Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1767: Hell envoy’s exclusive love appraiser (Part 16)

Luo Qing Chen gave a shrug and said with a pretend relaxed smile, “Since mister Jin wants to invite me to a drink this much, you have to hurry because I really have to go to work.”

As soon as her voice fell, she walked into her home with Jin Rong Feng behind her.  His footsteps were very light, so she couldn’t tell how far away he was.

When she was standing in front of the mirror, she saw the real Jin Rong Feng.

She didn’t know what she was looking at, she just felt a chill from behind her.

The figures in the mirror overlapped, one of them was a ghost that had its head cut off and was covered in blood.

It should be that after six hundred years, the blood around the wound had already clotted and people's stomachs couldn’t help churning when they saw it.

But Luo Qing Chen’s expression didn’t change at all as she turned to looked at Jin Rong Feng and said, “Now that you are in here, mister Jin can speak as quickly as possible.”

Jin Rong Feng saw how indifferent she was and his lips curled, “Since miss Luo is this forward, how about we go out to the balcony to talk?”

“I can’t ask for that.”  Luo Qing Chen really didn’t have time to spare with him, she had pretty much finished investigating what happened six hundred years ago.

The previous host and Jin Rong Feng definitely had a grudge that passed through the years and it was very deep.

“Can you shake hands with me?”  Jin Rong Feng slowly put down the bottle of red wine and looked at her with his evil charming eyes, “I want to confirm something.  It has been too long and it wouldn’t be good to recognize the wrong person.”

Luo Qing Chen knitted her brows when she heard this and there was a dark glow over her clear eyes.

She didn’t want to shake his hand, but she couldn’t find another way to make him leave.  The previous host’s memories couldn’t provide her with any more information since the ending had already changed since she came to this world.

She couldn’t face him head on, but it wouldn’t be good for her to shake his hand.

What to do, what to do, what to do…...

This was the first time she felt that all roads were blocked and there was no way to fight back.

“Isn’t miss Luo thinking for too long?”  Jin Rong Feng slowly moved towards her step by step with an aggressive look so she couldn’t retreat at all.

Luo Qing Chen took two steps back and suddenly looked up, “I’m not considering anything, I just feel that your request is very unreasonable.  This treasure…..won’t do it!”

She couldn’t give up her momentum when losing.  Since she couldn’t take care of the other side, she couldn’t lose in terms of momentum!

“Un humph!”  Jin Rong Feng gave a cold laugh, “Interesting.”

“Zi, zi, zi, zi.”  The chandelier on the ceiling flickered while the lights in the living room dimmed.

Luo Qing Chen’s first reaction to this was that her first A rank world was about to end in a GG!

She didn’t know what punishment she would receive when she went back or if she would be directly turned to ashes.  But she felt fortunate to know that at least Du Jiu Sheng could live well in this world.

Jin Rong Feng slightly raised his right hand and a black light pulled her wrist out of her pocket.

The palm that had the black energy reached out towards her hand…...

In an instant, there was a powerful blue glow that appeared in her right hand and instantly Jin Rong Feng was blasted away.

He took several steps back and bumped into the table, as the bottle of red wine fell to the ground.

Luo Qing Chen trembled and her eyes fell onto her right hand where the blue light turned into a single letter: Sheng.

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