Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1796: Hell envoy’s exclusive love appraiser (Part 45)

At that moment, Luo Qing Chen’s mind exploded and turned blank.

Like this, Du Jiu Sheng, surrounded by snow and petals had confessed to her.

This open confession, word for word, filled with sincerity.

“You……”  She pursed her lips and had a smile that was hard to hide as she said, “What did you just say?”

There were some things that needed to be heard again because that way when she thought about it, she wouldn’t be able to stop her lips from rising.

Du Jiu Sheng saw her happy expression and couldn’t help wanting to say more.

When he fell in love with her, how much he loved her, how that love had turned him into what he was now.

He raised his right hand and took a petal from her hair before patting her head, “I love you, Luo Qing Chen.”

A short six words felt like thousands of years had passed for her.

The last time he had told her that he loved her, she could remember it was long as she closed her eyes.

Surrounded by gunfire, how he used his power to turn his blood into ice and how he had said he loved her…..

Going around, it was like everything had returned to the beginning.

He was still that Du Jiu Sheng and she was still that Luo Qing Chen, nothing had changed.

The only thing that changed…..was that she wouldn’t let that sad ending happen again.

“I also love you, Du Jiu Sheng.”  She stood on her tiptoes and placed a kiss on his cheek, “But I don’t need your protection.”

“That is why even though you had clearly seen your death that you weren’t willing to tell me?”  He couldn’t help feeling a bit annoyed as a helpless smile appeared on his lips, “You think that I can’t protect you?”

“No.”  She shook her head and stroked his face with her right hand, “I know that you will do everything you can to protect me until you use your final bit of strength, the final bit of your life……”

After saying this, her voice became a bit choked up, but she still looked in his eyes and continued.

“I don’t want you to lose your life again to protect me.”

Du Jiu Sheng wouldn’t understand, he wouldn’t understand because he didn’t have the memories.  If he died because of her every time, it was better that they don’t meet.

He looked at her in a daze and seeing her slightly knit brows, he could see that she was a bit worried.

His heart strangely hurt……

For a long time, he didn’t say anything.  Luo Qing Chen hesitantly asked, “Do you not understand?”

It should be that he didn’t understand!  After all, he only had the memories of this world and he didn’t know a thing about what happened in the two other worlds.

The fact that he couldn’t understand…..was very normal.

But his eyes that were as deep as the seas had a pampering look as he looked at her, “I understand.”


“But what about it?”  Du Jiu Sheng gave a chuckle and his slender fingers slid across her face, “It’s already too late.”

Since the day they met, it was all too late.

He didn’t want to admit that there was the existence of love at first sight, but it had deeply rooted in his heart.

“What do you mean it’s too late?”  Luo Qing Chen knitted her brows, as if she didn’t understand and as if she didn’t want to understand.

“Un humph.”  He gave a soft snort as he narrowed his eyes and came beside her ear to say, “Because I love you so much that even if I lose my life, I will definitely protect you.”

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