Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1755: Hell envoy’s exclusive love appraiser (Part 4)

The atmosphere was very awkward since big sister Fang had said that they could choose the same client.

In the end, Liu Qi Duo had to share the folder on Jin Rong Feng that she was holding.

This should be the starting line of tragedy.

What she should do now was stay away from Jin Rong Feng and choose the first file.

“Un humph.”  Luo Qing Chen narrowed her cold eyes to look at her, “This is my first time seeing someone make a choice and then saying the other choice is easier.”

As soon as her voice fell, she didn’t bother looking at Liu Qi Duo as she took the first folder and said to big sister Fang, “I’ll choose this one.”

“You…..Don’t you want to take a look.”  Big sister Fang was clearly very surprised by her choice.  After all, Luo Qing Chen definitely wasn’t someone who accepted tasks easily before, but it seemed different today.

“No need.”  She gave a shrug, “I always had the strength to let others choose first.”

“You……”  Liu Qi Duo’s expression was clearly a bit unhappy and she wanted to refute it, but she felt like she had suffered a loss.

If she said anything now, it wouldn’t be good for her who had gotten off ‘cheaply’, so she gave a shrug and said, “As you wish, we’ll talk with our strengths.”

“Un humph.”  Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes and replied, “Very good.”


Taking the blue folder, Luo Qing Chen returned to her own office.  Actually, she had some expectations since she was on the edge right now.

She took a deep breath and opened the file, seeing three words on it: Du Jiu Sheng.

Without knowing why, when she saw those three words, her lips couldn’t help revealing a faint smile.

She felt that there was a touch of warmth in this unfamiliar and dangerous world.

“I’m back, Du Jiu Sheng.”  She pursed her lips and muttered, “This time, it really is me coming to you.”

She looked down and saw that there wasn’t much information on Du Jiu Sheng.  There was a photo of him wearing a long black coat and some brief personal information.

Name: Du Jiu Sheng.

Age: 21.

Job: Director of the Forgotten River Library.

Favourite colour: Black.

Appraisal content: Please appraise if he will fall in love with someone.


After reading the information on Du Jiu Sheng, Luo Qing Chen immediately understood why Liu Qi Duo picked Jin Rong Feng without any hesitation.

One was the young master of the richest family in S City and one was the director of a library.

Although you couldn’t participate as a love appraiser, if you meet a rich young master, it would be a perfect ending if you did participate.

She vaguely remembered that there were several colleagues of the previous host who had done this and left the love appraiser profession, becoming rich young misses.

Luo Qing Chen carefully put the picture of Du Jiu Sheng into her pocket.

When she went home that night, she spent a lot of time researching ‘Jin Ring Feng’ and she was even more worried the more she researched.

Jin Rong Feng was the only son of Jin Zun, the richest man in S City.  Not only was he not a wastrel, he was a very kind and intelligent person.

He had a double degree when he was seventeen and he created his own charity to help many people who needed it.

But this only continued until he was eighteen.

On the day of his eighteenth birthday, there was a red meteor shower that fell over S City and the place where it was concentrated was over the Jin Family’s villa.

Jin Rong Feng changed personalities after that.  Not only did he disband his charity, he also dropped out of university.

From that day on, he spent his time drinking and spending time with women.

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