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Chapter 17 Lao Ye Temple Waters (NPC)

Everyone in the house was still dazed from their sleep and didn't hear what Lou Fan said for a while. Only Wen Lang and Zhang Xue reacted quickly. They swiftly rolled up from the ground with weapons in their hands. Seeing that Lou Fan's expression looked wrong, Wen Lang immediately walked out and lifted Gong Yi up from the ground by the way. Zhang Xue pursed her lips and went out quickly as well.

Lou Fan grabbed Chen Shuyang and lifted him up, "Shuyang, take your short sword." Then he told Lin Man Man, "Be careful."

When Wen Lang and Zhang Xue walked outside the house, they saw a dozen fish-head monsters with human bodies coming out of the water under the moonlight and they are crawling in their direction quickly. The sight makes their scalp turn numb, but it is hard to think too much about it. Wen Lang drew his poker from his pocket while Zhang Xue took out a doll in her bag and put it on the ground. In an instant, the doll became a girth wider and it is now half a person tall.

When Lou Fan came out of the house, he immediately ran towards Qin Tan. There are already 3 monsters around Qin Tan. Without hesitation, Lou Fan quickly drew his bow, and 3 arrows swiftly flew straight to the monsters. It's a pity that the monsters have thick skin and thick flesh. The moment the arrows stabbed them, the monsters only let out a scream before rushing toward the two more violently.

Qin Tan and Lou Fan stood with their back to each other. But there are several times where Qin Tan stood in front of Lou Fan which Lou Fan shifted to another direction. Lou Fan couldn't stand it anymore and said, "Qin Tan, kill the monsters properly. Why do you keep blocking in front of me?!"

Qin Tan: "..."

The 3 monsters were stabbed full of holes by Qin Tan’s sword and Lou Fan’s arrows but there are still a dozen of them closing in to them. The newcomer trio who just came out of the house turned pale and couldn't stop shaking when they saw the scene in front of them. Xiao Yu looked at the sharp teeth in the fish's mouth, which can be clearly seen under the moonlight, and let out a scream of horror.


Lin Man Man didn't even think about it. She immediately covered Xiao Yu’s mouth and comforted in a trembling voice, "Xiao Yu, don't cry! The sound will lead them over to us. There’s Brother Lou and the others here, don't be afraid."

Gong Yi resisted the urge to run back into the house and kept muttering to himself, "Get used to it. It’s nothing. They can do it too. Gong Yi, you are a man!"

Lin Man Man saw that Xiao Yu has stopped screaming, so she gave her(XY) a hug and let go. Taking her skipping rope out of the bag, Lin Man Man made a defensive posture. Gong Yi's spirit weapon is not a weapon at all so he looked around and saw a rusty harpoon by the side of the cabin. He ran over and held the harpoon in his hand. With weapons in hand, he feels more secure in his heart.

Wen Lang, Zhang Xue, and Chen Shuyang stood together, and a monster rushed towards the three of them. They could even see the drools at the corner of the monster’s mouth. The short sword in Chen Shuyang's hand is very sharp, but unfortunately, his hands are shaking so badly. Wen Lang gave a disappointed look at Chen Shuyang like the saying ‘hating iron for not being steel’, and threw a poker card. The seemingly ordinary poker card flashed with a gleam of cold light in the air and stabbed straight into the monster's forehead like a piece of steel. The monster is in pain and struggled violently. Then, it opened its mouth again to bite at them. Zhang Xue’s doll immediately rushed up and slapped the monster non-stop. The seemingly soft fist slammed on the monster with the impact of a hammer. Chen Shuyang took a deep breath and rushed towards the monster. Next, he stabbed the sword into the monster’s head. The monster finally fell. The three of them looked at each other with joy in their eyes.

Before they can enjoy the happiness, the second monster struck and caught everyone off guard. When Chen Shuyang is about to be bitten, arrows with glowing lights hit straight into the monster's eyes, and the monster howled. Immediately after, the second arrow is shot and the other eye is also blinded. The third arrow hits the throat where the monster's fish head and the human body are connected. The next moment, the heavy monster fell down to the ground.

Wen Lang: "...too awesome." Why is there such a big difference between people?

Seeing that Lou Fan didn't hesitate, shooting arrows after another, Wen Lang couldn't help but ask Chen Shuyang, "There are still so many monsters, does he have enough arrows?"

The monsters in front of the three are all attracted away and Lou Fan and Qin Tan seem to be able to handle it. Chen Shuyang felt relieved and replied, "It’s enough. Brother Lou doesn't need arrows. He just needs to pull the bow and arrows will come out automatically."

Wen Lang: "..." Ain’t that a cheat?!

Although the monster has thick skin and hard flesh, it can't withstand the cooperation of Lou Fan and Qin Tan’s attack. The Tang sword in Qin Tan's hand is extremely sharp. With a single cut, even the hard fish head will be inflicted with a deep wound while Lou Fan cooperatively shoots them blind. After a few attacks, a monster fell to the ground. There is no time to admire, Wen Lang, Zhang Xue, and Chen Shuyang also joined the battle. With the occasional support from Lou Fan, the three of them just took a little more time to deal with a monster.

Soon, from the dozen of monsters, there are 2 left. Seeing this, Gong Yi eagerly wanted to try his hand. He ran to Qin Tan and asked, "Brother Qin, can I try?"

