Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 18.1: Compared to evil spirits, perhaps human hearts are scarier

Ghosts Know What I Experienced
Author: Mo Chen Huan
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Translator: Aeryn
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Chapter 18 Part 1

With one hand holding the dense seaweed-like long hair, the black haired young man twisted his hand and tugged hard. The ghastly girl in white was forcibly dragged before him. The yin energy on the hair had no effect on Xi Jia. The black qi frantically tried to escape, but was completely engulfed by the blood red colored aura.

Cousin Xiao Juan widened its jet-black eyes, and didn’t had time to react before being dragged forward.

With a horrifying appearance, the thing that was not a human yet not a ghost was covered with rich black qi from head to toe. Yet, the elegant young man looked at it without expression on his face. With a cold gaze, he flung the long hair and smashed it towards the wall.


As if completely done by beating with bare hands and the yin energy was merely decoration, the cousin was ruthlessly smashed against the wall. It was dizzy for a while as it watched Xi Jia walked towards it in large strides. Moreover, one of his hands was tightened into a fist. Xiao Juan snarled. Its ten fingertips oozed a jet-black aura as it sharply raised its fingernails.

Ten purple-black long fingernails aimed to dig out Xi Ji’s heart. In the next moment, a “kacha” sound was heard right when the yin energy covered nails reached Xi Jia’s clothes.

“AHHHHH, it hurts……”

The ten fingers simultaneously broke. The dark black blood squirted out, flowing all over the floor.

Xi Jia glanced at the floor, astonished: The blood is actually real, it’s not yin energy!

With this glance, it gave Cousin Xiao Juan some time to breath. This time, it remembered to not use its hair or nails again to go against this horrifying cousin. Rather, it directly threw itself over, and opened its mouth to bite Xi Jia’s neck. However, just when it lowered its head, its long hair was suddenly pulled. Xi Jia grabbed onto its long hair and threw it against the wall again.

Bang bang bang!

Its head was slammed against the wall again and again, leaving a dark mark. Xiao Juan was hit until it was dizzy and confused. Without any more strength, it could only let Xi Jia pull its hair and smash against the wall. But, Xi Jia soon stopped after hitting a few times. With one hand, he clutched the thing’s neck so it couldn’t move. With the other hand, he raised it to wipe the dark mark on the wall, then brought it to his nose……

A strong smell of blood rushed straight into his nose. Xi Jia turned to face the young girl in white that was left with one breath. A cold voice asked, “How could you have blood? Black colored blood. Just what the hell are you?!”

Xiao Juan was practically half dead. If it was a living person with their hair pulled, neck grabbed, and pounded against the wall like so, they would probably already be dead. But, it’s still alive. It clearly felt the pain all over its body. The most frightening thing was that its yin energy all cowered within its body. The clean, elegant, and bright young man in front of its eyes seemed to be something terrible, scaring it so much that it felt the fear that humans had against ghosts for the first time.

No, how could ghosts be as frightening as this human!!!

Xiao Juan didn’t talk. Xi Jia also didn’t hit it anymore.

If it’s a ghost, then Xi Jia wouldn’t care at all. So what if it’s a child or a girl, he could still punch them immediately. But in this world, there’s no ghost that could bleed and still have a body temperature like this. But if it’s not a ghost, how could it still not die after being hit like so?

The matter of having a body temperature could in fact be considered simple. For example the little ghost last time, it had a body temperature because the mother gave it cut flesh each time to bind the spirit. Its life came from the mother. But this time, on an ordinary day, you couldn’t see this thing’s yin energy. Not only did it have a body temperature, it could even shed blood.

Xi Jia coldly gazed at the other, “Are you…a human or a ghost?”

Cousin Xiao Juan’s face was completely covered in black blood. The blood flowed down the back of its head, dying the white dress black and red. Its hair was 3 meters long. At the moment, it looked like aquatic plants piling up on the floor. If it wasn’t for Xi Jia holding it by its neck, it would’ve already fallen to the floor.

Hearing Xi Jia’s words, Xiao Juan didn’t utter a sound.

Xi Jia moved a bit closer to carefully observe this thing. After a long time, he said, “It seems you can’t die. You can bleed, but even after getting hit so many times by me, you’re still not dead. Not a ghost, not a human, just what are you?”

The black colored blood flowed from its head, making Xiao Juan’s eyelids wet. It had a hard time looking at the scary youth in front of it. All of a sudden, it aimed at the translucent bead that was hung around Xi Jia’s neck. Because of his actions of leaning over, the relic fell out of Xi Jia’s collar, exposing itself.

An idea flashed through its mind. Cousin Xiao Juan suddenly released a sharp, ear-piercing sound from its mouth, making Xi Jia flinch away in discomfort. At this time, Xiao Juan reached out and grabbed onto the transparent relic.

