Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1789: Hell envoy’s exclusive love appraiser (Part 38)

At that moment, the heavy rain outside stopped and the big tree that was planted outside the library door filled the air with the scent of flowers.

Du Jiu Sheng was frozen in place, with a faint blush over his beautiful face.  He was like wood, not moving at all.

At that moment, countless things flashed in his mind, but it was mainly whether to hold her or push her away.

When he was about to reach out to hold her when he came back to his sense, her eyes lit up as she looked at the beautiful red sky outside which was like fireworks in the night sky.

“Wa, so beautiful!  It really looks great!”

So the world would look like this when he was in a good mood!

Du Jiu Sheng heard this and helplessly shook his head as he came to her side.  He looked at the sky before softly saying, “You like it?”

“Si.”  Luo Qing Chen turned around and took a cold breath.  She couldn’t help being a bit surprised seeing his lips curl up.

This was her first time seeing him laugh since she came to this world.

As an envoy of hell, Du Jiu Sheng always seemed cold and indifferent in her eyes, as if there was nothing that could affect his mood.

“What is it?”  He looked up and finished the red wine in his hand, as his deep eyes became a bit glazed over.

“Don’t always be so gloomy in the future, this isn’t good.”  She looked into his deep eyes and suddenly felt a bit embarrassed.

But she was still willing to look at him even if she was embarrassed, she felt that he looked so good when he was focused.

“Why?”  He raised a brow as he asked this.

Because you look very good when you’re smiling, I like it very much.

Luo Qing Chen said this in her heart, but it was hard to actually say this!

“Because if it always rains or snows, it’s inconvenient for the city!”

What a noble sounding reason, but it strangely felt sad when it came from her mouth.

It felt like…...there was a sense of saying goodbye.

“Hong long.”  There was a bright flash of lighting that cut across the red sky and was deafening.

Du Jiu Sheng narrowed his eyes and strangely felt a bit of disappointment in his heart.

He felt like it wasn’t the answer that he wanted, but he couldn’t bear to say anything seeing her smile.

“Alright.”  Du Jiu Sheng’s deep eyes relaxed as he looked at her, “In order to make it more convenient for the city, I’ll try my best to be in a good mood.”

“Master really is good.”  She revealed a faint smile at him, feeling a bit satisfied.

Du Jiu Sheng didn’t respond to her kiss or even come forward to hug her.

But she knew that because of her kiss, his heart was happier than anyone else’s.

The sky was still colourful and the big trees outside were in full bloom even in negative temperatures.

This was Du Jiu Sheng’s hard to hide emotion, she knew, she knew it all.

She even knew why he didn’t respond to her kiss, why he didn’t hug her.

It should be to protect her.  Hong Yue was right, if he didn’t care about his love tribulation, he would never age, never die, never get sick, and never feel pain as he continued to exist in this world.

But for her, he was willing to protect her with everything.  He didn’t even say a word when he was injured.

Perhaps it was this forever calm Du Jiu Sheng who used his actions to protect her that was worth her loving him this much.

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