On Wen Lang's side, Lin Man Man gritted her teeth. Throwing a glance at Xiao Yu hiding behind her, she ran over to join the attack. Everyone appreciates the spirit of the newcomers and is willing to let them try. And so, Gong Yi and Lin Man Man took their weapons and attacked, stabbing at the left and whipping at the right. With the seniors guarding them, the support made the two bolder. But the next second, Xiao Yu screamed again. The group looked at the lake and the scene is making their scalp numb.

This time, not only did the monsters with fish heads come out again, but there are also monsters with a human head on the fish’s body. The whole head is wrapped in the fish head, and the fish body looked tough as it gleams in the moonlight.

Wen Lang cursed, "Are they going to let us live?! We are a lower-level team!"

The monsters don’t bother whether they are a lower-level team or not, they rushed to the shore one after another. Lou Fan had a feeling that something is wrong. Then, Zhang Xue said, "Let's go to the village!"

That’s right! Their house is built on the outskirts of the village and is not connected to any houses inside. It stands to reason that these monsters should not attack the people in the village at night.

The group of 8 people immediately stepped back. Qin Tan still stood in the front, slashing at the fish monster with a single blow. However, this time the fish monster with a human head is obviously higher level than the fish head monster just now, and its skin is very hard. The slash just now only made a small cut on the body. Lou Fan shoots arrows even faster and his arrows can shoot into the flesh of the fish monsters. It’s just that though the fish monster is full of holes, it is still moving strongly towards them.

The moment the group stepped into the range of the village, it is as if there is an invisible barrier blocking between them and the monsters. The fish monsters no longer move forward, and growled at them, just not moving forward. The 8 people slumped on the ground, and Qin Tan is covered with sweat. His knives are covered with sticky blood, stank of a fishy smell. There are also blood stains not visible on his black clothes so Qin Tan looked like he just crawled out of the belly of the fish monster. Lou Fan felt fortunate that he is a long-range attacker, at least he won’t be stained by that disgusting smell.

The monsters gathered outside, staring intently at the 8 people. Even if they don't have to face the monsters anymore, being stared at still makes them feel sick and scared. If they are still outside, will they be torn to pieces by these monsters and eaten into their stomachs piece by piece?

Lin Man Man couldn't help shaking, and she edged nearer to everyone. And Xiao Yu has been hiding at the end of the group. Other than screaming, she doesn't even dare to get close to the monster. She just buried her head down, curled up and shaking, not daring to look up at all.

"Take a rest." Lou Fan hung the bow on his body. His voice sounded a little hoarse, and he raised his wrist to look at the time.

It is 12.46 am. These monsters won’t stay all night in front of them, right?! 4 minutes later, a long bell came from Lao Ye Temple not far away. Like a signal, the monsters retreated into the lake like a tide, not even one is left. 5 minutes later, after confirming that the monster is not coming back, the group got up and walked to the lake.

"The monster appeared at 12.00 am and will return when the bell sounded at 1.00 am. The monsters won’t enter the village." Lou Fan murmured.

This is the clue they got tonight.

The lakeshore is full of fish monster’s corpses. Lou Fan got the harpoon from Gong Yi and looked through the corpse. Qin Tan changed his clothes and came out. The Tang sword in his hand has also been cleaned.

"The fish monster's scales are very hard," Qin Tan said as he poked down with a knife. Only after exerting some force that he could poke a hole on it. "It takes half of my strength."

Lou Fan: "This is not good news."

The fish monster is very smelly. Lou Fan doesn’t want to smell it, but still rummaging for something.

"What are you looking for?" Qin Tan helped to turn the fish monster.

Lou Fan squinted at Qin Tan and Qin Tan suddenly had a bad feeling, "What are you going to do?"

Lou Fan shrugged, "Nothing. At first, I wanted to open up its stomach, but..." This is a human body!

Qin Tan secretly breathed a sigh of relief, "Then, do you want to open up its head?"

Lou Fan nodded, "The head, then."

So the other 6 people stood by the side as they watched these two men squatting next to the fish head monster, breaking the fish head apart, and spreading the contents on the ground. This scene almost caused them to vomit their dinner.

There is something in the fish head indeed. It’s a shiny bead, just like a pearl, but it is smaller and brighter than a pearl. Intuition tells Lou Fan that this is a good thing. Lou Fan blinked at Qin Tan, and quietly put the bead away. Qin Tan understood and immediately went to cut another monster.

Wen Lang walked over. He took a look at the mess, and asked, "Any findings?"

Lou Fan shook his head, "Nothing. Let's look at the next one."

Wen Lang thought to himself that if there is nothing found, why bother looking at the next one? But he couldn't refute because he didn't have any tools in his hand. Even if he had a knife, his strength is not as strong as Qin Tan's. Earlier, Wen Lang tried to attack with a harpoon during a fight just now, but he couldn't even injure the fish head. Although he doesn't believe Qin Tan and Lou Fan’s words, Wen Lang knows that they are guarding from him. Hence, he didn't insist to stick around with them. After all, these two’s strength is too terrifying. Without them, their group might end up inside the monster’s stomach today.

There are more than a dozen fish-head monsters’ corpses on the lakeshore. Lou Fan asked everyone else to rest and he and Qin Tan would change shift after checking the corpse. It took them nearly 3 hours before they cut all the fish heads open. Unfortunately, not all monsters have a small bead in their head. Only about half of them have it. Lou Fan has only 9 beads in his hand.

The pile of beads gleamed in the palm of his hand. Lou Fan stretched over to show Qin Tan and asked, "What do you think these beads are for?"

Qin Tan looked at the fish head for a long while before saying, "These monsters are not really a fish species. The corpse that I just opened up doesn’t have gills, so..."

Raw word count: 3029


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