Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1775: Hell envoy’s exclusive love appraiser (Part 24)

“Un.”  Although Du Jiu Sheng replied calmly as usual, there was a strange determination in his eyes as he looked at her, “It won’t be dangerous staying here.”

“Actually, perhaps Jin Rong Feng can’t be blamed for this.”  Ye Mu gave a bitter laugh before looking at Luo Qing Chen, “You can’t blame princess Qing Chen either.”

Princess?  Luo Qing Chen was even more confused when she heard Ye Mu’s words, it seems like this was the previous host’s identity six hundred years ago.

She looked at Ye Mu and slightly knitted her brows before asking, “Although it may be a bit unreasonable to ask you this now, can you tell me what happened six hundred years ago?”

Du Jiu Sheng looked at her and nodded, “If you really want to protect her, telling us might be the best choice.”

In a warm room, Du Jiu Sheng brewed a pot of tea which filled the air with its fragrance.  The snow outside seemed to have stopped.

The story was very long and Luo Qing Chen’s fingers couldn’t help trembling while she listened, as her eyes also turned red.

But she didn’t dare cry…...

Because the previous host from six hundred years ago really couldn’t be considered a good person.

In the time of the Shang Dynasty, the previous host was the emperor’s youngest daughter.  The day she was born had stars fill the sky and a beautiful meteor shower.

The emperor had believed that this was an auspicious sign and pampered this princess since she was young.

Ye Mu was the bodyguard assigned to her who had amazing martial arts skills and moved the previous host.

It was a pity that it didn’t last long.  When the previous host was ten years old, she suffered from a serious illness that all of the imperial doctors couldn’t save her from.

The emperor immediately gave a royal decree, looking for all capable people.  As long as they could save the princess, he would satisfy any requests they had.

A daoist from Mount Qiu received these summons and entered the palace to inform the emperor that to save the princess, they must go to the Star Pavilion to find an expert.

That person was Du Jiu Sheng.

Six hundred years ago, he was an expert who was a legend.

Du Jiu Sheng saved the previous host then and took her as a disciple, teaching her the skills of fate.  The previous host liked him, but he didn’t like her.

Ye Mu vaguely remembered him saying to the previous host, “You can’t die because there will be a very important person who will appear, I saved you because of her.”

The previous host didn’t understand Du Jiu Sheng’s words, but then Jin Rong Feng appeared.

It was the Mid Autumn Festival and Du Jiu Sheng was walking through the streets with the previous host.  It was Jin Rong Feng’s first time meeting Du Jiu Sheng.

If it was said that it was a mistake at first sight, that was Jin Rong Feng’s first feeling of Du Jiu Sheng.

In the fluttering white robe with his indifferent look and ice cold face, he didn’t show the slightest bit of emotion.

Jin Rong Feng was a very shy person at that time, but he didn’t go forward not because of the previous host beside Du Jiu Sheng, but because he was a man.

How could a man fall in love with another man at first sight…...

But after entering the palace, he met Du Jiu Sheng frequently.  After a chance encounter, he had the chance to play chess with him.

When he revealed his true self, the previous host had heard this.

The previous host naively thought that the person Du Jiu Sheng was waiting for was Jin Rong Feng.

Could it be that he saved her for Jin Rong Feng?

She was strangely angry and she felt disgusted by Jin Rong Feng.  He was a man, how could he speak of loving another man!

The seeds of jealousy sprang up in her heart and she found Jin Rong Feng’s wife, Liu Qi Duo.

Six hundred years ago, Liu Qi Duo was a girl who grew up in the cold palace.  Even when she married Jin Rong Feng who didn’t have any influence, she could only be his concubine.

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