Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1642: Being a popular singer: Hello sir major! (Part 56)

Since it was the weekend, there were more people in the amusement park.  Luo Qing Chen recently didn’t like exciting outdoor places, like ships or roller coasters.

After experiencing all those things, she could be considered ‘elderly’, so her heart wasn’t that good!

Shi Yi Bei as a soldier had very limited experience with amusement parks.  In his eyes, amusement parks were just places where you could play arcade games and such.

“As long as I look in your eyes, I know that this is major Shi’s first time here.”  Luo Qing Chen looked up and said, “Our major Shi must have been quite…..good before.”

“What did you say?”  He looked over with a sparkle in those beautiful eyes, giving off a unique domineering feeling.

Luo Qing Chen pursed her lips and said, “The adjectives I used weren’t the best, but…..”

“You just said ‘our’.”  His deep eyes had an absolute loving look as he stared at her with a touch of excitement filling his heart.

When she said ‘our’, it was even more exciting than winning on the battlefield.

Luo Qing Chen heard this and a blush came over her face.  She awkwardly touched her ear and said, “Did I?  Did I?  Did I?”

While saying this, she took a step back while asking with a happy look.

“Could it be that I heard wrong?”  There was a smile in his eyes and his right hand took her hand, not letting her fall behind.

Luo Qing Chen stopped and looked up slightly to kiss his cheek, “You didn’t hear wrong, you are our family’s major Shi.”

“This is the most honoured title in my life.”  He narrowed his eyes and softly patted her head, “I will treat this as your vow to me.”

“No!”  Luo Qing Chen pursed her lips and shook her head, “Things like vows need to be said at a wedding.”

He looked into her eyes and only after a while did he say in a heavy voice, “Alright.”

Shi Yi Bei’s face seemed calm at this moment, but his heart couldn’t help feeling turbulent.

This was Luo Qing Chen’s first time mentioning a wedding to him.  He was always worried that he had been too domineering on the day of the proposal, but now he felt that the proposal was just right!

Three seconds later, he didn’t forget to add, “It’s all good as long as you say yes!”

“Of course.”  Luo Qing Chen said with a faint smile, “Shi Yi Bei, you have to remember, I brought your life back from death.”

Shi Yi Bei heard this and was a bit surprised.  Then he looked at her with a serious look, “Be assured, it isn’t a bullet that will kill me.”

“What is it?”  Seeing his serious expression, Luo Qing Chen didn’t forget to act cute, “A cannon?”

“It’s you.”

What love story was the most enticing?

When you were being teased without knowing it and still feeling the warm blood filling your heart.

It really was good having Shi Yi Bei, Luo Qing Chen never thought of something.

What would a world be like without Shi Yi Bei.

She only knew that walking around the amusement park together, no matter what she did, he would always be beside her with a gentle smile.

He held her coat and took pictures of her.  When the fountain accidentally sprayed her face, she couldn’t help laughing as he took out a tissue to carefully wipe her face.

The most beautiful thing in the world was him laughing while you played.

Living a warm life.

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