Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1794: Hell envoy’s exclusive love appraiser (Part 43)

Not only Luo Qing Chen, even Jin Rong Feng was stunned.

In order to prevent Du Jiu Sheng from appearing, he had used fifty eight lives to contain Luo Qing Chen and divined that Du Jiu Sheng wouldn’t appear.

It seemed like in the end…..he still appeared.

The moment Du Jiu Sheng broke Jin Rong Feng’s barrier, there was a blue light that came from his hand as he firmly stood by her side.

“You…..How is this possible?”  Jin Rong Feng’s eyes had a bit of surprise and a bit of pain behind that surprise.

Du Jiu Sheng slowly took Luo Qing Chen’s hand as a pair of deep eyes with a blue sparkle looked at her, so deep that she couldn’t see the bottom.

This scene was different from what she had predicted…..

How was it like this, how was this possible?

“Are you alright?”  He didn’t reply to Jin Rong Feng and turned to take a deep look at Luo Qing Chen with worry in his eyes.

If it wasn’t for the slight sensation that he had gotten from the Evil Breaking Jade, he never would have known that Luo Qing Chen went to face Jin Rong Feng alone.

No one in this world knew that while his right hand was tightly holding her hand, he could feel them trembling.

He was very afraid, he was truly afraid…..

This was a kind of fear that passed through time and space.  He was afraid that he couldn’t protect her and she would leave him like this.

Perhaps at that moment, Du Jiu Sheng realized how much he loved her.

“Why…...Why are you always protecting her!”  Jin Rong Feng clutched his chest as his expression twisted in pain.

Liu Qi Duo standing beside him couldn’t help giving a self deprecating laugh, “Nothing has changed in the end, I’m still an outsider, aren’t I?”

She could never enter the world of the three of them.

Whether it was love…...or hate…...

“It’s right for me to protect the one I love.”  He looked up with ice cold eyes.

There was nothing but coldness in those eyes.  Even Luo Qing Chen standing beside him could clearly feel the anger and coldness in Du Jiu Sheng’s heart.

“The one you love…... He, he, he, he…...Ha, ha, ha, ha……”  He laughed like a madman.  His eyes turned bloodshot and he gritted his teeth as he said, “How can you protect such an unreasonable person?”

Luo Qing Chen…...How vicious of a woman she was.  She had the whole world six hundred years ago and still wasn’t satisfied.

Not only did she kill Liu Qi Duo, she killed the fifty eight people of his family…..

Such a vicious person, how could she get his love?  This kind of taint, it tarnished his love.

“This is my matter, there’s no need for a ghost like you to question it.”  Du Jiu Sheng gave a snort before narrowing his eyes, “The order will come in three days, if you and Liu Qi Duo aren’t planning on coming to the underworld with me, then it won’t be me who will come looking for you next time.”

Du Jiu Sheng’s voice was very cold.  There wasn’t any emotion in it, just an ice cold chill.

Jin Rong Feng was stunned because Du Jiu Sheng’s words had included Liu Qi Duo.

He had already caused her to wander this world for six hundred years, he couldn’t let her permanently disappear from this world!

But…..But he had to make Luo Qing Chen die…...

No, he didn’t care!  He couldn’t care that much, he only had a single belief in his mind.

No matter what the price, Luo Qing Chen must die.

“In three days, I will definitely kill her, I will use everything I have to kill her!”  Jin Rong Feng glared at Luo Qing Chen with eyes filled with hatred.

But then what happened next…...

Du Jiu Sheng’s ice cold voice slowly said, “If you want to kill her, you will have to go over my dead body.”

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