When its hand touched the relic, the relic emitted a dazzling golden light, scalding Xiao Juan and causing it to screech in pain. However, it still hadn’t let go. Rather, it spared no effort to pull the relic from Xi Jia’s neck and flung it to a corner.

Xiao Juan’s hand was burned to point its flesh separated. The white bones could be seen. Yet, it wasn’t aware of the pain. It stared at Xi Jia and darkly laughed, “Your magic treasure is gone. Finally gone.”

Xi Jia, “……”

Why does this phrase sound familiar?

It seemed that not long ago, this thing used its hair to sweep all the little magic treasures that Master Ye gave to the floor. Afterwards, didn’t it also say pretty much the same thing?

Xiao Juan didn’t notice that when it pulled off the transparent relic from Xi Jia’s body, a strand of blood red aura wriggled up from the ground, twisting and climbing up Xi Jia’s legs. It also didn’t notice that Xi Jia looked at it without any fear or horror in his eyes. On the contrary, it was filled with unfathomable mystery, leaning a bit towards……looking at a fool kind of feeling.

“I want to kill you, I’ll kill you!!!”

Xiao Juan attacked at Xi Jia, and opened its wide, black hole like mouth as if wanting to swallow Xi Jia whole. Xi Jia moved to the side. Xiao Juan’s yin energy continued to twist towards Xi Jia; however, a single slap from Xi Jia landed on the mass of yin energy, making them disperse.

Xiao Juan was dumbfounded.

Xi Jia didn’t give it a chance to react, and directly pressed it back against the wall by its neck. This time, nothing was asked. Beat it first, then talk. When they’re well-behaved after getting beat, anything can be easily discussed. When they’re not well-behaved after getting beat, that would be too troublesome. Always these kind of nonsense.

Without fooling around, a punch landed on Xiao Juan’s face. Since the beginning, Xiao Juan even thought about digging out Xi Jia’s heart, but in the end, it already gave up the struggle. It was beat up while still alive by a human to the point it wished it was dead.

If it was any other ghost, its soul would’ve already scattered. Unfortunately, Xiao Juan still won’t die. It was forcibly beaten for another 5 minutes. After Xi Jia made its face all swollen and bloody, it suddenly burst into tears.

Xi Jia, “……”

……There’s still this kind of move? Don’t tell me that all female ghosts are like this?

—From Xi Jia, who hit a female ghost for the first time.

Although this wasn’t human and was a ghost, seeing girls cry, Xi Jia somewhat felt bad and couldn’t continue hitting it anymore. He could only let go of his hand. But in the next moment after he loosened his hand, a black silhouette rapidly broke through the window.

The black clothed Celestial Master fixed his gaze at the scene in the room. He saw a black ball, then saw a female ghost in a white dress in front of the black ball.

Ye Jingzhi, “……”

He recited a spell, and drew a charm on his eyes. The golden runes quickly disappeared on his eyelids. When he looked again, the black ball faded away, and he could finally see Xi Jia.

At this moment, the positions where Xi Jia and Xiao Juan stood….led people to ponder. They just so happened to stand at a corner. It couldn’t be said for sure if it was Xi Jia who pushed Xiao Juan into the wall and started beating, or if it was Xiao Juan who pushed Xi Jia into the wall and started hitting.

Ye Jingzhi looked at Xi Jia who was completely unscathed. Then, he looked at Xiao Juan who was a tragic sight. Three seconds later, his expression became cold. He tapped his toe, directly flew in front of Xi Jia, and grabbed him by the waist before taking him outside of the room and setting him down.

Xi Jia was slightly stunned, “Master Ye……”

“Don’t be afraid.” In the quiet night, the low and magnetic male voice sounded pleasant just like a cello. Ye Jingzhi turned his head. The black mole in his eye became more hidden as he looked at Xi Jia for a long time. He felt guilty, “Sorry, I shouldn’t have left. I came late……”

Xi Jia, “……” Ha?!

Once he finished talking, Ye Jingzhi suddenly rushed into the room. His finger moved, and a gust of wind blew, firmly hitting Xiao Juan. Xiao Juan vomited out a lot of blood. Just a moment ago, it just had finished getting beaten up, and was once again slapped into the corner.

Different from Xi Jia’s pure hand-to-hand combat, Ye Jingzhi flipped his hand, and took out a yellow paper talisman. The instant this talisman appeared in the air, Xiao Juan was frightened as it stared at the talisman. It wanted to break into a run to escape, but Ye Jingzhi sharply swept out his leg, causing it to trip onto the floor.

As if it was not afraid of death, Xiao Juan charged towards Ye Jingzhi. Ye Jingzhi shifted his finger, and a golden light flashed, drawing a bloody wound on its face. At the same time, the yellow paper talisman plastered onto Xiao Juan’s forehead. With this, Xiao Juan’s movement immediately decreased by half as it hissed and howled in pain. Ye Jingzhi took out another talisman. Xiao Juan’s sinister face flashed with a trace of fear, but it frantically threw itself at Ye Jingzhi again.

