Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1797: Hell envoy’s exclusive love appraiser (Part 46)

This was probably the most beautiful loving words she had heard in this life.

She didn’t even know how to respond or refute it.

Du Jiu Sheng’s words had already said everything.

She didn’t even need to think at all to know that no matter which Du Jiu Sheng it was, he had an obsession that normal people didn’t.

And this time, he directly told her this obsession.

This kind of heart throbbing…..


It was already half past eight when they returned to the library.  Lan Fan had been waiting in the hall for them and of course there was Hong Yue with a dark look on her face.

“You’re finally back!  Are you alright!”  He looked at Luo Qing Chen with a bit of worry.  After all, after being together for a while now, they had developed some feelings.

Luo Qing Chen shook her head, “I’m fine.”

“Of course you’re fine, do you know what price Jiu Sheng paid to find you?”  Hong Yue crossed her arms as she coldly looked at her, “You’re fine, you aren’t injured at all.

“Hong Yue.”

“Jiu Sheng!”  Hong Yue but her lip as she looked at him, “I am doing this for your good, I really am…..”

“Hell envoy Yue Hong Er.”  Du Jiu Sheng even called out her previous life’s name as his eyes turned ice cold.

Hong Yue was surprised as she was frozen in place.  It had been close to two hundred years since someone called her that.  Ming Si had told her before that there were crimes associated to this name, so she could change her name after becoming an envoy of hell.

She had already forgotten her past memories and didn’t know what crimes there were.

But since Ming Si had said it, she had casually changed her name.

After all, it didn’t matter if she had a name as an envoy of hell…...

But now, Du Jiu Sheng had called her by her name in such a strict and unfamiliar manner.

“Starting today, you will be following Fur God in the western district.”  Du Jiu Sheng’s eyes were a bit cold as he looked at her, “ I have already talked to Ming Si about this, you don’t need to come to the library starting tomorrow.”

There was no discussion at all, they had broken their…..friendship of the last several hundred years just like this.

“You don’t want…...me?”  Hong Yue was clearly very hurt as tears filled her eyes.

Why?  She had been with him all these years, but she couldn’t compare to Luo Qing Chen who he knew only for a year.

Could it be that it was only because she was his love tribulation?

“I never had friends or a lover.”  His tone was cold without a trace of emotion as he said, “We were only colleagues, I think you know this better than me.”

“But the you now has…..has friends!”  Hong Yue wasn’t willing as she patted her chest, “Are we still not friends?”

“No.”  Du Jiu Sheng didn’t think as he instantly replied, “I still have no friends, but I have a lover.”


“Ah!  Big brother, you…..you have…..a lover?”

It wasn’t only Hong Yue who was surprised, Lan Fan was also surprised!

This person who loved gossip the most actually didn’t know that he had a lover!

Lan Fan looked at Du Jiu Sheng before looking at Luo Qing Chen.  He couldn’t help giving her a thumbs up as he thought: She really is the number one love appraiser, she got this big ice mountain’s heart in just a few days!

“Un.”  He softly replied before turning over, as those ice cold eyes had filled with gentleness and pampering.

He looked into Luo Qing Chen’s eyes and quickly gave her a kiss.  Then his lips curled into a faint smile as he said, “My lover.”

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