Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1783: Hell envoy’s exclusive love appraiser (Part 32)

Du Jiu Sheng heard this and seriously looked at her without saying a word.

His eyes were very deep, so deep that it felt like every second was ten thousand years.

“Relax.”  He raised his right hand and gently took her hand as a sparkle appeared in his eyes, “It’s fine.”

“How could it be fine!”  Hong Yue came forward and her right hand reached out to grab Luo Qing Chen, but Du Jiu Sheng quickly stopped her.

There was sweat on his forehead, but his eyes as deep as the stars were as calm as ever.

“Why do you need to protect her!”  Hong Yue almost roared out as tears came from her eyes, which had a red shadow in them, looking a bit scary.

“Do you understand my words?”  Du Jiu Sheng narrowed his eyes as they turned cold.

The person he cared about was in danger and his hell envoy colleagues wanted to hurt her again and again.

Hong Yue would never know that she was about to encroach on his bottom line.

“She will cause your death!”  Hong Yue gritted her teeth and pointed at Luo Qing Chen, “Why do you need to protect her?  I know that you don’t owe anyone in the human world a favour and I know that you just don’t want to cause her death because of your love tribulation!  But don’t you understand that you can’t do this?”

Hong Yue’s words hit her heart one by one.

She knew what she meant and what her words were referring to.

It was just…..that Du Jiu Sheng protecting her was because she was an innocent person.

An innocent person caught up in the love tribulation of a hell envoy, an innocent person who kept facing death because of this Resentful Soul Curse…...

Du Jiu Sheng was a hell envoy and was protecting her out of duty…..not because of his feelings.

Luo Qing Chen heard Hong Yue’s words and although she felt a bit comfortable, she had to admit that she was right.

She saw all the past worlds where they had died together…...

“Perhaps that she is right.”  Du Jiu Sheng closed her eyes and gave a sigh, “I came because of my responsibility.”

She didn’t care if this world succeeded, she didn’t care if she lost all her experience points or if her soul scattered after she went back.

This time, she came to see Du Jiu Sheng, to be by his side.

No matter what her identity was, she just wanted to be by his side, but she was still being protected by him…...

“Luo Qing Chen, you should be more aware.  Just based on what can you shamelessly stay by his side because of his love tribulation!”  Hong Yue’s voice was still roaring out as she spoke.

But this sentence stunned Luo Qing Chen and Ye Mu, feeling that there was a familiar feeling in their minds.

It was like they had heard this before in their past.

There was a girl wearing a red palace dress that appeared in front of their eyes, with a proud look on her face, saying that same things…...

“You…..”  Ye Mu slightly knitted his brows and a bit of doubt appeared in his narrowed eyes.

Just like Hong’er from six hundred years ago…..she said the same thing…...

When Ye Mu said ‘you’, Du Jiu Sheng had cut him off.

He turned to calmly look at Luo Qing Chen as his right hand slowly took hers, holding it in his own.  Then his cold eyes turned to Hong Yue, “Since you want to know, then I’ll tell you.”

His voice was very cold, but his palm was strangely warm.  The words were like spring breezes that fell onto her heart.

“Because I like her.”

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