Then, Xi Jia soon saw Master Ye rapidly……fiercely beat up Xiao Juan once again. At the same time, he used seven yellow paper talismans to stick onto Xiao Juan’s forehead, limbs, chest, and back.

When the last talisman was plastered, Ye Jingzhi said in a cold voice, “You actually hurt him……hurt people. This sort of evil conduct, ought to be sent down to the 3rd Layer of Hell!”1

At the side, Xi Jia was stunned a bit silly, “……”

Xiao Juan was in so much pain that it wished it was dead, “……” I’ll f*ck your moms!!!

With the seven talismans completely stuck on, Xiao Juan was unable to move anymore. It could only raise its face that was beaten to the point that its mother wouldn’t even recognize to deathly glare at Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi as if it could rip them into a thousand pieces.

Xi Jia walked into the room. Before he could ask, Ye Jingzhi seemed to know what he wanted to say and said, “It really isn’t a ghost, but a type of evil spirit.2 It’s my fault. This type of evil spirit doesn’t appear often. In the past, I’ve only encountered it once, and didn’t notice. Xi……Xi Jia, are you hurt anywhere?”

When he heard what was said, Xi Jia was stunned. Carefully thinking, he hadn’t really thought where he himself was hurt when Ye Jingzhi held up his hand with a heavy expression on his face.

At this moment, how could he think about touching or not touching his hand, be shy or not shy? Celestial Master Ye looked at the wound on the youth’s finger, and took out a white bottle with a flip of his hand, “This is Shennong Valley’s Hundred Grass Crystal.3 I’ll help you apply medicine.” Saying this, he poured a kind of transparent and sparkling jade dew from the white bottle, and wiped it on Xi Jia’s hand.

Xi Jia subconsciously withdrew his hand, and Ye Jingzhi raised his head to look at him. Xi Jia laughed, embarrassed, “Master Ye, this thing……seems to be quite valuable.”

Ye Jingzhi shook his head, and continued to hold his hand to apply the medicine, “It’s fine, it’s only ten points.”

Xi Jia, “……”

Ten points was clearly a lot, alright!?

Pei Yu who’s young, talented, in the Modou Rankings’ top ten, and could get at most 100 points a month, if you say it like this, he would cry!

Even if you’re Hell King Ye who came from the stars with so many points that you don’t even know where to put it, don’t go wasting spirit medicine!

Xi Jia looked at Ye Jingzhi, then looked at the cut he accidentally received from grabbing Xiao Juan’s hair and smashing it against the wall. He was speechless.

After he finished applying medicine on Xi Jia and made sure that there’s no other wounds, only then did Ye Jingzhi start to take care of Xiao Juan’s matter.

Xi Jia’s rubbed his own finger. The moment the Hundred Grass Crystal was applied, the wound completely healed at once. Now that five minutes had past, no traces could be seen. He couldn’t help but say, “Master Ye, although I heard Pei Yu say that you’re the moral mod-…Your moral character is very good, but you really don’t have to……” Be so good to me, even buying magic treasures, and helping me apply medicine……

Up until this time, all of the bashfulness from rubbing the medicine onto the small hand just a moment ago rushed forth. Ye Jingzhi turned his head to avoid looking at Xi Jia, and the tips of his ears were already red. He said in a low voice, “No……No problem. It’s what I should do. Should…Should do.”

Xi Jia, “……”

You aren’t the Xuanxue world’s moral model, you are the selfless model citizen of the New Century!4

Lying at the corner and glaring at this pair of male and male dogs, Xiao Juan couldn’t help but wish to swallow them whole, “@#$@#!!!”

With this interruption, Ye Jingzhi took a while to deal with Xiao Juan’s matters, and let Xiao Juan be burned some more by these seven talismans for a while.

The Author has something to say:
Mirror: My wife’s very weak. En, I need to protect him well.
Countless malicious ghosts: QAQ I’ll f*ck your moms!!!

Translator’s Notes: Putting the author’s small theatre here b/c it’s more related to this part of the chapter.
1 铁树地狱 Tieshu Diyu – literally Iron Tree Hell. The 3rd Layer of the 18 Layers of Hell. Diyu is the Chinese Hell, realm of the dead, netherworld, etc.
2 邪祟 evil spirit (xie sui): Before, evil spirit/ghost has been used generically and are called 恶鬼 (e gui). This also means evil spirit, but the type is more along the lines of possession.
3 百草晶 Hundred Grass Crystal: censored for 百草精,which sounds the same. It’s a real product in real life, a Chinese medicinal oil.

4 活雷锋 fig. selfless model citizen – lit. living Lei Feng. Lei Feng was a soldier in the People’s Liberation Army and a communist legend in China. After his death, he was characterized as a selfless and modest person devoted to the Communist Party. Taken from Wiki.

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