Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1648: Being a popular singer: Hello sir major! (Part 62)

The entire Silver Soul Squad, not a single survivor.

It was no wonder it wasn’t Yu Xing Fan or Su Cheng Yin who told her.

Because they didn’t come back either…...

It was no wonder she received a notification from the system last night.

Because he couldn’t come back…...

So he was thinking of her at that moment, so he gave her the last bit of affection.

“Miss Luo, I don’t feel assured leaving the old master alone.”  The man said after seeing that she wasn’t speaking, “I’ll be going back first.”

The man’s eyes were a bit red, as they were filled with sadness and regret.

Luo Qing Chen didn’t say anything as that black envelope put pressure on her shoulders with every step.

It wasn’t that she hadn’t experienced farewells before, but it was because she did that she hated them more.

She wished that the world would last forever and there would be no separation from life and death.

She didn’t know how she got home, but she was home when the sun set.

There was her phone with a low battery alert in her left hand and the black envelope in her right.

Actually, she knew about it last night.

Something had happened to Shi Yi Bei…...

Because there was a strong sense of worry in her heart, it was so strong that her nose was stuffed and only a single word would be enough to make her cry.

She clearly knew that this was not a good thing.

She didn’t wash her face or bathe, she just laid on the couch as tears came from the corner of her eyes.

She tightly held the last thing that he left her in this world, she saw that it was proof.

But she didn’t read it, if it was the last thing he left her…...

Her heart was filled with pain and there was a feeling of suffocating.

At that moment, she couldn’t help thinking of the three promises he made.

“For the wedding, I want it to be held in a sea of flowers.”


“You should take a longer vacation, I won’t accept you being called back during the honeymoon.”


“I have a concert tour next year in October, you have to come and watch.”


He didn’t fulfill even a single promise.  She even brought the concert forward, but he couldn’t hear it.

She thought that after the concert, she would be able to have a romantic wedding.

But she never thought that she would receive a cold last letter…...

It was as if everything had been determined.  Since she went to the White Cliff base, everything had already been written.

Lying on the sofa, she even thought of killing herself as she stared at the white ceiling.

It turned out being numb from despair felt like this.  It would make you feel that all the people existing in this world had no meaning.

Especially since the most important person was gone, why should she keep living?

Every time she experienced separation, she would think about who she was and why she had to experience this separation again and again.

She asked this question for a long time, but she never got an answer.

Then she didn’t think about it later because at least she experienced it, at least she would have the complete love of the male lead in every world.

That…..was already enough.

Then can she choose to leave after reading this letter?

Luo Qing Chen closed her eyes before suddenly sitting up and opening the letter.

Shi Yi Bei’s writing wasn’t fancy or beautiful.  His words were very clean and each stroke was powerful, having the power that belonged to him.

The letter wasn’t long, but if she read a single word, it was already enough to push her to the edge of collapse.

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