Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1749: Side story: Moved with one look, falling with two (Part 1)

For the rest of my life, you are the wind and snow, you are the peace, you are the poor, you are the glory, you are the gentleness in my heart, and all that is in my eyes is also you.  ——Mo Ze Chen.

My father was a man who was very dedicated to love, but he never got the person he loved the most.

So he hoped that I would become like that.

I always thought that I would be such a person because before I entered Star Royal Academy, I never liked a person.

I even suspected that I wouldn’t like anyone.

Until I met Luo Qing Chen.

Actually, in the beginning, I didn’t know who she was.  I just knew that she was a small streamer who liked playing games and she had been my support at that time.

Her skills weren’t bad, but they weren’t at the peak level.  Although she was a friend on the same team, I never noticed her that much.

Until that night when Ling Luo wanted to get to Challenger and she played ADC that entire night.

Skillful maneuvering and explosive damage, first class skills.

It had to be said, even someone like me who had a deep understanding of the ADC role had to bow down to her.

At that moment, I felt my world becoming bright.  There was a special feeling in my heart that lingered.

That night, I hacked into her computer and carefully bypassed the firewall she set to take her information.

Luo Du Gu’s daughter from A City’s four great families, Luo Qing Chen.

I planned on returning to China three months later, but I decided to head back early to go to the gathering of the four great families.

Actually, the first time I saw her, I knew that she would be the only person that I would like.  Some people had their lives determined with a single look.

Although I seemed to have a rival called Jiang Yi Liang.  I heard my father say that the Jiang Family and the Luo Family had an engagement.

I said that this was the person I liked.

I was a bit nervous when I invited her to dance at the mountain villa, after all, I didn’t know what position Jiang Yi Liang had in her heart.

But I knew after we finished our dance.

It should be no place at all.  Jiang Yi Liang had brought another girl and when I saw that girl, I didn’t care about her, but I could feel that she had a desire for status and money in her eyes.

Although she hid it very well, I could still see it because I didn’t like those eyes.

But I never would have thought that such a normal person would eventually become the one that came between the love between me and her…...

It went very smoothly when we were together, each date, each meal.  I watched her go against Pei Dan Dan with great momentum, she could write the answer without even writing down the process.  I was stunned by how she was able to remain calm in front of a thousand people without any arrogance or impulsiveness.

The days by her side, I felt that all my focus had been on her.

Until…..the day of the big fire.  Although I was injured, she was completely fine.

I was happy that she wasn’t hurt, but when I saw her open her eyes, there was a strange resistance in my heart.

Her eyes had changed.  Although she rarely spoke, I could feel that she wasn’t the original her and there was a strange feeling that I couldn’t understand.

Although I wasn’t willing to admit it, there was a voice in my heart that told me that I didn’t love her.

A big fire had actually changed my love for her, what a joke that was.

I wasn’t willing to go to the hospital and started to avoid the upcoming wedding, starting to leave her…..

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