Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1640: Being a popular singer: Hello sir major! (Part 54)

When they came out, Luo Qing Chen could feel her heart beating fast like a little deer.

Shi Yi Bei was just like usual, but the universal card in his hand allowed him to go anywhere in Prosper.

An elegant Western restaurant with romantic lighting and a faint scent in the air.

Luo Qing Chen looked at Shi Yi Bei in the white dress shirt and black suit sitting in front of her and her lips couldn’t help raising.

She felt that he was handsome, always glowing whether he was in uniform or normal clothes.

“If you keep looking at me, your steak will get cold.”  Shi Yi Bei raised his right hand and touched her head, “Be good and quickly eat.”

“Hai, hai.”  Luo Qing Chen ate the steak that he had finished cutting while saying with a smile, “The Flying Dragon Regiment’s Silver Soul Squad’s major Shi is the young master of Prosper, this really is unbelievable.  I’m still a bit excited even now.”

After all, Shi Yi Bei was a major and the aura that he had used against the supporting female lead was very exciting.

There were few men who could directly face the supporting female lead since most men were those that liked to look at beauties.  If they were facing the supporting female lead, it was impossible for them to be this domineering!

Of course, for a man like Shi Yi Bei, other than the person they liked, all the other girls were nothing more than wooden blocks in his eyes.

“Is that so?”  Shi Yi Bei looked at her with a loving gaze before peeling the lobster in her hand for her, “Actuall, I was more excited when you came to the base.”

When she came to the base?

Luo Qing Chen bit the lobster which was tender and juicy.  Shi Yi Bei didn’t forget to wipe the corners of her mouth, “I still remember when you sent the post of the White Cliff snowy scene.”

Luo Qing Chen suddenly thought of something as she looked at him with a bit of excitement.

When she wanted to say something, Shi Yi Bei said with a gentle smile, “I wanted to see you that night, but I never thought that I’d be caught by you.”

“See me?”

“Un.”  He gave a slight nod, “God Luo’s songs have always been on loop for me.”


“Your singing is very good.”

When everything came together, Luo Qing Chen understood why Shi Yi Bei had that sparkle in his eyes when he had first seen her.

It seems like Shi Yi Bei already knew about her.

She suddenly felt a bit of indescribable happiness.

After lunch, Shi Yi Bei bought two movie tickets.

It wasn’t a romance, it wasn’t science fiction, it wasn’t a military movie, but rather…..it was a horror movie!

It had to be said, if they didn’t watch this movie, Luo Qing Chen wouldn’t have found major Shi’s weakness.

He!  Was!  Actually!  Afraid!  Of!  Ghosts!

When a scare came, there were screams that came from the theater, but Luo Qing Chen could tell that the scream of the person beside her was louder than anyone else in the theater.

That gentle scream with the tone of a soldier was very eye catching.

Luo Qing Chen didn’t see much of the movie, she had been held by Shi Yi Bei the entire time.  If his fear was ranked with the levels of the military training, it would S rank.

“Major Shi, you……”  When they came out, Luo Qing Chen looked at him with a helpless look and seriously reprimanded, “A major like you who is constantly dodging bullets is actually afraid of a horror movie!  Why don’t you have some self awareness if you’re scared, why did you buy tickets for this movie!”

Shi Yi Bei took her by the waist with a gentle smile, “That way, I can openly hug you for a long time.”

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