold sweat as he gave a nod, “Al…..Alright.”

Qiao Na’s expression instantly turned stiff.

Qiao Na who had been confident suddenly had a pale look as her heart kept beating faster and faster, as her breathing even became faster.

White Cliff United Nations!  That was where the militants had just bombed…..

He actually…..wanted her to go there…...

Seeing Qiao Na’s pale expression, Shi Yi Bei didn’t feel any pity at all.

He held Luo Qing Chen’s hand tighter and looked at Qiao Na as he said, “Didn’t you say that this video was edited to generate fame?  Then I will let you go and see what real hell is like.”

His words were filled with a unique power as he held Luo Qing Chen’s hand even tighter.

A few days ago, they were in a foreign country without any support.

They had experienced a darkness before dawn that no one could understand and each step contained the possibility of death.

Thinking of how she stood on the clock tower with the Kar 98K fighting with the other sniper, his heart couldn’t help becoming tense.

His chest was tight and his breathing was heavy.

That was a place like hell and she had personally killed the sniper, saved him, and caught the traitor.

However, this was all described as creating fame by a frog in the bottom of the well!

This really was ridiculous.

Qiao Na’s face didn’t have any blood to it at all.  She raised her right hand and grabbed for Jiang Si Zhe’s hand beside her, but she never thought that he would move aside without any hesitation.

She glared at him before taking a step back and looking at Shi Yi Bei as she said, “I never thought that the young master of Prosper would be this selfish!”

A person with backbone didn’t back down.  The White Cliff United Nations was such a dangerous place, but Shi Yi Bei wanted her to go there!  Was there a mistake!

“If you didn’t mention it, I wouldn’t have realized it.”  Shi Yi Bei looked at her with a faint smile as he said, “Since you are already calling me selfish, it seems that my Prosper would be too petty if we didn’t go all out with you.”

“You…..I……”  Qiao Na wanted to say something, but Shi Yi Bei cut her off.

“This miss Qiao Na doesn’t need to come tomorrow.”

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