Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1790: Hell envoy’s exclusive love appraiser (Part 39)

On that dream like night that was filled with stars, the sky was as bright as the milky way.

The youth slowly carried her in a princess carry to her room, covering her up with the blanket and softly patting her head.

Actually, Luo Qing Chen was very sober, she wasn’t drunk at all.  How could she get drunk with how good her tolerance was?

She just secretly wanted to be hugged by him, feeling his warmth before parting.

But there was a wave of reluctance that filled her heart.  She wanted to grab his hand and tell him everything.

Then they wouldn’t go anywhere and they would buy a lot of ingredients from the supermarket the day after tomorrow, making a big meal.

They would open a bottle of slightly sweet wine and with candles all around, they would enjoy the world that belonged to the two of them.

Instead of this…...painful parting.

This time it was her choice.  It wasn’t to be righteous, it was for her own heart, to protect him.

“Good night.”  Du Jiu Sheng watched her sleeping appearance with a gentle glow in his eyes.


Two days later.

The sky was clear and it was around ten degrees even though it was winter, while also not being too moist.  There was a strong scent of flowers in the air around the library and petals fell in the front yard, which made it feel like early spring.

She got up very early and put on a moon white weather with a black and gray skirt.  She curled her hair with her iron and tied the rest in a cute ponytail.

After tidying up the room, she took a deep breath in front of the window.  The fragmented sunlight fell onto her white face with a warm feeling.

It seemed like a certain person’s mood had been quite good in the past two days.

She looked up and stroked the Evil Breaking Jade as she revealed a faint smile.

She always felt that she let down Du Jiu Sheng’s hard work.  He wanted to protect her, but she left on her own.

She went out as normal and Ye Mu sent her a text each day to confirm her safety.

His parents were seriously injured in the hospital, but he still cared about her safety, so she felt that she had let down Ye Mu as well…..

At half past ten in the morning, she went to the antique market to buy a sword that was very sharp, which was used for an antique collection.

She liked this sword because it was like her Phoenix Dance Sword.  Although there was no spiritual energy, it was still a sword that was very pleasing to the eye.

She felt that she would lose her life, but she would be a hero if she was going to die.  It would be best if she was a hero with a supreme treasure!

At three in the afternoon, the kindergarten was filled with laughter and the kids had happy smiles on their faces.  They were like treasures in an ivory tower, which people wanted to protect.

After experiencing so much, there was a shadow that came over her heart.  This shadow was unrelated to being kind, she knew that she would go back to the Chaos Space and would have endless life.

It wasn’t that she couldn’t bear to leave Du Jiu Sheng alone in this world…..

It was that these children were different, they had parents and only one life.

Reincarnation and time passing, when they came to this world, they should enjoy a warm life instead of being killed.

Fifty eight lives, it really was laughable…...

To what extent did Jin Rong Feng hate her to to use this kind of method to force her out?

If she didn’t appear, would he really use these fifty eight lives as a sacrifice to the spirits of the Jin Family?

“Big sister, this looks so good!”  A little boy ran over and touched her sword, “Is this the Illusion Sword Master’s sword?”

Luo Qing Chen gave a chuckle and patted his head before saying, “Eat more and read less fantasy novels!”

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