Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1768: Hell envoy’s exclusive love appraiser (Part 17)

Jin Rong Feng knitted his brows and his smile disappeared.

At the same time, Du Jiu Sheng who was in the Forgotten River Library going through the list was stunned.

There was a strange feeling that filled his heart, he had never felt this feeling since becoming an envoy of hell.

Hong Yue sitting beside him was surprised.  She knitted her brows as she asked in a worried voice, “What is it?”

Du Jiu Sheng’s deep eyes had a faint cold glow as he looked at the palm of his right hand where there was a blue and white glow that had a single word: Qing.

So it turned out to be the calamity of the seniors.

Each hell envoy would have a love tribulation, Ming Si had said that this was something that every immortal person of the underworld had to experience.

He had to experience it and pass his own love tribulation.

Everyone asked him, “How can you safely pass your love tribulation?”

He said, “When the person’s name appears in your palm, ignore it or it will be hard to pass the love tribulation.”

Ming Si’s meaning was very simple, the reason why the love tribulation is a love tribulation was because most people couldn’t avoid it.  The only way to solve it was to completely ignore the love tribulation when it appeared.

An envoy of hell didn’t have memories, so putting away certain emotions was the best choice.

Actually, after seeing so many seniors undergo their tribulation, Du Jiu Sheng was very clear that what Ming Si meant was…..letting that person die.

But, he couldn’t do that…...

He squeezed his right hand and closed his eyes before turning into a light blue mist and disappearing from the study.

“Jiu Sheng……”  Hong Yue wanted to say something, but Du Jiu Sheng had already disappeared.

Actually, she knew that his love tribulation was coming.  She felt something in her heart, but she couldn’t do anything.

She knew that he wouldn’t love her.

There was a wild wind and heavy snow outside.  The snow fell down and as if going back in time, everything went back to six hundred years ago.

It had also been snowing when they first met.  She was wearing a golden embroidered robe with a beautiful ivory fan in her hand, looking so enticing.

But the one that made him panic wasn’t her, but rather the youth standing beside her…...

“Six hundred years, he can’t protect you.”  Jin Rong Feng gritted his teeth and raised his right hand as the black smoke went towards her again.

The room suddenly lit up and there was a coldness that filled the air of the room, making one feel a chill!

“Kacha!”  The door suddenly opened.

It wasn’t the front door, but rather the bedroom.  Du Jiu Sheng in his black sweater slowly came out.  His eyes were completely cold and there was a light blue glow around his right hand.

Luo Qing Chen was stunned, not being able to react to this.  Du Jiu Sheng came out of her bedroom just like this?

Jin Rong Feng narrowed those evil charming eyes and his lips curled, “It seems like many things can’t change in the end, but this time God will definitely be on my side.”

“A six hundred year old ghost is saying that ‘God’ will stand on your side, don’t you find that funny?”  Du Jiu Sheng moved instantly, going from the bedroom to in front of Luo Qing Chen.  His eyes had an absolute chill as he looked right at Jin Rong Feng in front of him.

There was a heavy snowfall outside, as if it was following the anger that was in his heart.

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