Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1747: Side story: The Luo Mo couple in university (Part 1)

Time passed and the years were peaceful.

Without knowing it, they had been married for two years!  From the second year of high school to the first year of university.  From Star Royal High School to Clear Dream University, they lived a happy and sweet life.

But Luo Qing Chen felt a lot of pressure after enrolling in university.

After all, the universities in A City weren’t private schools, you could get in as long as you had good grades.  There weren’t that many people they were familiar with at university and Mo Ze Chen was the male god that had fans chasing him every day!

On one sunny afternoon, she was wearing a white dress shirt with short sleeves and light blue jeans, while drinking grapefruit and passionfruit juice with a depressed look on her face.  Sitting by the window in the library, she saw Mo Ze Chen being surrounded by fans.

This was their third day since enrolling.  Mo Ze Chen changed out of the high school uniform and wore casual clothes, becoming the male god of everyone’s eyes.

Even if Ling Luo always told those girls that he already had a master!

There was nothing that stopped Mo Ze Chen’s radiance and he became the only school hunk!

“Ke, ke.”  Ling Luo sitting in front of her cleared her throat and looked at her as she said, “Do you want me to explain things to them for you?”

Luo Qing Chen played with her ice cubes before angrily saying, “No!  I’m going myself!”

“Ai, the master is going out!”  Ling Luo looked at her with a smile, like she was preparing to watch a good play.

Luo Qing Chen put her hands in the pocket of her jeans and walked over in Mo Ze Chen’s direction.

He tactfully refused getting his picture taken, but that didn’t stop the passion of these ‘classmates’.  There were even ‘school flowers’ that led their group of sisters to bravely give him their love letters to confess!

“That. school hunk Mo……”  A girl in a water blue dress shyly lowered her head and hesitantly said, “I don’t know if you have a girlfriend, so you don’t have to be in a rush to respond!  If you don’t have a girlfriend, can I be the first in line……”

As soon as her voice fell, she looked up at Mo Ze Chen with big sparkling eyes.

“I’m sorry, I……”

“Ke, ke.”  Luo Qing Chen who was standing not far away cleared her throat before looking at her and saying, “Of course school hunk Mo doesn’t have a girlfriend.”

That girl’s expression changed when she saw Luo Qing Chen.  Of course she knew this person, she had seen them heading to the supermarket together after school and they came to school together this morning.

They should have gone to the same high school before, it was unknown if they were dating.

Since there wasn’t a girlfriend, for this kind of handsome man, as the school flower, she definitely had to give it her all.

“Oh.”  When the school flower heard what Luo Qing Chen said, her lips curled into a smile, “Good, I can say that school hunk Mo is someone with discerning tastes!”


System, does she mean that I don’t look good?

[Isn’t this obvious?]


Mo Ze Chen was looking at her with a pampering look as he gently took her hand, “Why did you come out?  It’s hot outside.”

The school flower was a bit surprised and had an awkward look.  This was her first time seeing Mo Ze Chen speaking this gently, it was a pity that it wasn’t directed at her.

“If I didn’t come out, my heart would burn!”  Luo Qing Chen gave a soft snort before turning to look at the school flower and saying in a voice with a bit of pride, “Although school hunk Mo doesn’t have a girlfriend, he has a wife!”

She clearly declared her right, seriously telling these girls who were enamoured that the school hunk that you all admire only likes this treasure!

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