Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1750: Side story: Moved with one look, falling with two (Part 2)

During that time, I drowned myself in alcohol.  When my father wasn’t there, I used alcohol to relieve my sorrows.

The emotions were like wine that came to my mind before going down my throat.  Going alone on that winter day, not wanting to stay here any longer.

I began feeling lost, began panicking, began escaping, began not knowing what I wanted…...

Until I saw a girl in black clothing open the door to our villa with the password to the door.

At that moment, I felt my heart wildly beating and it was like waves filled them, never stopping.

She turned around with an unfamiliar face, with skin that was as white as snow and eyes that were as clear as mountain springs.

My first reaction was, my love might have been transferred…...

Although my heart kept resisting it, my body was very honest.  I wanted to get close to her, I wanted to keep getting closer to her.

Even if I wanted to approach, it was hard to bear in the eyes of the people of this world.

I could see a bit of panic in her eyes and there was the familiar way her expression changed.

I suddenly wanted to invite her to a glass of wine.

That night, the snow was very heavy and we drank a lot, but no one was drunk.

There was a lot of confusion in my heart, but she said: I will give you an answer.

I knew that some people were destined to be moved with one gaze and would fall with two.

After that day, I couldn’t sleep every night.  I wanted the next day to come so I could drink with her.

She said that she was called Qing Jiu, but I felt that this name didn’t suit her, so I liked calling her silly girl more.

This feeling, there was always a sort of resistance in my heart.  But when I came close to here, there was a very special feeling.

That feeling was the same as when I saw Luo Qing Chen at the mountain villa.

I began falling into the terrifying darkness and slowly sank.

Until that night when she was surrounded in snow as she came to me step by step before kissing me.

She asked me: Should she apologize or confess?

I even started to suspect that she was the Luo Qing Chen that I deeply loved.  I didn’t know what the reason was, but her soul had gone into another body.

This was my first reaction, how unbelievable it was.

But even though I had this thought, I couldn’t accept her confession.  After all, confessing was what the man should do, how could I let her do it?

I had to deal with the engagement matter before I could officially confess.

But I never thought that something happened first.

She was like a witch who could predict the future, seeing that something would happen to Ah Yue.  When we rushed to the platform, Ah Yue had already been taken hostage by ‘Luo Qing Chen’ and the sounds of the train’s whistle rang in our ears.

‘Luo Qing Chen’ had pushed Ah Yue off the platform and when I wanted to rush over, the surrounding sounds all faded away.

I couldn’t move, but I could vaguely hear her voice.

She kissed my face and my lips.  She wanted to say goodbye, but she was reluctant.

But I was frozen in place, as if I was thrown into chaos and unable to do a thing.

Until the world became noisy again.  She had charged onto the track and pushed Ah Yue before being crushed by the train.

My brain just buzzed at that moment.  There was no thought in my mind at all.

There was only darkness in front of me, there was only despair left in this world…...

I rushed to the train, desperately running, desperately running…..

I wanted it to stop, I wanted to use my life for her life.

A great scientist once said: When something can travel at a speed greater than the speed of light, they can pass through space and time.

I wanted to go back, I wanted to save her…...

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