Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1758: Hell envoy’s exclusive love appraiser (Part 7)

Lan Fan saw her look of regret and crossed his hands as he said with a faint smile, “It’s fine, once you read the folder, you can just mention it with big brother.  Since he gave you the envelope, he wouldn’t reject you.”

“You’re saying like getting this envelope means I’ve already passed.”  Luo Qing Chen shook the folder in her hand which had a very familiar scent.

“Of course!”  Lan Fan pointed at the folder in her hand, “Don’t look at how big the Forgotten River Library is, there’s less than ten people here including me and big brother.  Most of them were brought in by my big brother, they all have decent personalities, there’s just one person who’s rather hateful!”

When Lan Fan said this, he had an unhappy look.

“Of the people brought back, who are you?”

“Me?”  Lan Fan gave a shrug, “I am the boss with this library’s land and building deed!”

“Ah?”  Luo Qing Chen looked him over and said with a look of disbelief, “A rich second generation?”

Lan Fan just said with a smile, “Actually, my grandfather left this place to me and he said that I had to wait for a certain person to come, which was my big brother Sheng!”

Luo Qing Chen gave a nod of understanding, “So it’s like this.”


Arriving at the restaurant on the second floor, it was time for afternoon tea.  Lan Fan was very familiar with this place and ordered many things for her.

“Enjoy the food, I’m certain that you can take care of my big brother!”  Lan Fan came in to say in a low voice, “You should know that I am the client!”

Luo Qing Chen was drinking some mango pomelo sago while saying with an awkward smile, “It’s very obvious……”

“This doesn’t matter!  The woman that I just mentioned that I really hated…..”  Before Lan Fan finished, there was a cold wind that came from the door.

A woman in a black leather jacket with short hair came in.

Her eyes were very cold and she looked away in disdain when she saw Lan Fan.

“It’s her, it’s her!”  Lan Fan nudged Luo Qing Chen’s arm and said with a soft snort, “She came to our library three years ago and normally doesn’t stay still, she likes to go knock on big brother’s door.  She also acts that cold and aloof, it’s annoying to watch!”

Luo Qing Chen looked over this short haired girl and she seemed to have sensed something as she turned to match her gaze.

She had very thick eyeliner, dark red lipstick, and sharp eyes, which gave people a very uncomfortable feeling.

“What you said…..makes sense.”  Luo Qing Chen looked away and raised a brow to ask ,”What is her name and what does she do in your library?”

Lan Fan acted like he found someone on his side and gave a soft snort, “I just know that she’s called Hong Yue and she seems to be a normal employee!”

Luo Qing Chen’s right hand tapped on the table out of habit as she watched Hong Yue’s back with a thoughtful gaze, with a bit of sparkle in her eyes.


When she went home that night, she took a shower before looking for an apartment near the Forgotten River Library.

After all, the previous host’s home was just too far and she was really too embarrassed to ask Du Jiu Sheng to provide a residence.

She would find a place here so she was prepared.

After taking care of her accommodations, she picked up the black folder with a strange feeling of expectation.

His handwriting hadn’t changed, each word had power behind it and the letter smelled of ink.

Taking a deep breath, there was a feeling of falling into a memory.

The letter was very simple.  The shift was from eight to twelve at night and the work was taking care of the books in the library, with a very high wage.

Luo Qing Chen couldn’t help revealing a doubtful look.  It was just four hours of work and the wage was this high…...

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